When Hell Broken Lose: Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Mode!

As it is Call of Duty (CoD) tradition since Call of Duty World at War in 2008, Call of Duty Zombies (or Nazi Zombies to be more exact) has been an extremely popular game mode in CoD franchise. Most later Call of Duty sequels have zombies and it has got tons of new changes and upgrades each time. Of course, Call of Duty WW2 is no exception and this’s Call of Duty title has quite an intriguing Nazi Zombies for us players. How interesting Call of Duty WW2 zombies mode is exactly? Let’s find out!


*WARNING: Slight Spoilers Alert!*

Table of Content:
1. Get to Know Call of Duty WW2 Zombies
1.1. The Final Reich
1.2. Survive – Explore – Escape
1.3. What We Need To Know For Our Survival?
2. Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Tips and Tricks

1. Get to Know Call of Duty WW2 Zombies

call of duty ww2 zombies 1

Oh the good ol’ day! (Source: Internet)

If you are long-time Call of Duty fans then you are probably too familiar with this game mode by now. But for the first-timers, let’s have a quick recap of what this game mode is about. Basically it is Call of Duty’s zombies survival game mode in which players are kicked in an area where they have to survive hordes of zombies. Throughout a level, players get to discover the surrounding area, searching for weapons, items, and building obstacles or barricades to stop the zombies from butchering the players. Well… that is what happened in the early days of Call of Duty Zombies mode. But in this year, Call of Duty WW2 has certain different things in mind…

1.1. The Final Reich

call of duty ww2 zombies 2

Welcome to Nazis Hell! (Source: Internet)

Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies features a whole new story-driven game in which a team of soldiers are assigned to a snowy Bavarian village of Mittelburg, Germany. Their mission is to retrieve the stolen arts from this village. According to the intel, these arts are being used for some sort of a… peculiar project. The nature of this project is unknown until the team’s arrival at the village. Soon the team realizes their enemies this time are not any common soldiers. These enemies are truly walking deads and these corpses will stop at nothing to tear the team apart.


1.2. Survive – Explore – Escape

call of duty ww2 zombies 3

What we need is to complete objectives, not simply killing zombies. (Source: Internet)

In a “standard” zombie survival game, players only have to survive through waves of zombies to proceed to the next level. However, Call of Duty WW2 zombies mode is much different than that. In this mode, players still have to survive through waves of zombies. But in order to proceed to the next level, they have to explore the current level and find clues in order to know the escape route. Each level is kind of a huge puzzles filled with zombies, unless players solve the puzzles and escape, the zombie waves won’t stop. After killing a wave of zombies, the next wave will appear and they will keep coming forever. And to make things more nightmarish, zombies are stronger after each wave. They can be so strong that even weapons eventually become useless.

Sounds difficult, isn’t it? But do not worry! Each level in Call of Duty WW2 zombies mode provide various escape routes: both casual and hardcore ways. The casual ways are quite obvious and they are not too complicated. They are also good for new players who don’t a thing or two about the game mode. On the other hand, veteran players may want to experience the hardcore ways which are extremely well hidden. To discover the hardcore ways, players will have to explore every inch of the level to find clues. Interestingly enough, these hardcore ways will also provide more information about the story and secret ending.

1.3. What We Need To Know For Our Survival?

Call of Duty WW2 Zombies mode has quite a number of differences compared to other game modes. Certain gameplay mechanics are modified to suit the game and we will need to understand these mechanics if we want to ensure a success zombies-run.

Jolts – Zombies’ Currency?

call of duty ww2 zombies 4

Want some armor? Jolts please! (Source: Internet)

In this Nazi Zombies mode, players will get a new currency called Jolts. Players can get Jolts by killing zombies and it is essential to use Jolts wisely. Throughout a level, there will be lots of locations providing perks, items, upgrades, or new area unlocks. All of these cost a certain amount of Jolts. So why we need to spend Jolts wisely? The thing is: Jolts can only be gathered by killing zombies, which mean, the entire team can only get a certain amount of Jolts each zombie wave. In this case, paying what’s needed for the team is the priority. Since zombie waves are endless and each wave increases zombies’ power, we can’t just casually kill because soon we will be wiped by these overpowered walking nightmares.


Customizing Your Characters

call of duty ww2 zombies 5

Call of Duty WW2 zombies mode Loadouts (Source: Internet)

In order to customize our characters, head to the Soldier tab in Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies menu. Here we can setup our Loadouts (unlock when the character reaches level 5), customize our weapons, unlocking Raven Research mods, and selecting Consumables.

  • Weapons can only be unlocked when we are level up. These weapons come in form of attachments like scopes, grips, and magazines.
  • Raven Research includes various mods for our character. The mods are divided into 4 categories: Stormraven, Bloodraven, Deathraven, and Moonraven. We can unlock mods by using Raven Tokens gathered from the Nazi Zombies game. After unlocking mods, we can choose to equip which one in the Loadouts. Be aware that you will need to know the function of each mod in order to upgrade the exact mods for your playstyle. Mods also come in 2 versions: Universal mods which can be used for all Classes, and mods which can only be used by certain Classes.
  • Consumables are one-time used items which vary from buffs, discounts, to one-time used weapon. Character can only equip 2 Consumables. In addition, there is a third auto-equipped item called Self-Revives; however, they can only be gathered in game.

Know Your Classes and Blitzs

call of duty ww2 zombies 6

4 Class Loadout presets (Source: Internet)

Classes play a vital role in determining your gameplay and team’s survivability. There are 4 Classes in total and each Class provides an unique ability:

  • Offense Class: Gives the players Freefire ability which allows user to fire even without spending any ammo even if the clip is empty.
  • Control Class: Gives the players Spellshock ability which emits a lightning burst around the user. It only deals slight damage to surrounding zombies, but it also knocks them back and stuns them for a period of time.
  • Support Class: Gives the players Frontline ability which basically makes the user like a “tanker”. Zombies will chase the user down while the user gains double damage buff during the duration of this ability.
  • Medic Class: Gives the players Camouflage ability which hide the players from the zombies and instead they will seek other preys.
call of duty ww2 zombies 7

Wants more damage? Get Kugelblitz! (Source: Internet)

Besides Classes, players can also get different Blitzs (which are essentially Powerups like other Call of Duty games) throughout the levels. Blitzs can only be purchased with Jolts at certain locations of a level and players can only have 4 Blitzs at maximum. If a player “accidentally” gets a new Blitz while he already has 4, the first got Blitz will be replaced. In addition, if the player dies, they will lose all of their Blitzs and they have to repurchase those Blitzs again. There are 6 Blitzs in total:

  • Ledenblitz: Costs 500 Jolts – It revives player automatically if playing solo. In multiplayer, it fastens the reviving ally process. Ledenblitz is available at the Village Entrance or the area where players spawn the 1st
  • Laufenblitz: Costs 2000 Jolts – It increases player’s sprinting speed and makes player run indefinitely. Ledenblitz is available in the Sewers.
  • Faustblitz: Costs 2000 Jolts – It increases player’s melee damage. Faustblitz is available in the Command Room.
  • Schnellblitz: Costs 3000 Jolts – It increases player’s reload speed. Schnellblitz is available in the Laboratory.
  • Schildblitz: Costs 2000 Jolts – Player emits a lightning burst when reloading. Schildblitz is available in the Laboratory.
  • Kugelblitz: Costs 2000 Jolts – It increases damage of all player’s weapons. Kugelblitz is available in the Pub or the area near the Tower.

Some Few Other Mechanics

call of duty ww2 zombies 8

Time to get our first upgrade! (Source: Internet)

So far we have covered quite considerable amount of info about Nazi Zombies mode in Call of Duty WW2. What’s left is a few mechanics which we will want pay attention a bit:

  • Pack-a-Punch Station: To ensure a higher chance of survival, the team will need to find and unlock this station to upgrade their weapons. Upgrading weapons will require Jolts so it would be a nice idea to save some Jolts for later upgrades.
  • Mystery Box: This “little box” has been a staple element in every Call of Duty zombies modes and this time, it also makes a comeback with different appearance this time. The Mystery Box will give player a random weapon at the cost of 1000 Jolts and it can be our savior in the darkest hours. Finding the Mystery Box this time is quite troublesome, but for the sake of exploration spoiling, we would like not to show how to find it here.
  • Supply Crate: Basically it is “loot box” which gives players different rewards. Unfortunately, we still don’t understand how to get these loot boxes exactly. According to most players, it seems these crates are kind of random drops.

Now that we have taken a look at the essential mechanics for our survival, let’s try some tips and tricks!

2. Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Tips and Tricks

Melee for Jolts!

call of duty ww2 zombies 9

Now that’s zombies hack-n-slash! (Source: Internet)

In early game, fighting zombies is quite easy since they are weak. While we can easily shoot them down with any gun we have in hand, it’s best to use melee weapons like shovel to save ammo. Although we may find no problem in getting ammo and Jolts in first few zombie waves, later progression will prove to be extremely difficult. Buying ammo will also become problematic when we have to save Jolts for later uses. Therefore, we encourage melee-ing enemy at the beginning. Using heavy attack with a shovel normally one-shot zombies, especially when hitting their heads.


Save Zombies For Later

call of duty ww2 zombies 10

Do we want to kill this lonely guy? (Source: Internet)

In Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies, zombies are like our source of income. We can only get Jolts by killing them. As we mentioned, at first killing zombies is easy but it is going to be hellish after each zombie wave. Luckily, the next zombie wave will not come if we just keep the last zombie(s) of the current wave without killing it. Because of this reason, suffices to say we can control the pace of zombie waves to our liking. This actually has two big advantages:

  • First, our team has time to explore the area for clues, upgrades, items, and supplies.
  • Second, it gives us time to upgrade and buy things we need for the next progression. It also gives us time to plan our strategy and come up with necessary items and upgrades for the team. Jolts are not free-for-all; it gets harder and harder to get in later game. Therefore, spending Jolts wisely and pay attention to map progression is much more important than spawning zombies like crazy just for money.

Loadouts For The Team

Now we understand that it is hard to prepare a suitable Loadouts when we are matched with random team. However, if we have a group of friends, it is necessary to setup the best Loadouts for our team rather than purely going our way. Right off the bat we have different Classes for team lineup. Each Class has important ability like the Support Class which can lures all enemies to the user, making space for other team members. Or we have the Control Class which can temporary disable the enemies. On top of that, we have Raven mods which give tons of different benefits. It may feel unnerving to fix our playstyle based on the team at first, yet customizing our Loadouts is always fun and it will prove to be beneficial.

Communication For The Win

call of duty ww2 zombies 11

Zombies Extermination Team assembles! (Source: Internet)

We can’t stress this tip enough. Communication is a must in every team-based multiplayer game and this “fun” Nazi Zombies mode is no exception. Call of Duty WW2 zombies mode is definitely hard and it is not a cakewalk, especially for a lone wolf. It is not a simple zombie slaughtering ground; it requires careful coordinate and completing objectives. Therefore, don’t forget to speak out to help and inform our friends, especially in dire situations.

Enemy Know-How

call of duty ww2 zombies 12

Such an abomination! Much wow! (Source: Internet)

Among the zombies horde there are certain special zombies we need to notice:

  • Pests: These guys are like other normal zombies, but without arms. However, these guys are extremely fast and they often rush into us much faster than any other zombies. As the results, it is suggested to keep these armless deads as our priority when fighting a horde of zombies.
  • Brutes: These guys are not as fast as the Pests, or to be more precisely, they are really slow. They are often seen in metal-covered body with a huge arm club. The Brutes are deadly for sure and they soak lots of bullets before finally die. Luckily for us, we can avoid these big guys rather easily and they normally don’t attack us unless they got attacked.
  • Bosses: Needless to say they are the most dangerous of the zombie army. These Bosses often appear after 5 waves and there are always additional zombie wave coming with them. To defeat these great enemies, hitting their weak point is always the best option. Hitting other part will also deal damage to them, but only slightly. In case you can’t guess their weak points right off the bat, you can find those points by aiming at different parts of the boss. If we aim at the non-weak point parts, the target reticle will change from white to gray, hinting that we are dealing minimal damage.

Check The Notebook… Seriously

In Call of Duty WW2 zombies mode, players will receive Notebook which will tell players about their current objectives. The interesting part about it is that the info given by the Notebook often comes as hint rather than direct order. This mechanic actually makes lots of sense and it is effective in this game mode since players will have to explore the area. In addition, Notebook does not only give hints about the main objectives, it also hints us about the locations to get upgrades, items, etc…

Unlock Raven Research Wisely

call of duty ww2 zombies 13

Raven Token (Source: Internet)

Raven Research is an interesting part of Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies. As we mentioned, it gives players different mods with various benefits. The Raven Research is divided into 4 categories and each offers and array of mods waiting to unlock. The tricky part is that you will have to find the mods you really need, if not, you will quickly realize that you are unlocking something that you don’t need. Furthermore, you can’t freely lock any mod of any category. You have to unlock mods from each category one by one. For example, if you want to unlock Grenadier mod from Stormraven category, you can’t just select Stormraven and unlock the mod right away. You have to unlock its previous mods which are Pack Mule and then Resourceful. Since unlocking mods require Raven Token, you will want to take research about all of these Raven Research mods first before starting to unlock things.

And that’s it folk! That’s all we can share about Call of Duty WW2 zombies mode for now! Feel free to share with us about your zombies killing experience and for now, thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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