The Ultimate List of Beginners GTA Online Tips and Tricks

GTA V was released in 2013 and it was an extreme success for Rockstar with more than $800 million revenue within first day release. The game received positive reviews and opinions and it’s still popular even now with GTA Online. Unlike GTA V which you can do whatever we want, GTA Online is like a “chaotic” world but that’s why it’s fun to play! But even a fun game will also need guidance and tips. And so let’s check out the ultimate list of beginners GTA Online tips and tricks!


But before going in the main part, we will check out briefly the GTA Online Tutorial.

* SPOILERS ALERT: We will have a bit spoiler of the start of GTA Online so for spoilers free, please skip this beginning.

GTA Online Tutorial

gta online 1

“Welcome to Los Santos.” – Lamar (Source: Internet)

When you first login to the GTA Online, you will get to create your own GTA character. After that, the real fun begins. You will be greeted by Lamar and take a ride with him. He will explain to you about the city, and more importantly: how to have fun in GTA Online.

After the ride, you will join in a simple race which isn’t much different than what we have in single player. You will also get to choose which car you want to ride and customize it (just a little bit).

Next, you will get to buy some new clothes (of course of your choice). And then you will come to Los Santos Customs shop where you can modify and customize your car. Again, your customization options are limited and you will need to get to higher reputation level to have more options.

With all that done, time for your very first mission in GTA Online with another GTA Online beginner just like you. It’s a pretty fascinating so we won’t spoil it here, it’s best to experience it by yourself. Then finally, after this first mission, your true GTA Online journey begins.

GTA Online Tips and Tricks

1. Get your friends!

gta online 2

What can be better than heist with friends? (Source: Internet)


GTA Online is a chaotic world of fun, but that can also be problematic for new players. To some extent, we can say there are two ways to have fun in GTA Online: having fun with friends, OR, get used to crazy world of GTA Online alone.

GTA Online is a perfect world for a group of friends. Just imagine how fun and exciting it would be when a bunch of friends “trolling around” in GTA Online world, or trying heist together. On the other hand, if you play solo then be prepared: who knows what or who might hit you (yeah… seriously some random players like killing people in this game).

That said; it’s fun to play solo in this game. Though high chance that you will be annoyed by many “reasons”, occasionally.

2. Get the Tracker and Insurance

gta online 3

Trust me, you don’t want lose this “lil’ good boy” don’t you? (Source: Internet)

You have tons of fancy cars in GTA V single player? Congratulations! But in GTA Online, someday your favorite car might be in another player’s hand. In GTA V single player, we can literally steal every single vehicle. And in GTA Online, it’s the same, except that other players, which mean real people, can steal yours… Guess it’s karma for stealing NPCs’ vehicles?

But anyway, luckily Rockstar provides us two useful tools to ensure that even if your beloved car get stolen, you can still get it back. Those tools are:

  • Tracker: Basically this tool prevents other players from stealing your vehicles permanently. So if you have your vehicle stolen, you can still track it down on map and radar. And in case you don’t want to get your hand dirty, you can put a bounty on your vehicle and probably other people who retrieve it for you.
  • Insurance: Just like in real life, this tool allows you to protect your vehicle from damage. Or to be more precisely, if you vehicle is damaged or lost, you can still get your vehicle back via insurance. The first car you get from the tutorial will automatically have insurance. But for other vehicles, you will have to buy insurance for them via Mors Mutual Insurance Company.

So, remember to get your Tracker and Insurance next time you want to get new car.

3. “Map Awareness” GTA Online version

gta online 6

Aware of your mini-map, you don’t want to be ambush like this. (Source: Internet)


In games like League of Legends or DotA 2, map awareness is extremely important. And at least, you need to know where your enemies are before thing gets worst. Funny thing is: as beginners you may also want to aware of the mini-map.

In GTA Online, you will often see white dots on mini-map, which represents other players. Now of course not all GTA Online players are aggressive and “genocidal maniac”. However, this world is extremely chaotic and you may get killed for no reason. So, it’s good to be more cautious, you probably don’t want to die randomly (which can happen quite a lot).

4. Get your guns!

gta online 5

A big ol’ gun is never a waste! (Source: Internet)

In GTA V, you may not need to buy weapons since you can easily grab them from dead enemies. But in this online version, safety is extremely important. And therefore, you will want to at least get a gun for self-protection. There is no rule of what you must buy, just choose what you feel most reliable. Besides self-protection, you will also need guns for various missions and heists. More reason to build up your arsenal, isn’t it?

However, in order to have more gun varieties and gun customizations, you need to level up your reputation level.

5. Remember to deposit your money!

gta online 7

Your money is safe with Bank of Liberty! (Source: Internet)


Again, in GTA V (and in almost all other GTA games), you can kill civilians and steal money from them. And in GTA Online, other players can do the same to you and vice-versa. Killing other players and rob their money may sound “intriguing”, but as beginners, killing other players isn’t easy. Anyway, back to our main idea.

The thing is: if you get killed, you will drop your cash. And will your killer do when you drop cash?… Yes, he will grab all of your dropped money. In order to prevent this from happening, it’s best to deposit your money into the bank. You can do this at any ATM, or deposit money via your phone.

6. If your life is too “short”, use Passive Mode!

gta online 4

Wanna selfie? Remember to use Passive Mode! (Source: Internet)

So, your life is too “short” eh? You’re tired of constantly being killed all the time? You want to enjoy a more peaceful life in GTA Online? Well then this is your luck! Let us present to you: Passive Mode!

Passive Mode is basically an immortal mode which you can’t be killed or damaged by other players. Sounds cool isn’t it? But there’s another downside: in exchange for immortality, you also can’t kill or damage other players. When activated, your character will looks like ghost in the eyes of other players, and so too your character. If you’re inside a vehicle, that vehicle will also become invincible.

However, during Passive Mode, you can’t join any Freemode Events. Also, in GTA Online Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, you can’t enter Passive Mode if you’re CEO or Associate.

Other facts about Passive Mode:

  • After exiting Passive Mode, you will need to wait for 60sec cooldown before entering Passive Mode again.
  • If you get yourself a bounty, you can’t activate Passive Mode. And if you’re about to get a bounty on your head and you activated Passive Mode, the bounty will be temporary delayed until your Passive Mode is disabled (so basically you can’t run away from your “sins”).
  • You can’t set bounties and call Lamar’s mugger or Merryweather’s mercenaries on player who has Passive Mode activated. (But you can still wait until his/her Passive Mode is disabled if you really, really, really want that guy dead)

So yeah… Passive Mode is somehow more like a “camera-man” mode. But hey, at least you can take a selfie without getting killed right?

7. Hunt the red ones!

gta online 8

Bounty alert! (Source: Internet)


Previously, we mention that other players will appear in your mini-map as white dots. But what if you see red dots? Let say they are wanted player and normally they have quite hefty bounties on their heads. If you’re confidant in your PvP skill then wait no longer! Hunt them down with style and the reward shall be yours. That said, beware since most wanted players are professional killers and they won’t just be killed easily.

8. Contact Missions!

gta online 9

Sometimes I just want to do mission alone for a change… (Source: Internet)

When you’re doing a mission in GTA Online, you may get in pretty frustrating situation in which some “Mr. Nice players” may kill you, resulting in your fail mission. Lucky for us, there is a feature called Contact Missions which are like a GTA V mission. And the best thing is: no one will bother you while doing these missions. In case a mission is too hard, you can call your friends to help you with. These Contact Missions also give more rewards for new players; therefore, they’re quite a good choice for beginners.

9. Have fun!!!

gta online 10

Do as Trevor tells you! Have FUN!!! (Source: Internet)

This final tip may sound “stupid” but let’s think about it, it’s quite true! GTA Online is a world filled with fun and goodness for both solo players and friends alike. There are tons and tons of things to do and experience here so it’ll be a waste if we can’t have fun from that.

There’s also a “pit trap” which many new players fall to, and that is: focusing too much on making cash. While it’s true that money is important, but ultimately, it’s all about having fun. Fun may comes from achieving lots of money and being able to buy tons of fancy stuffs. But fun can also come from different playing experiences.

Though different people may have different opinion about “having fun”, still we suggest that we should just play, experience, and enjoy every last moment GTA Online offers. After all, isn’t it the most important reason why we play GTA Online?

And that’s it folk! More GTA tips and tricks will be updated soon, but for now, stay tune for more news on Freeaddon in the future!


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