Young Heroes Assemble! Boku No Hero Academia All Class 1-A Quirks!

Boku No Hero Academia is a “typical” shounen anime series, but surely it has its own charm and currently it is one of the new most popular anime to date. In the anime, people can have a special trait called “Quirk” which is basically like superpower (not as overpowered like in DC or Marvel Comics though). These quirks are extremely unique and diverse from people and people. So while we wait for the exciting Boku No Hero Academia Season 3, why not take a detail look at these fans’ favorite Class 1-A Quirks!


Table of Content:
1. What is Quirks?
2. The Heroes of Class 1-A

1. What is Quirks?

boku no hero academia 1

Praise the sun? (Source: Internet)

Quirk (個性), or Kosei, refers to innate ability of a person. So far, it seems each person has an unique Quirk of his own. According to the anime, quirk is actually non-existence until an event occurred in which a newborn baby emitted light from his body. After that event, many other people started to gain different kind of unusual powers. Such powers were later on officially called as “Quirk”.

Even to this day, it is unclear how this phenomenon happened. But one thing to be clear: it totally rocked the whole world. What would happen when bad people gained special powers and did terrible things? Of course, it would be disaster and therefore, Quirk users started to do heroic acts to save the innocents by utilizing their powers. At first, these Quirk users were not really welcomed by the society, but through times, they were eventually accepted and revered as “heroes”, while the evildoers with Quirks were considered as “villains”.

boku no hero academia 2

The monthly spinoff: Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals (Source: Internet)

In addition to the original series, there is also a spinoff series named Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals which tells a new story from different perspective than the heroes from the main series. Based on the spinoff, there are also Quirk users who also help other people. But they do not enlist themselves into the hero rank but instead, they work as “vigilante” (much like Batman from DC Comics, isn’t it?). Despite their good will, it seems that these vigilantes are considered illegal.

So back to the main topic, in the current timeline of My Hero Academia, there are already tons of people with Quirks. These Quirks can pass on the children and thus, a proper education is necessary for these children about morality and how to use Quirk responsibly. Since there are people who do not possess any sort of Quirk, they are considered as “Quirkless” and such was the case of the main protagonist Izuku Midoriya.


Quirk Types

Up to this point, we are introduced with 3 types of Quirk:

  • Emitter (発動), or Hatsudo, is a Quirk-type which allows users to release certain elements or substances. This Quirk-type also allows them to alter things around them depending on their specific Quirks. Despite most Emitter users can control their ability to some degree; they can still damage themselves if not careful, for example Bakugan’s Explosion Quirk.
  • Transformation (変形), or Henkei, is a Quirk-type which allows users to temporary transform a part or entire their body into certain elements or features, depending on their specific Quirks. These Transformation Quirks seem to only affect the users, except for the case of Chiyo Shuzenji’s Recovery Quirk.
  • Mutant (異形), or Igyo, is somewhat similar to Transformation Quirks since it also alters the user’s body to certain features. However, this type of Quirks also permanently changes the physiology of a person and cannot be reversed. One of the prime examples is Mashirao Ojiro in Class 1-A who has Tail Quirk.

And so now that we have got used to Quirks in general, let’s check out the power of all Class 1-A students!

2. The Heroes of Class 1-A

Yuga Aoyama: Navel Laser

boku no hero academia 3

Hmm… not sure how we should feel about this guy… (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Emitter

As the name suggest, Yuga can shoot laser beam with his… navel. This laser beam can be long or medium-range depending on Yuga’s control and it can also push him into the air with enough power. His laser may look cool and all but there is a drawback: If he shoots laser too much, his stomach will be damaged. For now, this ability does not seem to be that powerful compared to many other Quirks in Class 1-A. Also, the requirement of shooting laser from his navel can be another downside. But fortunately for Yuga, his hero costume allows him to shoot laser from shoulders or knees.

Mina Ashido: Acid

boku no hero academia 4

A “poisonously” merry person (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Emitter

Mina’s Quirk is quite straight-forward: She can emit acidic liquid from her body and control it to a certain degree. This ability is undoubtedly destructive, but it can also have other uses like melting handholds for climbing. And for some reason, this Quirk changes her appearance drastically, namely: her pink skin, 2 small horns on her head, and black eyes with yellow irises. To enhance her movement, her custom boots are acid-proof and it allows her to release acid down her feet to glide.


Tsuyu Asui: Frog Form

boku no hero academia 5

Fans’ favorite frog girl! (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Mutant

Frog Form literally changes Asui’s physiology similar to that of a frog. That does not mean her appearance changes entirely to a frog though, but she does have certain changes, especially arms and legs. Becoming a frog means Asui can perform many frog-like abilities like superior jumping, sticking to walls, and camouflage.  Her tongue also changes similar to frog which has exceptional longer range and high strength. In addition, her stomach can release toxic liquid. To enhance her camouflage ability, her hero costume is modified to change color to match with her camouflage ability to blend in the environment. By the look of it, Asui is easily affected by cold environment and long-time exposing to coldness can weaken her body.

Tenya Ilda: Engine

boku no hero academia 6

Keep it up! You may become The Flash. (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Mutant

This Engine QuirkequipsTenya with engine-like systems in his calves. This quirk allows him to move extremely fast but when he forcibly accelerate, his engine will be disabled for a while until he can use it again. Since this quirk works similar to real engine, Tenya also has exhaust pipes and if these pipes are blocked, the engine will become unusable. His hero costume may look somewhat imposing, but it is actually lightweight armor which focuses on increasing Tenya’s wind resistance. His boots also come with cooling system in order to enhance his engine, thus allowing him to dash in longer range.


Ochako Uraraka: Zero Gravity

boku no hero academia 7

Wonder if she can make Deku “fly”. (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Emitter

Uraraka’s Zero Gravity allows her to make an object weightless and make it float when touching. If she closes her fingers, the zero gravity will be disabled and the affect objects will fall down as usual. Unfortunately, at the moment she cannot use this ability too much or she will get nausea. This downside also applies when she float by herself. Since her ability can lift her into the air, her hero costume specifically focuses on minimizing potential risks on her body, especially when she is in the air.

Mashirao Ojiro: Tail

boku no hero academia 8

The man with the tail (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Mutant

As the name suggests, Mashirao has a very strong tail which can even smash metal. This tail is a part of his body and therefore, it cannot be “magically” hided. Since the tail is exceptional strong, it can be used as a strong weapon and also enhance Mashirao’s movement. In his case, this tail is even more helpful for his martial-art style of combat.


Denki Kaminari: Electrification

boku no hero academia 9

Such a “shocking” experience! (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Emitter

Denki’s power is quite powerful as he can release lightning. He can even emit lightning of 1,300,000 volts, however, the electricity will affect his brain and “stupid-ify” him. When he cannot control the lightning of such caliber either and therefore, this can be friendly-fire. To control his lightning much easier, Denki uses a set of equipment including: Pointers which will redirect the electricity to its location, Shooter which allows him to choose which Pointer he wants to direct, and Optical Visor which informs him of his placed Pointers.

Eijiro Kirishima: Hardening

boku no hero academia 10

Want to see him in “monster form”? (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Transformation

The Hardening Quirk allows Eijiro to harden any part of his body, or even transform his entire body into a hardened monster. When hardened, Eijiro can resist against physical attacks and even heat and cold. However, there is a certain threshold in which his Hardening will be weakened when reaching that point. The Quirk also seems to enhance his physical strength as he can withstand high impacts like explosion from Bakugou’s Quirk.


Koji Koda: Animal Voice

boku no hero academia 11

He is literally Beast Master. (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Emitter

Putting his “bizarre appearance” aside, Koji’s Quirk is actually pretty powerful as he is literally like “Beast Master”. This Quirk allows Koji to actual talk with animals and even command them. He can also give command to insect creatures but it seems not to work well since… he is afraid of insects. In addition, this Animal Voice Quirk does not work with artificial animals.

Rikido Sato: Sugar Rush

boku no hero academia 12

Sorry Sato, you can’t be Saitama. (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Sugar Rush

Sato has quite a powerful Quirk which can boost his strength five-fold for 3 minutes after consuming 10 gram of sugars. Each time he consumes another 10 gram of sugars, his strength boost will keep maintaining for additional 3 minutes. However, consuming too much sugar will cause him sleepy, rendering him useless during battle.


Mezo Shoji: Dupli-Arms

boku no hero academia 13

He is an… “arm-some” guy. (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Transformation

Mezo’s Quirk is quite an interesting one since it has tons of application. Dupli-Arms Quirk provides Mezo with 4 additional “arms”. Each tip of his arm can transform into different part of his body like ear or eye. As the results, Mezo has extra advantages in vision and sensing surrounding area. However, it seems if he uses many same parts at the same time (for example, using multiple eyes), his ability will be weakened since the power is divided between each part. Another notion is that each of his 3 arms look like “sticking” to each other like bat and it seems he can glide thanks to that. Mezo is also known for his great strength; however, it is unsure whether it is because of his Quirk or not.

Kyoka Jiro: Earphone Jack

boku no hero academia 14

Wanna hear her heart? (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Mutant

Kyoka’s earlobe is totally different from normal person. Her earlobe has the shape of earphone and it actually can be plugged to everything. For now her Quirk has shown 2 distinct powers: First, she can channel her heartbeat into things she plugged in, causing great havoc within the plugged objects. And second, she gain extra hearing ability. In addition, the jacks are actually insanely strong which can be used as whips in battle. Her whips can cover 6 meters of range and it can break stones. Her hero costume includes a pair of custom boots which Kyoka can plug her jacks and send powerful sound wave to the direction of her choice.


Hanta Sero: Tape

boku no hero academia 15

“Spiderman” of My Hero Academia (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Mutant

Hanta’s Quirk causes his elbows to have cylindrical tape dispensers which allow him to shoot and retract tapes. On the contrary to many initial impressions, his tape is actually really strong and it can bind people. Hanta has also been seen using this Quirk for many other applications like swinging or creating traps, making his Quirk quite a handy one. But as handy as it is, this Quirk has its tape limits and abusing this ability will cause immense pain to Hanta.

Fumikage Tokoyami: Dark Shadow

boku no hero academia 16

Hmm… Looks like Shadow Crow. (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Transformation

Dark Shadow is arguably one of the most powerful (and probably coolest) Quirks to date. This Quirk creates a shadowy sentient being which reside within Fumikage. This shadow seems to have will of its own, but Fumikage has quite a great control over it for various situations. Generally, the darker the surrounding is, the stronger the shadow becomes. However, the stronger shadow also means harder control for Fumikage and it may even consume him when he totally loses control. The shadow also gains more power when Fumikage is in negative emotion. If we consider Fumikage’s strength in one-on-one combat, he is one of the strongest members of Class 1-A and even All Might acknowledged this.


Shoto Todoroki: Half-Cold Half-Hot

boku no hero academia 17

Behold the Ice and Fire! (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Emitter

Shoto is one of the strongest members of Class 1-A and naturally, his Quirk is immensely powerful. His Quirk is a fused result between his father Endeavor’s fire ability and his mother’s cold affinity. And that’s why Shoto has white and red hair at the same time. His right-half of his body can quickly freeze the surrounding and unleash stream of ice, while his left-half can unleash extreme fire burst. His Quirk is no doubt powerful, but at the moment he is unable to control his 2 powers properly. This is quite a great downside especially when he can easily get frostbite when his body temperature quickly changes to hot and cold. There is another weakness stated by Stain: Shoto relies too much on his tremendous power. However, this is mostly due to Shoto’s young experience rather than the Quirk itself.

Toru Hagakure: Transparency

boku no hero academia 18

Er… she said “Hi!” (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Mutant

Toru has quite a bizarre Quirk as she is completely invisible to the naked eye. She can only be “seen” when she wears clothes or holding objects. For now, it seems her invisibility is kind of permanent and it cannot be turned off. The explanation for her Quirk is probably because her body can bend light which make other people cannot see her. This is also partly proved when Toru can unleash light and blind surrounding people.


Katsuki Bakugo: Explosion

boku no hero academia 19

Such explosive boy! (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Emitter

Now we have fans’ favorite boy Bakugo with his powerful Quirk: Explosion. Bakugo’s Explosion causes his sweat to produce nitroglycerin which is essential to create explosion. The more sweat Bakugo has, the stronger his explosion is. Compared to many other members of Class 1-A, Bakugo seems to have great control over his ability as he can flexibly use his explosion for various means like movement maneuver. However, since his Quirk depends on a lot on his sweat, Bakugo’s ability will be weakened in cold environment. In addition, his Quirk can be extremely dangerous to ally and foe within an area with flammable gas.

Izuku Midoriya: One For All

boku no hero academia 20

Deku with the power of One For All (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Emitter

Now we come to the main protagonist of the series: Izuku (or Deku… for short) who was initially a Quirkless person, yet later on inherited One For All from Toshinori YagiAll Might himself. According to All Might’s explanation, this power allows Deku to tap into stockpiled power, giving him tremendous power in terms of strength and agility. However unlike All Might, Deku is learning how to use this ability since he suffers immense physical pain when he uses this power. At the moment, Deku has proved to gradually master this Quirk and for now he can control 8% of One For All power.


Minoru Mineta: Pop Off

boku no hero academia 21

Okay he is a perv… but his power is… not 100% discovered? (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Mutant

Okay, let’s be frank! Minoru’s Quirk is sort of… lacking behind compared to other Class 1-A members. But that may be because he has not found the true power of his Quirk yet. Minoru’s Quirk causes his head to grow 4 ball objects which is extremely sticky and they can stick to almost every surface or object. Minoru can pull these balls and throw it, while the balls on his head will regrow immediately. The power of his ball seems to depend on his health, and if he abuses this power, he will get bleed.

Momo Yaoyorozu: Creation

boku no hero academia 22

“Weapon Master”? (Source: Internet)

  • Quirk Type: Emitter

Finally we have the star student: Momo Yaoyorozu who got in U.A via official recommendation. Her genius intellect aside, her Quirk is extremely powerful and versatile as she can create everything by manipulating her fat cells in molecular level. But in order to create something, she needs to understand how it is made, or to be more precisely, its atomic structure. Since the Creation Quirk depends on her fat cells, food digestion is required to make this ability more effective. However, excessive creation can cause her underweight. In addition, her creating ability requires her to expose her skin and therefore, it explains she has quite a… revealing hero outfit. Sometimes, her outfit will need to be “tore off” in order to create certain objects.

And that’s it folk! Those are all the Quirks of Class 1-A members! How about you? Which Quirk in Boku No Hero Academia you would like to have? Feel free to share with us and for now, thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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