Monster Hunter World Tips and Tricks: Let The Hunt Begins!

Monster Hunter World has just released on January 26, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, PC and it is literally a huge blast for both long-time Monster Hunter fans and beginners alike. The fact that 1.35 million copies have been sold in Japan within 1 week pretty much tells us how popular this game already is. Many people who are fans of this franchise probably have known how to enjoy this game. But no doubt there are many new players who would like to experience this new entry of Monster Hunter franchise. Of course, beginners would feel overwhelmed due to many unique features of Monster Hunter franchise. And so, to make things easier for new players, let’s check out some Monster Hunter World tips and tricks!


Table of Content:
1. What is Monster Hunter World?
2. Monster Hunter World Tips

1. What is Monster Hunter World?

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Have you tried Monster Hunter series? (Source: Internet)

Monster Hunter is definitely among the most popular RPG franchises to date. Most of us probably have heard of the series before; including people have not experienced it before. In short, Monster Hunter is an unique RPG game which focuses on monsters hunting. Throughout the series, players assume the role of Hunters who take up requests from the local to hunt down the dangerous beasts. After each hunt, players get the materials gathered from the beasts to upgrade their weapons and armors. Frankly speaking, the game’s story is not that unique or compelling like many other popular RPG games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, or the Witcher. The series did release on multiple platforms but mostly it is known as blockbuster franchise for hand-held consoles. Because of that, Monster Hunter World is considered to be quite a daring move from Capcom since they decided to release the game for huge platforms like PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Also, they decided to make the game to be more attractive towards even wider player-base besides its already dedicated fans.

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Let the hunt begins! (Source: Internet)


So what are the new things Monster Hunter World brings this time? In terms of story, Monster Hunter World does not exactly feature something new here. Basically, human and other humanoid beings set their eyes on the New World – a new realm filled with various monsters and environments. However, things always go easy when it is found out that a monstrous beast called Zorah Magdaros has made its appearance in this realm. And so, it comes to the Research Commission and the Hunters to find out why this beast appears and to hunt down any dangerous creature.

In terms of gameplay, Monster Hunter World still keeps its own unique gameplay mechanics while providing several new things so that players, especially new players, can get used to the game quickly. In the essence, the game still has the heart of a Monster Hunter including fascinating monsters and meaningful weapons and armors upgrade. The game also features a beautiful world with 4 different regions with different ecosystems and monsters. In overall, Monster Hunter World truly succeeds the name of Monster Hunter. There may be certain things which are not pleasant to some, but definitely most experienced players and even beginners will enjoy what Monster Hunter World has to offer.

2. Monster Hunter World tips and tricks: let the hunt begins!

Know your arsenal!

Monster Hunter has been known for its “outrageous” weapons and in Monster Hunter World, things are no different. In this sequel, there are 14 distinct types of weapons for players to choose from, ranging from sword, axe, bow, to even unimaginable stuffs like Gun Lance, Bowgun, and more… Interestingly enough, each weapon has its own strength and moveset. As the results, each weapon also has different playstyle and it will require practicing if you want master these handy Hunter’s tools. To make things easier, let’s take a brief at all these weapons:

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The good ol’ Sword & Shield! (Source: Internet)

  • Sword and Shield have medium mobility, attack, and defense, which is essentially an all-rounder. Its balanced nature makes it suitable for new players and even secondary option for experienced players. It also has a nice perk which allows players to use items like Slinger even with their weapons drawn.
monster hunter world tips 4

It seems we will have some bladework here. (Source: Internet)

  • Long Sword has medium mobility, high attack, and low defense. These are 2-handed swords with long blade which can deal a huge amount of damage if players can able to keep combo-ing. The reason is that Long Sword has a special trait called Spirit Gauge which can be charged up to 3 times. It boosts the damage significantly and therefore, it is capable of dealing high damage in long-term. Long Sword is not exactly beginner-friendly but even so, it is still a nice choice for new players due to its long reach, combo capability, and mobility.
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Want some long-range action? Try Heavy Bowgun! (Source: Internet)

  • Heavy Bowgun has low mobility, long range, and medium attack. It is a very versatile weapon which can use many of ammo types ranging from charging shot to machine gun-like barrage. Besides dealing damage, this weapon can also be a good supportive weapon as it allows users to “shoot” player buffs from afar. At first glance, this weapon may look fitting for newbies, but from our perspective, it is not exactly beginner-friendly due to its low mobility and its playstyle.
monster hunter world tips 6

Enjoy some air-actions with Insect Glaive! (Source: Internet)

  • Insect Glaive has high mobility, medium attack, and special moveset which focuses on aerial combat. In short, it is a dual-blade glaive which often launches users on air and provides them with air movement control. Since this weapon is air-based, users of this weapon also has an important work which is mounting the monster. In addition to the air-focused playstyle, players can also send out a bug called as Kinsect to buff themselves. Playing with this weapon is quite fun since it relies a lot on control, and therefore, it is not beginner-friendly.
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Tanker of Monster Hunter World (Source: Internet)

  • Lance has medium damage, high defense, and relatively low mobility. The reason why we say “relatively low mobility” is because normally it has slow movement, but it has Lance Charge move which gives absurdly high speed. Other than that, this weapon is essentially a tank weapon which is capable of blocking/absorbing damage while still be able to attack/deflect at the same time. Players can use this weapon to take on almost all monsters head-on as long as their timing is right. Normally, we see many new players do not prefer tanking playstyle, but if you are in the exception case, this weapon can be a good one for starters.
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Bow – the traditional hunting weapon (Source: Internet)

  • Bow has high mobility, medium range and damage. This weapon is quite unique compared to Heavy Bowgun since it is mostly about firing the monster while maintaining position barely out of monster’s attack range. Besides damage-dealing arrow, this weapon is also capable of stunning the monster or inflicting debuffs. To some extent, we can imagine it is like “shotgun” which keeps assaulting target in medium-close range.
monster hunter world tips 9

Time to smack some heads! (Source: Internet)

  • Hammer has fairly low mobility, high damage which mostly focuses on heavy bludgeon attack. Its charging attack combines with movement can deal tons of damage and stun the enemy, making it an ideal weapon for hit-and-run style of combat. As you may guess, this weapon has high capability of stunning the monster, allowing teammates to have free time assaulting the monsters.
monster hunter world tips 10

“Trick Weapon” of Monster Hunter World (Source: Internet)

  • Switch Axe has high damage and low-high mobility, depending on its current form. We can imagine it like Trick Weapons from Bloodborne and in this case, this weapon can shift between axe-form and sword-form. The axe-form has nice long range attacks, but its damage only shines when switching to the sword-form. Its sword-form is capable of unleashing insanely high damage with Elemental Discharge That said, the weapon can be pretty tricky to use, thus we do not recommend this one for new players.
monster hunter world tips 11

Who likes hack-n-slash? (Source: Internet)

  • Dual Blades has high mobility and medium attack which can be considered to be the typical “hack-n-slash” weapon in the game. This weapon possesses extremely quick moveset (and looks fancy too) which deals low damage. But when the timing is right, users can activate its Demon Mode which can unleash crazy combo with absurdly damage. It can be quite a beginner-friendly weapon due to its “spamming nature”. However, experienced players will know the exact combo and timing to get the most damage out of this weapon.
monster hunter world tips 12

Use horn to… hunt? (Source: Internet)

  • Hunting Horn is an extremely unique case among these 14 weapons since it is not purely about damage dealing. It has medium mobility and damage, and more importantly, it can support the team by playing songs to buff the team. While users can play the songs individually for buffing, the weapon can actually give better buff if using it for attacking. By attacking and playing the son at precise timing, its buffing can show even more beneficial.
monster hunter world tips 13

Feels like trapper! (Source: Internet)

  • Light Bowgun has high mobility, medium range, and medium damage with tactical element to it. Similar to Bow, this weapon has to stay in medium range. However, it can deal consistent damage and also putting traps or buffing allies. It is a fascinating weapon for people who prefer tactical combat since it requires players’ knowledge about the target and the game mechanic in order to make the most use form this weapon.
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Can you imagine these sword and shield to become a greataxe? (Source: Internet)

  • Charge Blade has medium defense, medium mobility, and high damage. Similar to Switch Axe, this weapon can also switch forms between sword & shield form and axe-form. In sword & shield form, users gain a fairly good mobility and quick attack, while in axe-form players can deal huge damage. You may say it is the “upgraded version” of Sword and Shield. However, unlike Sword and Shield, you have to sheathe the weapon in order to use items. Overall, it is quite a versatile for both offense and defense. That said; users have to pay attention to its Overheat condition, if not, the blade will only bounce off and does nothing to the target.
monster hunter world tips 15

When you are so into gunblade… (Source: Internet)

  • Gunlance has low mobility, medium attack, with ranged attacks. Unlike the Lance, this weapon focuses more on the offense at the cost of lacking certain defensive abilities. It can deal solid damage to the monster face; however, users have to be more careful as they don’t have the strong defense power like the Lance And unfortunately, it does not have the insane Lance Charge move.
monster hunter world tips 16

Big monster requires “big resolve”. (Source: Internet)

  • Great Sword has the most insane attack power but also the most abysmal mobility. It is capable of dealing highest damage out of the 14 weapons. But at the same time, its clunky movement can be a nightmare for inexperienced players. This weapon is definitely not a beginner-friendly weapon since its attacks, especially charged attacks, are slow. It requires players to have experience with the game and the monsters in order to get the best timing.

As you can see, Monster Hunter World provides quite a huge variety of weapons with unique abilities. All of these weapons can be fearsome tools in the hand of experienced players. Yet for beginners, we would recommend: Sword and Shield, Long Sword, Lance, or Dual Swords. Sword and Shield has the best versatility for new players, while Long Sword, Lance, or Dual Swords are quite more tricky to use. In case you want to test out the weapons, remember to check out the training area!

Upgrading Weapons and Armors, seriously!

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Who wants these badass pieces of armor? (Source: Internet)

Another unique part about Monster Hunter World is that there is no character level to begin with. Your character’s progression depends heavily on your weapons and armors. Luckily, the game provides really good and extensive upgrading system. An armor set comprises of Head, Chest, Arms, Waist, and Legs. Each armor set provides a different amount of defense, elemental resistance, and potentially Armor Skills which give certain passive buffs for the players. In order to craft an armor set, you have to kill the monster related to that set and gather its materials. For example, to craft Kadachi armor set, you need to hunt the respective monster Tobi-Kadachi and gather the required materials. Crafting armor does not have any sort of progression tree so theoretically, you can get all the armors as long as you hunt the correct monsters. It is also important to craft different armor sets too since as we mentioned, each set provides different defense stats. Therefore, you will need the exact armor to face a particular monster.

monster hunter world tips 18

This is where weapons are made. (Source: Internet)


Weapon crafting on the other hand is a bit more complicated. Each of 14 weapon types has its own progression tree which requires you to unlock weapons in certain path(s). Each weapon type also comes with 2 different variations: Ore Weapon and Bone Weapon. Ore Weapons are created from ores found throughout the environments, while Bone Weapons are made from bones gathered from monsters. Generally, Bone Weapons have higher attack than the Ore Weapons, which tends to mislead new players into thinking Bone Weapons are absolutely better than Ore Weapons. But in reality, there is another element comes to play which is Sharpness. Sharpness basically determines weapon’s attack multiplier. The Sharpness level is determined by color: Red (50% less damage) < Orange (25% less damage) < Yellow (100% normal damage) < Green (5% extra damage) < Blue (25% extra damage) < White (30% extra damage) < Purple (50% extra damage). These statistics are based on previous Monster Hunter games though so the multiplier amount in this game can be changed. Interestingly enough, Ore Weapons have higher Sharpness than Bone Weapons. That’s why we can always guarantee Bone Weapons are always stronger than Ore Weapons. Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to progress both Ore and Bone Weapons since… why not? The reason is quite similar to armor crafting: you will need different weapons to deal with different monsters.

Always gather everything materials in your path

monster hunter world tips 19

Never ignore your surroundings! (Source: Internet)

We understand that the feeling of hunting a monster can be very, very fascinating to many new players. However, such fascination can also make us ignore everything on our path while we’re searching for our prey. And so the suggestion is: pay attention to your surroundings and gather everything like herbs in your path while hunting. This is extremely important since you can use these materials to make necessary items like Potion, Antidote, buffing items like Energy Drink, and bombs and traps like Smoke Bomb or Barrel Bomb. These items, especially recovery items, are always handy in a hunt. You may find it easy in your first few hunts. But as you progress throughout the game, you will find various foes with different abilities. After all, preparation is always necessary for a successful hunt. One handy thing to note: you can also set up Auto-craft option which will automatically craft particular items of your choice if you have enough materials for them.

Use the Scoutflies

monster hunter world tips 20

“Hello little fellas!” (Source: Internet)


Scoutflies are a handy “tool” for Hunters to look for their prey. Normally when you choose to hunt a particular monster, you have to look for it manually throughout the region. Luckily, these shiny green guys will notify you about the target’s tracks and gradually lead to you to it. In addition, the more you use your Scoutflies, the higher level they will become. As the Scoutflies level up, they will unlock bonus research on the monster targets and show you more things like extractable items from monsters or monster weaknesses.

Enjoy your meal

monster hunter world tips 21

Even the strongest Hunters need to eat. (Source: Internet)

For those who have played The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, you will see that cooking plays quite an important role in preparing for the upcoming battles. This also applies for Monster Hunter World since eating can provide us with many useful buffs. Players can check out the Canteen at the hub town of Astera or at the campsites. Looking delicious aside, having a meal before exploration or hunting is necessary as it fills and keeps our Stamina bar at max. In addition, different meals provide a variety of useful buffs like health, attack, defense, and more… After all, there is no reason to go out and hunt with an empty stomach, isn’t it?

And that’s it folks! Those are some of Monster Hunter World tips we can provide for now. Of course, there are more tips and guide to this and we will try to update them. For the time being, thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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