Top 20 Must-Try Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 Mods in 2017

Grand Theft Auto 5 was first released in 2013, which means the game is about 4 years old by now. Yet despite its age, it is still among the most popular games to date. Of course, the game is partly popular due to its extremely fun and chaotic GTA Online. However, another great part of GTA 5 is its vast and extensive mods library, thanks to the modding community. If you still share a great passion about Grand Theft Auto 5, here are the top 20 must-try GTA mods in 2017!


Table of Content:
Script Hook V and OpenIV
Graphic Mods
Gameplay Mods
Vehicle Mods
Regional Mods

*Note: We do not hold any authority over these mods, all of the credits go to their respective owners.

Script Hook V and OpenIV

Before we jump into the mods themselves, there is a certain “mod” we need to install: Script Hook V. According to Alexander Blade, Script Hook V is a library which allows to use GTA V script native functions in custom *.asi plugins. If we go multiplayer, the script will disable custom scripts.

This “technical explanation” may sound unfamiliar to some players but, basically you will need this script in order to use most other GTA 5 mods.

For more details and installation guide, check out: Script Hook V.

Besides Script Hook V, we have another tool called OpenIV for mods management and editing. Editing may not be necessary for most of us players, but on the other hand, mods management is always a good addition especially when we install tons of mods. Another main reason to have OpenIV is that many mods will require OpenIV to work. Therefore, installing OpenIV beforehand is never a waste.

For more details and installation guide, check out: OpenIV.

So now that we have Script Hook V and OpenIV, let’s check on our list! (*Note: Each mod includes installation guide and some mods may require other scripts and mods to work)

Graphic Mods

1. VisualV

For those who have looked at GTA 5 with VisualV mod, they will agree that it looks stunning and extremely different than the vanilla GTA 5 visual. And they will be even more surprised when they find out that all VisualV did was to fix various effects like lighting, weather, shadow, and coloration. All of these “simple” modifications turned out to make the world of Los Santos much, much livelier and gorgeous. VisualV also includes its own ReShade and ENB settings along with many other additional options like procedural shadows or enhanced motion blur.

If you have never seen VisualV in action, watch this awesome comparison by Reg:

For more details and installation guide, check out: VisualV.

2. NaturalVision Remastered

If VisualV hasn’t satisfied your thirst for a perfectly realistic GTA 5 world, let’s push GTA 5 visual further with NaturalVision Remastered!

NaturalVision Remastered is the enhanced version of the original mod and like VisualV, NaturalVision Remastered mostly enhance the weather effects, lighting, ambient colors, and tonemapping. What makes NaturaVision Remastered so incredible is that the mod developers have tried to make the world looks as close to real-life Southern California as possible. To achieve this feat, the developers have spent tons of time to research and understand various real-life areas and footages.

The mod also includes optional enhancements such as ENB and ReShade, but overall the mod is already optimized. To see the mod in action, check out this awesome video by GTA Mods, Gameplays & More channel:

For more details and installation guide, check out: NaturalVision Remastered.

3. Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul – E.R.O

Have you ever felt annoyed by GTA 5’s vanilla ragdoll effect? Have you ever wondered why NPCs are so weak and “flimsy” in GTA 5? If this is annoying you then fortunately, we have Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul (ERO) mod!

Basically, Euphoria Ragdoll greatly changes GTA 5’s ragdoll effect so that it looks more realistic. The mod includes various effects when an NPC gets hurt in different parts of their body. For example, NPC gets shot in the legs will try to maintain the balance and eventually fall if gets too much shot.

Needless to say, Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul is like a must-have mod and you can have tons of fun with it. To have a better understanding of Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul, check out this comparison video by DryChicken:

For more details and installation guide, check out: Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul – E.R.O.

4. GTA V for Super Low PC’s

gta 5 mods 1

Now, no low end PC can even escape GTA 5! (Source: Internet)

We all love GTA 5’s ultra-setting visual; however, not all players have condition to enjoy this beautiful graphic. Many people want to play GTA 5, yet they are afraid that their PCs are not powerful enough to enjoy the game. If you are having the same problem, it’s time to check out GTA V for Super Low PC’s by cody196.

Frankly speaking, there is not much to explain about GTA V for Super Low PC’s. Fundamentally, this mod tones down GTA 5 graphic so that low end PC can still play GTA 5 with enjoyable framerate. According to the mod’s author, GTA V for Super Low PC’s can even support PCs with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz CPU and 2GB RAM.

Overall, it is a nice help for players who want to play GTA 5 with weak PCs.

For more details and installation guide, check out: GTA V for Super Low PC’s.

Gameplay Mods

5. Simple Zombies

Zombies mod isn’t something new in GTA 5 since the game’s setting itself is splendid for a zombie game. There are quite a number of zombies GTA 5 mods out there but for now, Simple Zombies is the most popular to date.

Simple Zombies changes GTA 5 into a true zombies game, including various gameplay modifications. Besides having tons of zombies to kill (and survive?), the mod adds some survival elements like Stamina, Thirst, Hunger, and Sleeping. It also has crafting and repairing system, just like in most other zombies-survival games. Of course, we players won’t be the sole survival in this new apocalyptic world. There are other survivors and we can befriend with them and build up camps to survive.

Have to admit, zombies are no longer something new and terrifying in this modern era. Yet, role-playing as a survivor in such an apocalyptic world is always a fun experience indeed, especially in GTA 5. To see how to survive in this world, check out this gameplay by Typical Gamer:

For more details and installation guide, check out: Simple Zombies.

6. Ped Riot/Chaos Mode

gta 5 mods 2

Hey! What is she holding? (Source: Internet)

Imagine one day you wake up and realize everyone has weapon and extremely pissed off. It would be pretty disastrous in real life isn’t it? But in such a game like GTA 5, sometimes total chaos is where we have fun. We present to you: Ped Riot/Chaos Mode by Trumple.

What this mod does is to make all NPCs become hostile and they all equip weapons. If players get close to them, they will definitely start giving players hell. This mod is of course, purely for having chaotic fun. It also disables cops and therefore, players can enjoy the “hell” without being arrested.

For more details and installation guide, check out: Ped Riot/Chaos Mode.

7. Open All Interiors

gta 5 mods 3

Lifeinvader now gets invaded! (Source: Internet)

Throughout the main storyline, GTA 5 allows players to enter various buildings. But sadly, they are not allowed to get back to those areas after finishing the mission. Such a shame since GTA 5 offers so much freedom. But not anymore, now we can enter those buildings with the mod Open All Interiors by NewTheft.

As we can guess by its name, this mod opens all the closed area and allows players to explore these places without restriction. These buildings include full interiors (including those got cut out from the game, yet still available in the game file) and even NPCs. Currently the mod offers 65 areas to explore, but we won’t list them here since that would be too much of a hassle.

For more details and installation guide, check out: Open All Interiors.


8. JobsV

gta 5 mods 4

It’s time to start a honest job! (Source: Internet)

Althought the mod is still in Beta state, its idea and current features have already caught attention of many GTA 5 players. In vanilla GTA 5, literally the only job we can do is… killing and doing illegal business for living. True, we can do other tasks like pulling cars or making money from stock market. But generally, we don’t have any other jobs to do as true careers (besides our main illegal business of course).

And so, for players who prefer role-playing in the world GTA 5, TylerEspo has created JobsV. In JobsV, players can start from zero, go to college to earn degree or straight up get a job and earn daily salary. JobsV opens up various paths for a new experience, and also, to start a new “honest” life.

For more details and installation guide, check out: JobsV.

9. Map Editor

gta 5 mods 5

Messing up the road, why not? (Source: Internet)

Sometimes we may feel the world of GTA 5 so… boring. Please don’t misunderstand! GTA 5 world is definitely great! But after 4 years of exploring this world since 2013, some of us really want to see something new. In that case, why not create an entirely new area by ourselves? With Map Editor mod, this dream is finally possible!

With Map Editor, we can freely create and modify maps to our liking. Players can easily modify objects or create entirely new objects. We can create a whole new area, or just messing around with the map just to have fun. There are infinite possibilities with this mod and no doubt we will see lots of crazy creations from players.

For more details and installation guide, check out: Map Editor.


10. Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement

gta 5 mods 6

Crime rebalance doesn’t mean you can get away with this despicable act though. (Source: Internet)

So, we have taken a look at a bunch of crazy mods. Why not change to something simplier, something which can improve our life in the world of GTA 5? And this time, it is: Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement by BobJaneTMart (a.k.a xCamoLegend).

What this mod does is to rebalance police’s behavior and crime system (which is pretty broken in GTA 5). It offers various quality-of-life features so that crime and police system work realistically. There are lots of changes in this mod and we will only feature some significant changes:

  • Most crimes will only apply when NPCs call police, which means players won’t be bothered by police if they can prevent NPCs from dialing cops.
  • Stealth is now a viable option. Using stealth melee kill won’t trigger police, while using guns with silencer will have much less chance of involving police.
  • Just like in real life, polices won’t be able to know our exact current location right off the bat. They will appear where we are last seen, allowing us to hide more effectively.

For more details and installation guide, check out: Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement.

11. Prison Mod

Have you ever wonder why GTA 5 doesn’t have prison despite tons of crimes occurring in Los Santos? Now we have one! With the Prison Mod by marhex123, players can now be arrested and sent to the prison, just like in real life!

But that’s not the entire story. When we are in the prison, we can perform various things similar to the famous Prison Break TV series. We can bail or escape from the prison, or we can even trick prisoners and wardens to kill each other! There are lots of fun we can have with Prison Mod. And for better demonstration, check out this gameplay by Typical Gamer:

For more details and installation guide, check out: Prison Mod.


gta 5 mods 8

Fine day being a cop eh? (Source: Internet)

Los Santos of GTA 5 is a bustling city, yet full of crimes, gangs, and corruptions. In such a “corrupted” world, Los Santos needs a hero, a super crime-fighter who can cleanse the city of Los Santos. That hero can be you!

With LSPDFR (or LSPD First Response) by G17 Media, players can now leave behind their criminal life and become professional polices. The mod features various activities similar to real-life cops such as investigation and arrest, takedowns, full-functioning police stations, and more… There are tons of features in this mod and therefore, please check out this link for information.

To see this mod in action, check out Jeff Favignano’s channel!


13. Real Life Mod 2

gta 5 mods 9

When GTA 5 is not realistic enough, you need more realistic. (Source: Internet)

GTA 5 features a real life world, but even so, there are certain unrealistic things to ensure its gaming experience. But if you are looking for true real-life immersion, it’s about time get Real Life Mod 2 by Konijima!

Real Life Mod 2 is the “sequel” to the original Real Life Mod which aims at making GTA 5 more realistic. This mod makes a great deal of changes to the settings and gameplay, for example:

  • Health regeneration can be disabled. If player’s health drops to 25%, the character will have injured animation and move slower. In addition, time will slow about 80% when character enters adrenaline rush before death.
  • Weapons are forbidden. Equipping weapon in the public will give 1 or 2 stars depending on its size. The cops will be able to spot the weapon from a distance depending on the size.
  • First Person camera can be forced for better real-life immersion.

For more details and installation guide, check out: Real Life Mod 2.

14. Fuel Mod

gta 5 mods 10

At least petrol station has work to do now. (Source: Internet)

So now that we have seen a real-life immersion mod, still it seems we are missing something crucial… Oh yes! It is fuel! In vanilla GTA 5, we can freely drive without worrying about fuel and this is totally immersion breaking. But luckily, we have a mod just for that: Fuel Mod.

Fuel Mod, by Sakis25, will simply add fuel mechanic for cars, including a fuel bar on top of the minimap which indicates how much fuel the car has left. Players can refuel from the petrol station, or via jerry can. Overall this mod simply adds fuel mechanic into the game and it doesn’t aim at doing something extraordinary. Still, it is a good mod to add more immersion feel into the game.

For more details and installation guide, check out: Fuel Mod.


Weapon Mods

15. Gravity Gun

gta 5 mods 11

Gravity – My specialty! (Source: Internet)

The gravity gun is a classic weapon from Half Life series which can lift objects of various sizes and shapes. Such a fun weapon will definitely be fun in GTA 5. Luckily, we have just that mod: Gravity Gun by MatriZ. This mod provides players a special stun gun which has the power of gravity: lifting objects and shoot it.

For more details and installation guide, check out: Gravity Gun.

16. Vehicle Cannon

gta 5 mods 12

You probably don’t want to piss off this guy… (Source: Internet)

In GTA 5 we can have access to big guns such as grenade launcher, minigun, railgun, etc… But none of those can possibly surpass this outrageous Vehicle Cannon. This mod by flocraftMods gives players a destructive, yet fun weapon which can shoot vehicles. Players can choose moderate speed shooting, or high speed shooting. Players can also choose which car to give the enemies hell. After all, what can be more terrifying than a truck flying at you at bullet speed?

For more details and installation guide, check out: Vehicle Cannon.


Regional Mods

17. Vice City: Remastered

gta 5 mods 13

Welcome home, Vice City! (Source: Internet)

Back to the day when Grand Theft Auto Vice City first came out in 2002, it was like “childhood” of many players. Even to this day, we still miss those glorious days messing around in Vice City. Lucky for us, Vice City has now returned with the mod Vice City Remastered by lunchxbles.

The mod brings back the Vice City 2002 back to life with HD remastered models and buildings. That said, the mod is in progress and more updates are coming soon to fill more areas and life into this beautiful city. For now the mod still requires polishing but it will definitely be a huge blast when it officially completes.

For more details and installation guide, check out: Vice City Remastered.

18. Singleplayer Snow

gta 5 mods 14

Brace yourself! Winter is coming! (Source: Internet)

Winter is coming soon, yet funny thing is: Winter never arrives at GTA 5 singleplayer. While the city of Los Santos is gorgeous and colorful, sometimes we still miss Winter in GTA 5 and we keep hoping one day there will be a Winter update for singleplayer. But why wait any further when we can add snow into the game right now? We gladly introduce: Singleplayer Snow by GTAMultiplayer Team.

What this mod does is essentially bring the snow from GTA Online into GTA 5 singleplayer. Also, similar to GTA Online, driving will be partially affected by snow, making it feels more real-life-ish? So, with just one click, we can now enjoy the Christmas goodness in GTA 5!

For more details and installation guide, check out: Singleplayer Snow.


19. The Savehouse Mod: Houses, Hotels, Custom Savespots

gta 5 mods 15

Buying house? No problem! (Source: Internet)

While Michael’s house is definitely nice to live in, it seems we miss something very important which actually available in previous GTA games… That’s it! Buying safehouses!

And thanks to Kopalov and Henny Smafter, now we can buy new houses again with their The Savehouse Mod: Houses, Hotels, Custom Savespots mod. This mod provides players extensive choices of housing: from standard houses, apartments to renting hotels and apartments. Players can also choose a custom savespot for themselves and set up the interior to their likings.

For more details and installation guide, check out: The Savehouse Mod: Houses, Hotels, Custom Savespots.

20. Single Player Apartment

gta 5 mods 16

This fancy apartment is now yours! (Source: Internet)

Talking about buying accommodations, it is pretty “unfair” when GTA 5 singleplayer doesn’t have any sort of houses or apartments to buy. Meanwhile, GTA Online has tons of updates for housing and accommodations, which can be frustrating for those who enjoy singleplayer only. So, besides the mod above, we have another popular accommodation mod which is: Single Player Apartment by I’m Not MentaL.

As you can guess, this mod basically brings all the properties players can buy from GTA Online to the GTA 5 singleplayer. According to the creator, the mod offers 47 apartments in total, varying from Low End, Medium Range Apartment to luxurious High End and High Life Apartments. It also provides tons of garages for players to keep their fancy cars and these vehicles will be their Personal Vehicle. Of course, players can interact with various objects and items in the house, making they feel like living in a true luxurious apartment.

For more details and installation guide, check out: Single Player Apartment.


And that’s it folk! Thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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