Update 0.1.8

Merry Christmas 2018 and have a Happy New Year 2019! Thank you for all of your support and for now, check out our New Exciting Updates:

1. Remember what to do with Reminder bell in “Todo / Tasks”.
2. Taking note right on your NewTab with Sticky Note.
3. Changing wallpaper with new Background Animations.
4. New option to change Text Color and new animation for “Countdown Clock”
5. Easier way to change Time-formatDate-format, and Temperature Unit
6. All Settings are now synced across all NewTabs.
7. Sort and Search for your favorite Freeaddon extensions directly on the NewTab.
8. Enjoy the brand new Snow / Animations.


1. Remember what to do with Reminder bell in “Todo / Tasks”:

In the Todo / Tasks, you will now see a new bell icon which indicates Reminder option. When you click on the bell icon, a new box will appear allowing you to customize the reminder time. After you save your customization, the Reminder will be set and there will eventually be a ringing sound when the time is up.


How to use: get to “Settings” tab > turn on the Todo / Tasks (if you haven’t) > click on “Todo” button at the bottom-left of the NewTab > entering your task in “New Todo” > hovering at the entered task and clicking on the bell icon > choosing the time in the Reminder box then Save

When the time is reached, you will hear a ringing sound and see a Reminder notification on the top-right of the NewTab. You can choose to Close it (which will also tick your task as completed), or Snooze in order to delay the Reminder by 1 hour:

2. Taking note right on your NewTab with Sticky Note:

You can now add Sticky Notes right on your NewTab.

How to use: get to “Settings” tab > turn on the “Sticky Notes” > Click on “New Note” button at the bottom-left of the NewTab

Afterwards, you will see a new Note right on your NewTab. You can change the size of the note as you like, or adding a new note.


  • You can also change the note’s size by using key combinations: Ctrl + and Ctrl –
  • Clicking on Clear Notes button will quickly delete all the Notes you’re having.

3. Changing wallpaper with new Background Animations:

The “Settings” tab now features new customizations for your NewTab.

In the “Settings” tab, there is a new feature called “Background Animations“. Here you can choose from 21 different visual effects when changing new wallpaper.
How to use: get to “Settings” tab > Background Animations > select the animation effect you prefer

*Tips: This option also works wonderfully with “Slideshow” feature.

4. Adding option to change Text Color and new Animations for “Countdown Clock”:


We have received several feedbacks saying that sometimes the Countdown Clock is too hard to read. To fix this problem, we have added new “Text Color” feature allowing users to customize the Countdown Clock’s text color as they like.

How to use: get to “Must-have Related Themes” tab > turn on the “Countdown” > you will now see 2 new customizations for the Countdown Clock: “Text Color” and “Countdown Shade”

To change Text Color, simply click on the color button and it will open a color panel for you to customize. Also, you can choose to turn on the “Countdown Shade” which will help the Countdown Clock to look easier:

And here’s the result:

By the way, we have a fun firework animation and congratulation when New Year 2019 finally comes!

5. Easier way to change Time-formatDate-format, and Temperature Unit

Some users have expressed that they could not find the way to change the Time-format between 12 hours and 24 hours; Date-format between Day-Month-Year, Month-Day-Year, and Year-Month-Day; and Temperature Unit between Fahrenheit and Celcius. Therefore, we decide to add these options into the “Settings” tab.

How to use: get to “Settings” tab > scroll down the setting list and you will see 3 new options listed under “Snow / Animations”.


6. All Settings are now synced across all NewTabs:

In the past, a number of users reported that some Settings like “Apps” and “Most Visited” do not apply on all NewTabs. With the new Update 0.1.8, this problem is now fixed. All of your settings from one NewTab should also be synced with all the others.

7. Sort and Search for your favorite Freeaddon extensions directly on the NewTab:

You can now search for your favorite Freeaddon NewTab extensions right in Must-have Related Themes tab.

How to use: click on “Options” > get to “Must-have Related Themes” tab > you will see a new Search bar and a new A to Z Sort button

A to Z Sort button will list all of our currently available extensions, starting from our hottest extensions to the newest ones.

Search bar allows users to look for their favorite extension. Simply enter the name of the extension and push Enter button and you will get the result.

8. Enjoy our brand new Snow / Animations:

We have added 3 new “Snow / Animations” effects including: Rain, Leaves, and Fireworks.

How to use: get to “Settings” tab > turn on the “Snow / Animations” > choose your preferred effect. The effect will immediately activate after your selection.


Q: How can I update my New Tabs?
A: Freeaddon New Tabs update automatically, you don’t have to do anything.

Q: Why there is no Bookmark Bar?
A: When you install a NewTab, your Bookmark Bar will be temporary closed, NOT deleted. You can turn on Bookmark Bar again by pressing Ctrl + Shift + B, or, clicking on the “3 Dots” icon > hover to “Bookmarks” > click on “Shows bookmark bar”

Q: Why does address bar have an URL when openning a newtab (not blank)?
A: This is the question we receive from many users. We apologize for the inconvenience but this is due to technical restrictions when we created the “Random All NewTab” feature and we cannot do anything to fix this.
Google has a policy that only one extension may replace “chrome://newtab” page at a time. In order to make randomized newtab page from various extensions, we must use “redirect method” making the extension’s URL appear in address bar. If you do not like it, you can disable the “Random All NewTab” feature to get a clean address bar.

Q: How to use “Random All NewTabs” option?
A: When you install multiple Freeaddon NewTab extensions (we highly recommend installing the latest 0.1.8 version), simply click on “Options” > tick “Random All NewTabs” box at the bottom:

By ticking this box, you will now see a different theme everytime you open a newtab page. And all Freeaddon NewTab extensions must be enabled in order to for this option to work.

To quickly enable/disable Freeaddon NewTab extensions, get to “Must-Have Related Themes” tab and you will see a list of your installed Freeaddon extensions:

Finally, please note that this option only works with Freeaddon NewTab extensions.

And that’s it folks! Once again we wish you a Merry Christmas and a great Happy New Year 2019!

We would love to hear your thoughts, concerns or problems with anything so we can improve!