Recently we have detected a new group of Extensions on Chrome Web Store published under the Publisher name “free-addons.com“. We figured out that many users may be mistaken between our trademark “freeaddon.com” (or Free Addon – Wallpapers & Themes for New Tab) and the name below. Therefore we would like to point out several differences between our extensions and theirs:

1. Differences in Publisher’s Name and Website:

Occasionally you may find certain extensions published under the Publisher name “Free-addons.com“. But, beware that this publisher “free-addons.comis totally different, and also, don’t have any relation or affiliation with us.

Our extensions are always published under the publisher name: freeaddon.comFree Addon – Wallpapers & Themes for New Tab(for non-Sport extensions) and sportifytab.com (for Sport-themed extensions).

Whereas, this publisher name “free-addons.com” is totally different. Notice the different in their name, specifically the hyphen between the two words and the character “S” in the word “addons“.

On Chrome Web Store, our extensions look like this:

freeaddon.com for non-Sport extensions

sportifytab.com for Sport-themed extensions

On the other hand, extensions published by “free-addons.com” look like this:

This is a totally different publisher: free-addons.com

Also, if you get to this “free-addons.com” website, you will also see that it looks completely different from our site:

2. Differences in New Tab Design:

Comparing both free-addons.com extensions and our extensions, you can also a huge difference in design:

As you can see: there are huge differences in design between our freeaddon.com extensions and their “free-addons.com” extensions, especially the Google Search bar and the Weather/Clock.

Again, “free-addons.com” is actually a completely different publisher and they are not related to us. But due to the somewhat similar name, certain users may be mistaken between our extensions and free-addons.com extensions.

As the results, we write this article to distinguish our extensions from other copy-cat extensions (“free-addons.com” in this case). We will not take any responsibility if users install these copy-cat extensions which are not related or made by us.

Thank you for your attention,

Freeaddon.com team.