Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to choose a background image for New Tab page?


  • Click “Options” in top-right corner to open “Choose background” dialog.
  • Choose an image from the dialog box.

Question: How to turn on/off Shuffe (randomized background) from the list of all images?


  • Click “Options” in top-right corner to open “Choose background” dialog.
  • Toggle the checkbox that says “Shuffle All Images”.


Question: How to Shuffle some images in the list (only the wallpapers you like)?


  • Click “Options” in top-right corner to open “Choose background” dialog.
  • Click “heart” icon to mark only favorite images you want to shuffle.
  • Toggle the checkbox that says “Shuffle Favorite Images”.

Question: How to show bookmarks (favorite links)?

Answer: You can use the keyboard shortcuts “Ctrl + Shift + b” (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS) or “⌘ + Shift + b” (Mac OS). Or you can follow the steps below to show/hide bookmarks bar.

  • At the top right corner of the browser, click More More.
  • Select Bookmarks and then Show Bookmarks Bar.

Question: How to launch Google Apps and Chrome Apps from new tab page?

Answer: Simply hover “Apps” menu to quickly access your Google Apps and Chrome Apps links.

Question: How to show logged-in Google account and Gmail counter?

Answer: If you’re logged in, your email address will be displayed at top of the “Apps” menu. In addition, Gmail counter shows number of unread emails.

Question: How to set your location manually to get accurate weather data?

Answer: Weather indicator automatically detects city based on your IP address, which sometimes gets wrong location. You can manually enter your location (city, country) to get accurate weather data.


Question: How to switch between 12-hours and 24-hours clock?

Answer: Follow the instructions below.

Question: How to turn on/off Weather Indicator?


  • Click “Options” in top-right corner to open “Choose background” dialog.
  • Toggle the checkbox that says “Disable Weather Indicator”.

Question: How to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature?

Answer: Follow the instructions below.

Question: How to access your Most Visited sites?

Answer: Simply hover “Most Visited” menu to quickly access your most visited links just like Google Chrome default homepage.

Question: I installed a new theme and it doesn’t change. Why?

Answer: Only one theme at a time is allowed in Chrome, so you must uninstall active theme before adding a new theme.

Question: How to remove the NewTab themes?

Answer: If you want to remove the theme, please follow the instructions below. Or you can go to “chrome://extensions”, find the extensions you want to remove and click the “Trash” icon.

Question: How to random multiple the NewTab themes at the same time?


  • Click “Option” then choose “Must-have Related Themes”.
  • Scroll to check the related themes and click “Install” the ones you like.
  • Set “Enable” for the themes you want to use for “Random All Newtabs” feature.
  • Click “Random All Newtabs” to shuffles all images of all the newtab extensions. If you want to shuffle favorite images only, just select your favorite images, click “Shuffle Favortie Images” in each new tab extension then select “Random All Newtabs” once.

Question: How to disable features/button for a clearer layout?

Answer: Just click “Options” button to check the options to disable / enable Most Visited, Apps, Share & To-do Menus.

Question: How to use To-do list?


  • Click “Todo” at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Enter your task in each line to input into the to-do list.
  • Tick on the things to mark as finished or delete the task, hide to-do list if you want.

Question: Why is there viruses/adwares/malwares in my browser?

Answer: Please read our article for instructions how to avoid this problem: Warning! Adware-Virus distributors are making fake extensions based on FreeAddon & SportifyTab.

When we started and in 2016, most of the new tab extensions on Chrome Web Store were either malwares or were bundled with unwanted programs. Born in that context, we wanted to provide Chrome and Chrome OS users with a better experience. Our core values are “fast, simple and clean”.

The extensions we created include all files and images in source code so that users do not download anything when they open a new tab, it makes the browser loads faster and safer. The other new tab extensions created by,, ( and (,… redirect new tab to their website which could be compromised at anytime making your browser vulnerable. Our design is easy to use covering most browser functionalities user ever needs. Most important thing, we don’t and we will never bundle unwanted programs like adware or search engine hijack. For more details, please read our Privacy Policy.

At the moment, we have 2 millions of users and the number is growing very quickly as fast as 30,000 new users per day. All of our extensions receive good feedback from the users and get 4.5 to 5 rating stars on Chrome Web Store.

We would love to hear your thoughts, concerns or problems with anything so we can improve!