Seven Deadly Sins Profiles: “Dark Knights” of Britainia!

Nanatsu no Taizai Imashime no Fukkatsu Joshou, or Seven Deadly Sins Revival of The Commandments (wow talk about long names), is currently on air and it is pretty successful so far. The fans’ favorite team of Seven Deadly Sins has finally returned with their badass power. Yet, the Ten Commandments are also a force to reckon with. Can the Seven Deadly Sins have with it takes to take down such formidable foes? Let’s find out!


*SPOILERS ALERT: A number of information here are taken from the ongoing manga series, which is already far ahead of the current anime*

Table of Content:
1. What is the Seven Deadly Sins?
2. Seven Deadly Sins Profiles

1. What is the Seven Deadly Sins?

seven deadly sins 1

Are you watching Nanatsu no Taizai? (Source: Internet)

Okay let’s not mistake this Seven Deadly Sins with the Christian’s “Seven Deadly Sins”, although obviously this team’s inspiration was based on those real sins. In Nanatsu no Taizai anime, the Seven Deadly Sins is a team of 7 brutal criminals, each made a grievous mistake in the past and resulted in disasters. They were condemned by the Kingdom of Liones and carved the mark of 7 different beasts on their bodies.

This led us to a question: “Why did this kingdom rally these dangerous criminals to form a team?” Many of us probably had the same question back in the early days of the series. And as the story progress, it was discovered that the main purpose of Seven Deadly Sins is to defeat the Ten Commandments – a group of dangerous demons and ominous beings who would one day threaten the land. The Ten Commandments are powerful and evil beings, so obviously each of Seven Deadly Sins must also be in monster-level of power.

seven deadly sins 2

Seven Deadly Sins before disband (Source: Internet)

In the past, the Seven Deadly Sins was once disbanded due to the death of Great Holy Knight – Zaratras. They were framed for murdering the great knight, but throughout the story we knew that this was not true. But nonetheless, the team was dispatched. Each member went his/her own way until now.

About their original sins, in truth not all members of Seven Deadly Sins actually committed the crimes. Some were actually framed or set-up, while others did commit horrible deeds. But enough of general information, it’s time to take a look at each member of the team!

2. Seven Deadly Sins Profile

Meliodas – the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath

seven deadly sins 3

A child…? (Source: Internet)

  • Age: 3000+
  • Race: Demon
  • Abilities: Full Counter, Hellblaze, Darkness Manipulation
  • Equipment: Dragon Handle (former), Liz’s Sword (former)
  • Sacred Treasure: Lostvayne
  • Symbol of Beast: Dragon
  • Power Level: 142,000 (current)

Our first handsome (and shorty… sorry) main protagonist is Meliodas – the captain of Seven Deadly Sins and also the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath. He was one of the first sins, along with Merlin, and recruited other members. Despite having a child-like appearance, he is actually much, much older (and also much more powerful) than his look.

Meliodas was condemned for his crime of destroying the Kingdom of Danafor around 16 years ago. Prior to the event, he worked as a knight for Danafor and met Liz – the former reincarnation of Elizabeth. As time flew, the couples fell in love with each other until the demon Fraudin killed Liz right in front of Meliodas. Grief, enraged for his failure in protecting Liz, Meliodas bursted into rage which made his power uncontrollable, destroying the entire Danafor as the result.

Many people might be surprised by this “feat”. But given his origin, it was not impossible after all. The truth is: Meliodas was the eldest son of the Demon King himself. He used to be the leader of the Ten Commandments and revered as the most powerful and most worthy heir of the Demon Clan. However, he fell in love with the Goddess Elizabeth – daughter of the Goddess Clan and both of them constantly defied the rules of their respective clans. Both of them joined Stigma in the Holy War against the Demon Clan thousands years ago. Eventually they were punished by both Demon King and Supreme Deity:

  • For Elizabeth, she would always reborn at certain point every time she died. Each time she was reborn, she would forget all her former memories, including Meliodas. But once she remembered those memories, she would inevitably die again.
  • For Meliodas, he would also always reborn every time he died. Despite being able to remember almost everything, he was cursed to lose his humanity each time he reborn until the day he finally returned as the true demon he once was.

This punishment has created a brutal cycle for the couples since each time they meet each other, they will definitely remember their past. And when it happens, Elizabeth will die while Meliodas will gradually lose his humanity. The cycle will repeat until the day they have no other choice but to follow their respective clans.

Power Level

seven deadly sins 4

… Okay sorry he is not a child… (Source: Internet)

Considering his origin, Meliodas is arguably among the strongest characters, if not the strongest in the series (excluding the Supreme Deity and the Demon King). Some may argue that Escanor – the Lion’s Sin of Pride is more powerful. However, we witnessed in the manga that it required Escanor to use his most powerful ability at noon – The One. Escanor did defeat Meliodas with literally one hit; however, his body was severely weakened and took a long time to recover. On the other hand, Meliodas could recover extremely fast at the same day they fought. Moreover, when Meliodas returned to the Demon territory with Elizabeth, he could easily drive off both Zeldoris and Estarossa (the current two most powerful Commandents) and protect Elizabeth at the same time.

In his normal form, Meliodas is already an extremely fighter and a skillful swordsman. When he popped up his Demon Form (or Assault Form), Meliodas’s Power Level rose to the point of 142,000 – an absurd amount of power compared to all other characters including the Angels and Demons.

Besides his raw physical power, Meliodas can also harness the power of Darkness in his own will. It is still unknown how much Darkness spells he could perform. Nonetheless, we can sure his magic power is also top-notch; typically we saw his disastrous Hellblaze ability. Finally, he can do the Full Counter ability which can counter all kind of damage, both physical and magical, to the attackers. If we look at all his current state, it may not be exaggeration to say he is invincible (again excluding Supreme Deity and Demon King). The only one who could stop him for now is Escanor with The One ability. Even so, such power puts too much toll on Escanor’s body.

Ban – the Fox’s Sin of Greed

seven deadly sins 5

Most adorable couple of the series? (Source: Internet)

  • Age: 43
  • Race: Human (immortal)
  • Abilities: Snatch
  • Sacred Treasure: Courechouse
  • Symbol of Beast: Fox
  • Power Level: 3,220 (current)

The second Sin we’re talking about is Ban – the Fox’s Sin of Greed. He was once a mortal human and a mere theft. Many, many years ago, Ban heard a story about the Fountain of Youth and it interested Ban greatly. Times later, Ban did find the fairy land where the fabled Fountain of Youth existed. Here he met Elaine – the guardian saint according to the tale. Seeing no malicious intention from Ban, Elaine decided to release him and they stay together for quite a time. Explaining the reason why he sought immortality, Ban simply said that his life, his existence was never good. Therefore he thought if he lived long enough, he might see something better for his life.

Of course, by spending time with Elaine, Ban gradually lost his interest in the actual immortality but rather, Elaine. They fell in love and it would be a happy story for Ban if not for a red demon’s attack. It burned down the forest and pierced through both Ban and Elaine. In the last resort, Elaine gave Ban what he wanted times ago – immortality before she died. With the newfound life, Ban killed the demon, yet, the forest was already destroyed and Elaine was no longer alive. This explained why Ban condemned as the Fox’s Sin of Greed. He was condemned for his greed over immortality, destruction of the forest, and the death of Elaine (although he was clearly innocent in this matter).

As we already knew, Ban happily joined Meliodas and the Seven Deadly Sins. After the team disbanded, he was jailed in the Baste Dungeon, only to be freed again by Meliodas.

Power Level

seven deadly sins 6

Spear stabs through your chest? Nah it’s nothing! (Source: Internet)

If we compare his power level with other Sins, we may think Ban is the weakest of the team… Well to some extent it is not exactly wrong. That being said, it does not mean he is totally weak either. Ban possesses an interesting ability called Snatch. Basically it allows him to steal physical powers of people around him even without physically touching the target. As the results, Ban can be extremely powerful rather quickly while his enemy gradually becomes weaker. On top of that, his immortality allows him to extent the combat time as long as he wants since he cannot die. The longer the fight, the stronger he becomes while his enemies get weaker and weaker.

That said; there is a limit amount of power Ban can steal. Based on his performance so far, it is estimated that Ban can exceed up to around 25,000 power level. Compares this number to the current power levels of other Sins, Ban is arguably the weakest. But this is only his “current” power. There are 2 things we need to consider about Ban’s prowess:

  • Ban is currently the ONLY Sin who does not have his Sacred Treasure. His treasure – the Holy Staff Courechouse was stolen from him long time ago. And as we know, Sacred Treasure plays a vital role in unleashing the true potential of a Sin. Therefore it is not fair to compare him with other Sins.
  • In the latest manga’s Arc, Ban is travelling to the purgatory to retrieve Meliodas’s emotion. If he successes (which will highly be so), he will be much stronger than he is now.

So for fans of Ban, let’s wait and see his return!

Diane – the Serpent’s Sin of Envy

seven deadly sins 7

Clearly she is anything but “envy”. (Source: Internet)

  • Age: approx. 750
  • Race: Giant
  • Abilities: Creation
  • Sacred Treasure: Gideon
  • Symbol of Beast: Serpent
  • Power Level: 48,000 (current)

Diane is the Serpent’s Sin of Envy from the Giant Clan. Naturally, as a giant she has an extremely huge body (interesting enough, she has great body proportion) and her physical strength is clearly no joke. Despite what people may think of a giant, Diane actually has loving, caring personality, and somewhat child-like in some occasions. This is quite a rare scene among giants community since the giant is supposedly honoring power over love. But in the end, love is what pushed her forward, as the former Giant King Drole predicted that she would become a better leader.

When she was a child, Diane found King unconscious and saved him. Around this time, King forgot his past and hanged out with Diane for five hundred years. They soon became close friend and love interests until one night when King remembered who he truly was. King decided to leave, promising to Diane that he would return. Turned out, he did come back not to meet her but rather, using a flower to erase her memory. When Diane woke up, she forgot everything about King and eventually returned to the Giant Clan.

Years later, Diane grew up as a woman. She trained with Matrona to become the strongest Giant warrior. One day, Diane and Matrona accepted a request from Knights of Liones to help them dealing with the savages. Unfortunately, it was actually a trap setup by the betrayal knights to defeat Matrona since they thought it would be great honor to slay a giant. By saving Diane, Matrona took the poison for her and used her remaining strength to take down all the knights. After this event, Diane was falsely accused of killing Matrona along with other fallen knights out of envy, hence why Diane was condemned as the Serpent’s Sin of Envy. During her time with the Seven Deadly Sins, she also met King. However, she could not remember due to his “hugely difference in appearance” and her memory loss.

Power Level

seven deadly sins 8

Lesson: Don’t pick a fight with a giant! (Source: Internet)

Diane’s power relied mostly on her giant’s heritage. As a giant, she already possessed immense physical strength. She could easily swing her 998-kg hammer (or 2200 lbs) at ease. She could even clash with Meliodas in terms of strength (back in the early chapters of Nanatsu no Taizai). Aside from such physical strength, she also had the ability of Creation which allowed her to manipulate the Earth.

After the trial of Gloxinia and Drole, Diane learned Drole’ dance technique, resulting in her tremendous boost in power. Specifically, before the trial her power level was around 3,250. But after completing it, her dance can increase her power gradually to the point of 48,000. According to Drole whose power is around 54,000, Diane’s strength is continuing to grow and potentially surpass him in both terms of strength and leadership.

King – the Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth

seven deadly sins 9

He is a thousands-year-old fairy king, not a boy. (Source: Internet)

  • Age: 1400+
  • Race: Fairy
  • Abilities: Disaster
  • Sacred Treasure: Spirit Spear Chastiefol
  • Symbol of Beast: Grizzly
  • Power Level: 41,600 (current)

Despite having the symbol of grizzly, King is actually a small fairy (just like any other fairies) who looks more like a child than anything else. Despite his small size, do not underestimate him since he is extremely powerful, especially now.

Originally, King was born as the new Fairy King and he always wanted to protect his people and his sister Elaine. King believed human was always not trustworthy and he often said so to his friend Helbram and his sister. When Helbram found out that King learned to make clothes from a human merchant, it disturbed Helbram greatly since it was King who said not to trust human. One day, Helbram met a group of human travelers. They promised to give him human artifacts, but that was just a trap to take away fairy wings as selling goods. Rushing in to save his friend, King did not aware of his surroundings and unknowingly let Aldrich attacked him from behind. Witnessed his friend harmed by a human, Helbram enraged and killed Aldrich out of vengeance. However, Helbram did not stop there. He vowed to kill all humans and that was exactly what he did in next five hundred years.

The reason why King called as Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth was because he witnessed and knew of his friend’s atrocious acts. Yet he did not do anything about it and decided to turn a blind eye. It led to his imprisonment sentence for thousand years until he was recruited by Meliodas.

In terms of his relationship with Diane, King still remembered Diane and loved her despite her loss of memory about him. Lucky for him Diane eventually knew what happened and declared her feeling with King.

Power Level

seven deadly sins 10

“I’m the bone of my sword…” Sorry wrong anime. (Source: Internet)

As a magic-specialized user, King does not rely on his physical strength (as if he has any…) but rather, his enormous magic capability. Before the trial, his power level is around 4,190, combining both his ability Disaster and his Sacred Treasure Spirit Spear Chastiefol. His inherited ability Disaster allows King to control over life and death. More specifically, King can amplify the damage on a target, for example making small wounds suddenly fatal or weak poison surprisingly more deadly. He can also control the force of nature like flora around him. That said; King’s main power relies on Chastiefol, a divine spear crafted from the Sacred Tree of Fairy Realm. In its normal mode, Chastiefol can transform into 8 different forms, each serve its own unique purpose. However, its true power was still hindered.

After tapping into the spear’s true power, King can unleash much, much more powerful techniques. His power during that time was around 11,000 – 12,000. And after the trial, this power number was around 41,000. Of course, this was still the current recorded number. Judging by Diane’s potential, it is possibly that King can also surpass this level in the future.

Gowther – the Goat’s Sin of Lust

seven deadly sins 11

This is a GUY. (Source: Internet)

  • Age: N/A
  • Race: N/A (Doll)
  • Abilities: Invasion
  • Sacred Treasure: Herritt
  • Symbol of Beast: Goat
  • Power Level: 35,400 (current)

Gowther the Goat’s Sin of Lust looks more like a cute-looking boy (or girl… depending on our perspective) but in truth he was originally a doll. During the Holy War 3000 years ago, there was a demon sorcerer called Gowther who served directly under the Demon King as Selflessness of the Ten Commandments. However, he was imprisoned long before the Holy War due to his denial of his role as Selflessness. So in order to carry out his job and experience the outside world, he had to create a doll with same name as him and gave it life. It is speculated that Gowther secretly carried out a plan to stop the Holy War. Eventually he was killed by Zeldris due to his betrayal. Before his death, he entrusted everything, including his hope on his doll. Turned out this doll is exactly the “Gowther of Seven Deadly Sins” in the present.

Despite having the name “Goat’s Sin of Lust”, in truth Gowther did not commit any actual crime. The real story was: Gowther once loved Princess Nadja Liones. Both of them became friends and later on, lovers. Unfortunately, Nadja suffered from her weakened heart and ultimately died. Sensing an immense pain, Gowther tried to save her by replacing Nadja’s heart with his artificial one yet to no avail. This tragedy devastated Gowther greatly, leading to his decision to erase his own memory to escape from the painful feeling. When the knights got into their room, they thought that it was Gowther who killed the princess without understanding what really happened.

Power Level

seven deadly sins 12

Easy mind-control, easy idol. (pun intended) (Source: Internet)

Gowther’s power resolves around mind-control. His innate ability is Invasion which allows him to read other people’s mind and memory. Furthermore, he can change the memory of his targets according to his likings. He can also force his target to remember the target’s memory, including the most terrifying and horrible events. This ability seems to be especially good on sentient foes like humans, fairies, and giants or weak-minded enemies. That said; it seems this ability was not really “applicable” on demons since they are already… twisted and powerful in nature. His Sacred Treasure Twin Bow Herritt can amplify this Invasion ability further, as shown in the Kingdom Infiltration arc when he used it to rewrite the memory of many knights.

Merlin – the Boar’s Sin of Gluttony

seven deadly sins 13

The greatest mage of Britania is here! (Source: Internet)

  • Age: 3000+
  • Race: N/A
  • Abilities: Infinity
  • Sacred Treasure: Aldan
  • Symbol of Beast: Boar
  • Power Level: N/A

Among all the Sins, Merlin is the most mysterious figure in both terms of origins and power. The first time we saw Merlin was during the Kingdom Infiltration arc when she appeared with King Arthur Pendragon. We knew that she was called as the Boar’s Sin of Gluttony. However, we still do not sure what exactly her condemned sin was. The only thing we do know is that: she is revered as the most powerful sorceress in Britania.

And in recent chapters of Nanatsu no Taizai manga, it was officially revealed that Merlin was no mere mortal human. She was actually born more than 3000 years ago in Belialuin – the land of wizards. And for some reasons, she successfully fooled both Supreme Deity and Demon King to give her their powerful blessings:

  • Supreme Deity granted her protection against dark curses and Commandments.
  • Demon King granted her all the knowledge of the Demon Realm’s dark secret arts and also made her immune to the goddesses’ brainwashing and possession abilities.

Enraged due to her treachery, the 2 most powerful beings destroyed Belialuin. Still, Merlin still survived and lived even to this day. We also know that Merlin once met Meliodas and Elizabeth long time ago. Apparently they are quite close friends especially Elizabeth as Merlin used to call Liz as “sis-sis”.

*Fun fact: The name “Merlin” is just an alias since her true name spoke in an ancient tongue unknown to human.

Power Level

seven deadly sins 14

A sealed room? Child-play! (Source: Internet)

Back to the Post-Infiltration Kingdom arc, Merlin’s power level was recorded to be 4,710. However, her true power level in the current manga arc remains a mystery. Merlin is called as the most powerful mage so obviously Merlin definitely knows about a lot about the world and many, many magics and artifacts. That said; her inherent ability Infinity is possibly one of the most “cheating” powers to date. In short, this ability allows her to freeze time of any spells she casted. That means her casted spell will exist for eternity as long as she does not dispel it personally. It is speculated that even if Merlin died, the spell with Infinity will still keep exist. The fact that even Supreme Deity and Demon King have to pay attention to this ability pretty tells us how overpowered it can be.

For the Sacred Treasure, Merlin uses a magical orb called as Aldan which can be used conjunctively with other spells like Telekinesis. In addition, Merlin can sees things through Aldan and even transfers her own soul into the orb to avoid certain status effects like Galand of Truth’s petrification ability. That being said, the true extent of Aldan’s power is still rather unclear.

Aside from the “cheating” Infinite ability and the Sacred Treasure Aldan, Merlin’s “true” combat asset is actually her planning and strategic mind. Merlin is usually the strategist of them team and for most of the time her predictions become true. Considering her background story of fooling both Supreme Deity and Demon King, we can sure that Merlin is definitely not someone we want to mess around.

Escanor – the Lion’s Sin of Pride

seven deadly sins 15

The man who stands above all clans – Escanor. (Source: Internet)

  • Age: 40
  • Race: Human
  • Abilities: Sunshine
  • Sacred Treasure: Divine Axe Rhitta
  • Symbol of Beast: Lion
  • Power Level: N/A

Escanor is an interesting case since he is both the strongest and the weakest member of Seven Deadly Sins. This is mainly because his ability Sunshine relies on the day-night cycle. At night, he looks like a skinny butler with submissive personality. However, at day, his body becomes significantly bigger and his personality changes to far more prideful man than his night-self.

He was born 40 years ago as prince of Castellio Kingdom. At first he was an extremely weak and timid child. His older brother Daymond usually bullied him until one day Escanor’s innate ability activated and broke his brother’s arm. Due to this event, along with their son’s abnormal appearance, they disowned him and even ordered to kill him. Luckily, Escanor escaped thanks to an elder woman and he kept travelling the world. Even though he did good deed, all people were afraid of him and called him as monster. Then until one day, Escanor met Merlin and Meliodas, thus agreed to join the Seven Deadly Sins.

Under a new roof, a new family, Escanor respects and holds his friend dearly. And as the strongest Sin, he is an extremely valuable asset in battle. Cuz as the strongest man in the world, Escanor always stands above all others. Curious though, we are still not sure what crime Escanor committed. Possibly, his alias the Lion’s Sin of Pride was simply just a title to fit other Sins. Or, possibly it based on his origins and how people feared and called him as monster.

Power Level

seven deadly sins 16

He would be the best “sun-bro”. Praise the Sun! (Source: Internet)

As mentioned, Escanor is the strongest member of Seven Deadly Sins and possibly the strongest being in the world (again, excluding Supreme Deity and Demon King). Escanor’s ability Sunshine boosts his power level to a monster level. As the sun rises higher and higher throughout the day, his power rises to no boundary at the peak of noon. His highest calculable power level was 114,000; however, his true power was far more than that, far too powerful to the point of being invincible. His Sacred Treasure Divine Axe Rhitta amplifies his power further by accumulating and unleashing his power in 1 hit, making him literally “One-punch Man” of Nanatsu no Taizai.

Even before noon, Escanor’s prowess was already monstrous. For example, right at the first time he was introduced, he singlehandedly cut down and even scare Galand to death, making him to ran away for his life. Melascula tried to devour his soul but instead, she found herself burned in extreme degree. Then in his battle with Estarossa, Escanor easily burned down Estarossa (important to note that it was not even in his most powerful form yet). In the peak of noon, Escanor’s power can rise to the invincible level with his ability “The One”. In short, this ability literally makes Escanor an aspect of invincible power for 1 minute. In his battle with Meliodas (in the current manga arc), Escanor in “The One” form can easily cut down Meliodas in Demon Form/Assault Mode with only 1 simple hand-slashing gesture.

Basically, every time Escanor appears in battle, he always wins. And every time he steps into battle, fans become extremely excited to see how Escanor will roast his opponent in prideful way.

And that’s it folks! What do you think about all Seven Deadly Sins members? Feel free to share with us and for now, thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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