Update 0.1.7

Thanks for sending us feedback! Check out the new updates of our extensions.

– New “Settings” Tab & Auto-hide all elements in background after 10s.
– Create slideshow to automatically change background after an amount of time.
– Not slow down your computer when openning many tabs anymore thanks to new technology.
– Display the number of people who like each image of a newtab.
– Set countdown timer to a specific time & date you want. E.g: New Year
– Offer snow effects to bring winter to your newtab.


1. Introduce the new Settings tab & Auto-hide feature:

The all-new “Settings” tab has been added to the extension to help users access more features all at the same place.
How to use: you simply click “Options” then click “Settings” tab:

In this new “Settings” tab, you will find many features & links to use. One of the new features is Auto-hide, which helps you hide all elements in the background for picture-only newtab after you let the newtab stays idle for 10 seconds..
How to use: access “Settings” tab > Turn on the switch of “Auto Hide” to activate this feature:

Other elements (Most Visited, Apps, Share, Todo) also have been moved to this “Settings” tab with switch to let you turn on/off.

2. Create Slideshow to make newtab run like a screensaver:

This slideshow will help you change background after an amount of time that you select. Please be noted that this feature is effective for your current chosen newtab extension and will be not effective for other extensions if you choose “Random All Newtabs”.


How to use: You select “Settings” tab > Turn on the switch of “Slideshow” > Select the amount of time that the wallpaper will change after

Tip: You can create a screensaver with wallpapers from the extension by creating the slideshow first and then click F11 to activate full-screen mode.

3. Not slow down your computer when openning many tabs & increase image load speed:

You may open many browser tabs at the same time, but the animation effects only run in the active tab (focused browser window). Thanks to this performance optimization, the FreeAddon’s & SportifyTab’s newtab extensions require much less computer resources to run. Plus, the images load in a smoother way and higher speed to provide you better user experience.

4. Display the number of people who like each image of a newtab:

Now you can check how much likes for each wallpaper of a newtab to have a better favorite collection of backgrounds to run. You can always click like if you like a picture.

5. Set countdown timer:

Whether it’s your birthday or celebrations like Christmas, New Year, you can set your own date and the countdown timer will display how many days, hours, minutes & seconds left for you.
How to use:

  • Select “Settings” tab > Turn on the switch of “Countdown” > Set the specific time & date you want the countdown to count to.
  • You can select 1 of 3 positions for countdown & set the description for the date.
  • .

    6. Use snow effects for newtab:

    Snow effects brings the atmosphere of this winter to your newtab to make it look more amazing!
    How to use: Select “Settings” tab > Turn on the switch of “Snow” > Choose either 1 of 2 types for snow effect: snowflake or snow ball.


    All links to use newtab better have been stored in “Settings” tab now:
    Some of the links you should pay attention to:
    If you want to change Chrome window’s border and toolbar color, you may install our Chrome Themes to combine with our NewTab extensions HERE (uploaded by FreeAddon and SportifyTab team).
    Fanpage: we have created a new fanpage as a better channel to connect with users. If you have not known it, please like & share with your friends HERE.
    Feedback: we do hear your feedback on feature or images of the extension that should be updated. Please raise your voice via the links (screenshot below) or message to our fanpage.

    How to use: Access “Settings” & scroll to the end to check all the links:

    Why does address bar have an URL when openning a newtab (not blank)?
    This is the question we receive from many users. We apologize for the inconvenience but this is due to technical restrictions when we created the “Random All NewTab” feature and we cannot do anything to fix this.
    Google has a policy that only one extension may replace “chrome://newtab” page at a time. In order to make randomized newtab page from various extensions, we must use “redirect method” making the extension’s URL appear in address bar. If you do not like it, you can disable the “Random All NewTab” feature to get a clean address bar.

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    We would love to hear your thoughts, concerns or problems with anything so we can improve!