What’s New in the Latest Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer?

As tradition, each Pokemon game always has an enhanced version with new gameplay enhancements, new storyline, and new Pokemons. Of course, Pokemon Sun and Moon will also have new version called Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon which is expected to bring lots of new things to Pokemon fans. Thanks to the latest Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer 2, we get to see more new additions to the game. For that, with no further ado, let’s join us and see what’s new in the latest Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer!


To present Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Nintendo actually released 2 trailers: English and Japanese trailer. Both trailers are quite fascinating (though we prefer Japanese version more), and so, let’s check out each of them! Starting with the English trailer!

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer 2 English
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer 2 Japanese
Final Thought

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer 2 English

*Source: The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel

Ultra Space and the Ultra Beasts

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer 1

Travel to their home and battle! (Source: Internet)

The very first thing featured in this English trailer is that we get to travel into the Ultra Space. Players will be able to ride Solgaleo or Lunala (according to the game version) via Ultra Wormhole into the Ultra Space and discover what lies beyond this mysterious realm. Interestingly, we will get to have more awesome battles with the Ultra Beasts we’ve already known in their own realm. Each Ultra Beast will have their own realm, and we will traverse these unknown lands to… capture them?

Ultra Megalopolis and Necrozma

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer 2

Ultra Megalopolis, a city where Light is stolen (Source: Internet)


Next, there is a whole new story with Necrozma as the center. We will travel to a new grand city named Ultra Megalopolis which described as the world has its Light stolen by Necrozma. With this information, we can expect Necrozma to be somewhat… main antagonist of this new story.

Ultra Recon Squad and the new Ultra Beasts

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer 3

Phyco and Soliera of Ultra Recon Squad (Source: Internet)

New organization is also introduced which is the Ultra Recon Squad. Its members wear a rather futuristic and spacesuit-like outfit. Although we see them challenge players in battle, their true motive is still a mystery and we don’t know whether they are villains or not.

Finally, 2 new characters are revealed: Phyco and Soliera, both are members of Ultra Recon Squad. We also see them challenge players in battle, featuring new Ultra Beasts controlled by these 2 characters:

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer 4

UB Adhesive (Source: Internet)

  • UB Adhesive: a Poison-type Ultra Beast with a rather small and cybernetic-alien looking. It can unleashe a purple chemical into the opponent and seems to buff UB Adhesive itself. However, the detail of this ability is still unknown.
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer 5

UB Burst (Source: Internet)

  • UB Burst: a Fire/Ghost-type Ultra Beast with humanoid clown-like features. It has Mind Blown ability which blows its own head and reduces its health by half. Still, we don’t what this ability does exactly yet.
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer 6

UB Assembly (Source: Internet)

  • UB Assembly: a Rock/Steel-type Ultra Beast resembling a massive grey stone tower. It can raise a steel barrier which is expected to reflect opponent’s ability or increase its own defense.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer 2 Japanese

*Source: GameXplain

Personally, we believe the Japanese trailer looks more epic than the English trailer, featuring the battle between Lunala and Necrozma, the invasion of the Ultra Beasts, and the SolgaleoNecrozma fusion.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer 8

Lunala (blue light) vs Necrozma (black cloud) (Source: Internet)


First off, we have the mysterious Necrozma which seems to be the one responsible for Eclipse. It appears in Alola region and battles with Lunala in a form of a pitch-black cloud.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer 7

Guzzlord facing Kahuna Nanu in Ruins of Abundance (Source: Internet)

Next, the Ultra Beasts also make their appearance and invade the Alola region. In the trailer, we can see the two new Ultra Beasts UB Burst and UB Assembly. Also, we see the two invading Ultra Beasts: Xurkitree and Guzzlord which facing Kahuna Nanu in Ruins of Abundance.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer 9

Enigmatic fusion of Solgaleo and Necrozma (Source: Internet)

Coming up next, we see Solgaleo – Necrozma fusion which looks extremely menacing and it unleashes rather dark aura instead of the light. This fusion Pokemon seems to be sealed in an unknown area. Meanwhile, players and Lillie will receive the light and expected to gain great power.

Later on, we see players travel in Ultra Megalopolis and we also get to see recurring characters like Guzma, Gladion, Hau, and Lusamine (she doesn’t look so good). Again, we see players travel to the Ultra Space. Eventually, the players arrive at an area which seems to be where Solgaleo – Necrozma fusion sealed.

Finally, we see Necrozma uses its arms capture the light source, heavily implies Necrozma’s nature of devouring light and its center role in the new story.

Final Thought

Whenever a new enhanced Pokemon version is announced, players always expect a new awesome storyline. And this time, the story of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon looks extremely epic based on both trailers.

Story Prediction

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer 10

Lillie receiving the Light (Source: Internet)

It seems the new story will start right after the main storyline from Pokemon Sun and Moon with the defeat of Lusamine. This time, the Ultra Beasts arrive at the Alola region and invade the land with their tremendous abilities. We, along with other characters will have to find out where they come from and how to stop them.

Also during this time, Necrozma makes its appearance and it seems want to possess Solgaleo and Lunala since these two legendary Pokemon represents the Light. Eventually Necrozma fused with one of them, for example: Solgaleo – Necrozma fusion in the Japanese trailer. We predict that during this exact moment, the new characters Phyco and Soliera from Ultra Recon Squad will appear and capture the Solgaleo – Necrozma fusion. This can explain why we see Solgaleo – Necrozma fusion sealed in later on. And by the look of the area, it seems this area located in Ultra Megalopolis.

As the results, players will have to travel to Ultra Space and find Solgaleo – Necrozma fusion. But even so, freeing Solgaleo – Necrozma fusion won’t be a simple task, especially when Necrozma is the one devours Light. Therefore, we also see a scene in Japanese trailer which shows players and Lillie receive the Light.

So, what do you think?

That said; these are still predictions. We will have to wait and see what’s new in the future. But for now, we can safely say this new story will be awesome! But what about you? What do you think about the two new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailers? Feel free to share with us!

And so that’s it folk! Thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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