The Top 10 League of Legends Champions for Beginners

League of Legends (LoL) is among the most popular online games to date within millions of players. The game is now 8 years old and lots of new players still keep coming to the game.  If you are also one of the League of Legends beginners, don’t worry! Joining League of Legends now is never too late! But with a huge roster of 138 LoL champions, surely choosing a beginning champion is not a simple choice. In that case, let’s check out some of the top League of Legends champions for beginners!


*Note: This is not a definitive list of champions which you need to strictly follow. There are many choices depending on your preference and your current skill. Still, this list will help you visualize which champions will be the best choices for yourself.

Table of Content:
Which League of Legends Role to Main?
Top Lane Recommendations
Mid Lane Recommendations
Jungler Recommendations
AD Carry Recommendations
Support Recommendations

Which League of Legends Role to Main?

league of legends champions for beginners 1

Are you ready for League of Legends combat? (Source: Internet)

Before we jump in the list itself, it is a good idea to revise what we know about LoL roles first. In LoL there are 5 main roles: Top, Mid, Jungler, AD Carry, and Support. These 5 roles are vital for a LoL game and each role has different characteristics.

  • Top role players are in charge of top lane. The top lane is often solo lane and most of champions on top lane are Tank, Off-tank, Fighter, or Bruiser. These champions are mostly tanky to soak up damage for the team, or versatile in both dealing damage and damage sustain.
  • Mid role players occupy the mid lane. Champions in mid lane are mostly Mages and Assassins who have high burst damage and mobility.
  • Junglers are players occupy the jungle and for most of the time they stay in jungle in farming and occasionally come to lanes and gank. Many champions can fill this role, yet most junglers will choose champions whom are durable to survive in jungle and be able to gank other lanes.
  • AD Carry champions are mostly weak in early game. These champions often go to bottom lane they require farming in order to become strong and later game. AD Carriers often go with Support or Tanker in bottom lane to ensure their survivability and farming.
  • Support seems to be the most underrated role by many beginners, yet, this role is extremely vital to ensure AD Carriers’ survivability and team combat. Supporters are often in charge of warding, helping AD Carry, and setting up killing. Many supporters have abilities to crowd control, buffing and healing ally. Therefore, playing support isn’t really a simple task as some beginners may think.

If you play in a serious match (like ranking), these 5 roles are extremely important and no role should be missed. It is understandable for new players to try main only 1 role. However, being able to play other roles is much recommended. Knowing all the roles will definitely help new players understand all the game mechanics and strategy better.

Now that we have understood all League of legends roles, let’s get on to our main list!

Top Lane Recommendations

Top lane champions are mostly durable and they are also capable of dealing a considerable amount of damage. Currently, most recommended top lane champions for beginners are Garen and Master Yi.

Garen, Might of Demacia

league of legends champions for beginners 2

Spin to win!!!! (Source: Internet)


Garen is quite beginners friendly mostly for these two reasons: he is extremely durable, and his skills don’t require resources like Mana. The only thing new players have to pay attention is his cooldown. But as long as they keep cooldown in check, it’s hardly to go wrong with Garen.

Garen’s Perseverance and Courage often gives him decent amount of armor and health regen, allowing him to survive well on top lane without returning to base. His Judgment ability is like “spin to win” in early game which is both sweet for farming and annoying for enemy champion. His ultimate ability Demacian Justice is insanely powerful. The skill is also not a skill shot and therefore, it is easy to drop tons of damage to enemy. Overall, Garen is definitely a nice choice for beginners.

Master Yi, Wuju Bladesman

league of legends champions for beginners 3

Non can escape Assassin Master Yi! (Source: Internet)

If you prefer right-clicking to kill players, Master Yi is definitely a fine choice. What Master Yi offers is easy-to-grasp ability set, insane right-click damage, nice healing, and high mobility. Generaelly, new players don’t have to struggle when playing Master Yi.

Master Yi’s Alpha Strike doesn’t cost Mana and it can dish out decent amount of damage. When his HP is low, he can just hide and heal up with Meditate. And when the time is nigh, he can just activates his ultimate ability Highlander which gives him insane attack and movement speed. At this time, enemy can hardly run away from him due to his insane movement speed, extremely fast attack speed, and incredibly high damage.

Mid Lane Recommendations

Frankly speaking, if you are totally new players who haven’t played MOBA type of game before, playing mid lane isn’t really a good idea. Most mid lane champions can burst tons of damage; therefore, you can die extremely quickly especially when you haven’t known all champions’ abilities yet. In worst case scenario, if you “feed” enemy mid laners, high chance that your team will be rekt in later game. However, if you are already experienced with MOBA or you just like to try out mid lane, Annie and Morgana will be much recommended.

Annie, the Dark Child

league of legends champions for beginners 4

Don’t let her cuteness fool you! (Source: Internet)


Okay, we know that Annie looks pretty weak since she is just an “adorable cute girl”. But by all seriousness, do not let her appearance fools you. If you face Annie as your enemy, you should stay aware your will be burned alive quickly.

Annie is an extremely good burst champion. She doesn’t require much skill and therefore, she is suitable for mid beginners. Her third ability Molten Shield also gives her decent amount of damage reduction which allows her to solo fairly decent. In addition to her high burst damage, her passive Pyromania allows her to stun enemy with her ability after casting 4 times. And so, if you find yourself stunned by Annie, high chance you will have to say goodbye to your champion.

Morgana, Fallen Angel

league of legends champions for beginners 5

Behold the Blade Mistress Morgana! (Source: Internet)

Skill shot plays a vital mechanic in LoL and sooner or later, you have to learn skill shot properly. Luckily, we have Morgana, a pretty powerful and somewhat durable magic caster. First off, Morgana has quite decent survivability with her passive Soul Siphon which allows her to regain health through her damaging abilities. Also, her third ability Black Shield helps her block magic damage and also makes her immune to crowd control effects.

In terms of damage, Morgana’s damage dealing may not be as high as Annie since she partly depends on her first ability Dark Binding skill shot. However, her Dark Binding and ultimate ability Soul Shackles can be extremely brutal in terms of immobilizing and slowing enemy. Finally combining with her second ability Tormented Soil, she can dish out considerably high amount of damage.

Jungler Recommendations

As mentioned, junglers often stay farming in jungle and occasionally they will jump to lane for ganking. Jungle monsters aren’t all weak and therefore, jungle champions often have life steal and decent durability in order to survive and kill. For beginners, it is highly suggested to try out Warwick and Rek’Sai.

*Note: Jungling requires a summoner ability called Smite which can help you kill jungle monsters quickly. Also, it allows junglers to purchase useful jungle items like Skirmisher’s Sabre or Stalker’s Blade. Since Smite is only available at level 10, new players should try to get to level 10 before trying jungle role.

Warwick, Uncaged Wrath of Zaun

league of legends champions for beginners 6

You can’t escape the wolf hunt! (Source: Internet)


If you prefer wolf-style or lycan-style champion, Warwick is definitely the best suit. This werewolf is extremely effective in jungling since he can easily heal himself with his passive Eternal Hunger. His first ability Jaws of the Beast can also deal decent amount of damage and greatly heal himself.

Warwick’s playstyle is quite straight-forward. He can track enemy champions and aim for low health enemy with Blood Hunt for increased movement speed. With his ultimate ability Infinite Duress, he can jump to the enemy from a great distance and immobilize that enemy, dealing considerably high damage. His third ability Primal Howl allows him to take less damage and also caused enemy to flee.

Overall he is quite straight-forward, durable, and quite easy to play. The only thing beginners have to consider is his ultimate skill shot. If Warwick successfully jumps to the enemy with his ultimate, high chance it will be death to the enemy. If not, Warwick can still cover great distance with enemy but he will miss all the damage.

Rek’Sai, Void Burrower

league of legends champions for beginners 7

Crumble before the Void Burrower! (Source: Internet)

Similar to Warwick, Rek’Sai’s playstyle is also quite straight-forward. The unique part of Rek’Sai is that she can Burrow under the ground and she uses Fury as her resource instead of Mana. When Burrowed, she has a different ability and she can consume her Fury to heal herself, making her suitable for jungling.

Rek’Sai is suitable for new players since she can heal herself rather quickly with Burrow. Also, she can clear jungle monsters rather quickly. Her ganking is also easy to understand and it isn’t different much from Warwick.

AD Carry Recommendations

This is probably new players’ most popular role besides top lane and jungle. It is somewhat understandable since AD Carry plays the main role in dealing damage, especially in late game. The feeling of controlling a powerful AD Carry and killing enemies is fascinating indeed. However, AD Carry is absolutely not an easy role. Most of AD Carry champions have low survivability and they require lots of farming in order to be truly useful in team combat. As the results, they require Support or Tank champions to help them survive in bottom lane.

Even though AD Carry mainly requires item to become stronger, many AD Carry champions have complicated ability sets and mechanics. Therefore, in order to get used to the game, beginners should try out with Ashe or Sivir.

Ashe, the Frost Archer

league of legends champions for beginners 8

Feel the frost! (Source: Internet)


Ashe isn’t a complicated champion. Her ability is straight-forward and easy to grasp. Ashe’s passive Frost Shot allows her to slow down enemy with each hit. To make her right-click attacks more devastating, she can buff her attack speed with her first ability Ranger’s Focus. She can deal decent amount of damage in wide range with Volley. When in need, she can fire her Hawkshot in order to scout the surrounding area. Finally, her ultimate Enchanted Frost Arrow can cover the entire map. This ultimate ability is a skill shot, a successful hit will prove to be devastating and it can stun enemy depending on the travel distance. Overall, she is an easy champion to play and incredibly good damage dealer.

Sivir, the Battle Mistress

league of legends champions for beginners 9

With the icy blade in hand, Snowstorm Sivir has readied for war! (Source: Internet)

Playing Ashe may sound boring since her playstyle mostly focus on right-clicking attacks. On the other hand, Sivir has a more interesting ability set with boomerang theme. Sivir doesn’t require much skill. Her Boomerang Blade and Ricochet ability are often decent enough to deal massive damage. Boomerang Blade is a skill shot which can return to Sivir and deals damage twice to enemies. Ricochet allows her basic attack to bounce to other nearby enemies. At the time of need, Sivir can pop up her Spell Shield which can block enemy’s next ability on her and restore a part of her Mana. Finally, her ultimate On the Hunt boosts a great deal of movement speed for the entire team. It also boosts a great deal of attack speed when she activates Ricochet.

Support Recommendations

Playing Support may not sound appealing to many new players, yet, Support actually holds a great weigh on the battlefield. In many cases, Support champions are the one who rescue the entire team from danger, or set up for an awesome enemy team wipe. Many experienced players also recommend new players to Support for a reason. Support role requires players to aware map, stay aware of the current situation in order to help ally. Since Supporters need to keep watch of the situation and enemy champions, Support players can quickly learn many champions and understand how they are played. As the results, playing Support can actually help new players a great deal in getting used to the game and play better with other roles.

Currently, the most suggested champions for Support role are Soraka and Sona.

Soraka, the Starchild

league of legends champions for beginners 10

Don’t fret! Star Guardian Soraka has arrived! (Source: Internet)


From enemy’s point of view, Soraka is an extremely annoying Support champion to deal with. Frankly speaking, killing Soraka isn’t all that hard. However, if Soraka survives in lane, her allies literally cannot be killed.

Soraka’s entire ability set dedicates to healing. Her Astral Infusion can heal ally quickly and its cooldown is relatively short. With a successful hit of Starcall, she can heal herself and ally even more with Rejuvenation. In addition, she can silence enemies and potentially root them with Equinox. And most annoyingly, she can heal the entire team with her ultimate ability Wish. Therefore, there are many cases where Soraka’s ally can escape death, all because of her Wish ability (No doubt, the enemy team will greatly hate her for that).

Sona, Maven of the Strings

league of legends champions for beginners 11

Who wants to hear the melodies by Sweetheart Sona? (Source: Internet)

Comparing to Soraka, Sona is a more versatile Support champion with her songs and auras. First of all, Sona’s 3 abilities are songs which can deal damage to enemy, heal allies, and boost movement speed for herself. After Sona plays a song, she will gain an unique aura which gives great buff for herself and her allies. In addition to her songs and auras, her passive Power Chord can buff her next basic attack after playing 3 songs. It also gives her next basic attack a special effect depending on the last song she played. Finally, her ultimate ability Crescendo can cause enemies to “dance” for 1.5 seconds. Furthermore, it even reduces cooldown of all Sona’s basic abilities.

And that’t it folk! Thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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