How to Random All NewTabs

Certain users have reported that they cannot have multiple NewTab themes at a time. Therefore, we would like to explain how to have Random All NewTabs with our FreeAddon & SportifyTab extensions.

To make this Random All NewTabs feature to work, you will need to have multiple FreeAddon NewTab extensions enabled. For this guide, we will install Lamborghini Super Cars HD Wallpapers New Tab beforehand as example.

Step 1: Install another FreeAddon NewTab extension

There are 2 ways to search for another FreeAddon extension after installation the first one.

Method 1: Search and install another FreeAddon extension on Chrome Web Store

Search and install another FreeAddon extension you like from Chrome Web Store (Eg: “Christmas countdown“). And also, make sure that the extension must be offered by “” / offered by “” or this Random All NewTabs feature won’t work.

Method 2: Search and install another FreeAddon extension from FreeAddon NewTab (most recommended)

If you have already installed a FreeAddon extension, open a NewTab page (and it should be FreeAddon NewTab). Here, click on Options > click on Must-have Related Themes tab.

In this tab, we have listed all of our available NewTab extensions. Here you can simply search for your favorite FreeAddon NewTab extension directly. For example, let’s search “Christmas countdown“:

After clicking “Install” button, it will open the extension’s Chrome Web Store page for you to download:

You can use the same process to search and install as many FreeAddon extensions as you like.

*Note: All of extensions listed in “Must-have Related Themes” tab are FreeAddon NewTab extensions and it does not include any third-party or shady addon/extension. 

Step 2: Enable the FreeAddon NewTab extensions you want to use

After installing all the FreeAddon NewTab extensions you wish, you need to enable the extensions you want. You can either go to the link chrome://extensions/It will lead you to the Chrome setting page where you can enable/disable or remove the extension you don’t want:

Also, you can enable/disable FreeAddon extension right on your NewTab page. Simply go to Options > Must-have Related Themes tab. This tab also lists your installed FreeAddon

extensions and you can quickly enable/disable them without going to another page:

Step 3: Activate Random All NewTabs function

After enabling your wanted FreeAddon extensions, open a NewTab page > click on Options > tick on “Random All NewTabs“:

With this, all of your enabled FreeAddon NewTab extensions will randomly appear everytime you open a NewTab. This function will also sync all your settings throughout every NewTab (Click to zoom in):

*Important Note: This feature only works with FreeAddon NewTab extensions

And that’s it folks! Good luck and have fun with our FreeAddon NewTab extensions!