Is it Reality or Insanity? Far Cry 5 Endings Explained!

Far Cry 5 is a great game. Despite feeling bored a bit due to the “Ubisoft-ish” open-world style, we still enjoy this game a lot. The gameplay is good, the boss battles are interesting, there are lots of stuffs to do (or rather, too much stuffs to do). However, there is one particular thing which makes not only us, but every other player confused: the endings. By the look of it, all 3 endings in Far Cry 5 are really, really saddening. They led us to think that everything we did in this game was for naught. Did that mean the entire game was pointless? Maybe? But then think again… it seems there are more things to look into than we thought. And that’s why it is time to figure it out! So with no further ado, let’s have all Far Cry 5 Endings explained!



Table of Content:
1. The Story of Far Cry 5
2. The 3 Far Cry 5 Endings
3. Reality or Insanity?
What if the nuclear explosion is real?
What if the nuclear explosion was purely hallucination?
4. Final Thought

1. The Story of Far Cry 5

Traditionally, every Far Cry game brought players to a secluded land with beautiful landscape, yet suffered from serious problem. Each game also featured an “insane” and fascinating villain, notably Vaas from Far Cry 3 (with his famous quote “Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?”) and Pagan Min from Far Cry 4 (you know, the infamous flamboyant, royalty guy with purple suit?). So naturally, players expect something no less from this new villain of Far Cry 5Joseph Seed.

far cry 5 endings 2

Welcome to Hope County! (Source: Internet)

In short, Far Cry 5 took place in Hope County, a fictional region of the United States. This was a peaceful land until Joseph Seed (also known as The Father) and his family started the cult of Project at Eden’s Gate which warned about the doomsday of the world. Gradually, they expanded their influence to almost entire land, including farmlands, radio stations, and even local police forces. To deal with this doomsday cult, a Junior Deputy (the players, also called in-game as “Rook”) along with US Marshal Burke and Sheriff Whitehorse were sent to arrest Joseph. Just when the team arrived, they realized that this cult problem was much, much more dangerous than what they imagined. Soon, they arrested Joseph but did not succeed. Unfortunately, their helicopter got struck down and eventually Joseph escaped. As the only person successfully escaped from the cult’s grasp, the players as the Rookie Deputy had to find a way to rescue his friends and put an end to this insanity.

So first of all, who is Joseph Seed?

Joseph Seed – The Father

far cry 5 endings 3

God’s messenger – Joseph Seed (Source: Internet)

Believe it or not, the man called as “The Father” once had a happy life. Joseph actually had a wife and an infant daughter. Unfortunately for him, his wife died due to a car accident when they were travelling to visit a friend. The only family member he had left was his infant daughter. However, according to Joseph, they (possibly referring to the hospital staffs) handed him a “pink bundle filled with tubes”. No doubt, this struck a great pain into his mind. And somehow, he believed that was the moment he heard the message of God himself warning him about the doomsday and telling him to start the Eden’s Gate Project. Questionable enough, he thought that his daughter would hinder his quest and therefore, killed her.

Despite proclaiming himself as The Father, Joseph was an insane man. He was like a psychopath who had no problem in killing and torturing the innocents. He rallied his followers and forced other local people to join his cult. And as we saw at the start of the game, Joseph already controlled most of Hope County. But how could a single man can manipulate and control an entire county? True, despite being a calm and ruthless figure, Joseph could not pull out all of this without help. And good for him, he had other 3 siblings who often deemed as “The Heralds”: Jacob Seed, John Seed, and Faith Seed.

Jacob Seed – The Soldier

far cry 5 endings 4

The cult’s head of security (Source: Internet)

Jacob is a 47-year-old veteran who once served the US Army as a marksman, and also the oldest brother of Seed family. When he was young he always stood against his parents to protect his siblings (we will know why soon enough). In his older years serving in military, his story was quite… messed up: During a battle, he and his friend Miller were shot, forcing them to retreat to the nearest base. Due to the lack of rations, Jacob decided to cannibalize his friend so that he could survive.

Later on when he joined Eden’s Gate Project, he was in charge of protecting the cult and specialized in brutal force. He often “convinced” the locals to join him through torturous means. He also trained wolves by using music and Bliss and called them as “judges”.

John Seed – The Baptist

far cry 5 endings 5

“Yes-man” (Source: Internet)

John Seed, also known as The Baptist, was arguably the most “diplomatic” in the family. And by saying “diplomatic”, we mean brutally convincing others to succumb to the God. Originally, John was actually a good boy with kind heart. But that was also the reason why he was an easy target for abuse. It is said that John once was brought to the kitchen and beaten mercilessly by his parents until all he could say was “Yes” (which was also his famous quote in the game). In the cult, John as The Baptist preferred to force people seeing their “sins” and what they have done. He even engraved people’s “sins” into their case (which sounded more like shoving that word into people’s mouth to us).

Faith Seed – The Siren

far cry 5 endings 6

People call her “Siren” for a reason. (Source: Internet)

Unlike the other two, Faith Seed was Joseph’s adoptive sister. Also according to Joseph, her real name was not Faith and also, she was not the first “Faith”. Originally, her real name was Rachel and just like other Seed family members, she had a tragic life. She was treated rather terribly by her parents, including abuse and possibly rape. Due to such life, she fell into depression state and the only thing could lighten her life up was drugs. “Lucky” for her, she found Joseph and quickly welcomed by his cult. With this new life, she joined Joseph’s family as the new Faith Seed. She specialized in using drugs and Bliss, and also, she was known as a master manipulator (which really suited her since her boss fight happened entirely in Rook’s mind).

And those are 4 members of Seed family, 4 leaders of the cult. Interesting enough, all 4 members shared the same problem: All four once suffered from extreme tragedy. And of course, we can safely say all four were not exactly sane, they all had mental problems. This notion is important since we will use this clue in later deduction.

2. The 3 Far Cry 5 Endings

After the Rook (the players) dealt with all of Joseph’s siblings, it finally came to the final boss – Joseph Seed himself. When we met him at the same church at the early game, John gave us 2 choices: walking away with our friends in safety, OR, resisting against him.

Walk Away Ending

far cry 5 endings 8

Guess what happened after this. (Source: Internet)

If we chose to walk away, Joseph suspiciously walked towards us and “sincerely” forgave us. At the same time, he clearly did some shady “Jedi mind-trick” with us. When we left with Sheriff Whitehorse and the two other deputies, Sheriff Whitehorse said we would return to Montana and call for National Security. But just as he turned up the radio playing the song “Only You”, we immediately fell into berserk state just like when we was mind-controlled. The screen suddenly turned black with only the music playing… Well, it is safe to assume that we the player got mind controlled and killed everyone inside the car. Theoretically, we fell into Joseph’s hand and joined his cult… But on the bright side, we might become his next “Herald”, right?… (Okay sorry, it is not a good joke at all). Anyway, this was widely considered as Bad Ending, which made sense considering what happened.

Resist Ending

far cry 5 endings 7

C’mon! How can this be Good Ending? (Source: Internet)

If we chose to resist, Joseph would continue speaking about the doomsday and how the 6th seal was broken. He furiously pushed down the 2 Bliss barrels and mentioning about the earthquake, which “coincidently” happened. Starting the final boss fight, we had to revive our friends from his mind-control and eventually defeated Joseph. But just when we captured Joseph, he spoke about the broken 7th seal and the wrath of God. Then immediately, a nuclear explosion happened, forcing the team to escape via car. But then we failed… again. As the rest of crews died except for us and Joseph, we fainted, and then woke up only to find out that we were in Dutch’s bunker with Joseph. He told us that he wanted to kill us for ruining everything he had prepared. Yet, he still decided to spare us since we and him were the only survivors left. Then the screen turned black.

Secret Ending

far cry 5 endings 9

Too much pressure to handle…. (Source: Internet)

Similar to Far Cry 4, at the beginning of the game if we decided not to cuff Joseph and waited about 5 minutes, Sheriff Whitehorse would tell us to leave. Of course, Marshall Burke was not happy with this decision. The Sheriff reasoned that if we arrested him, we would not escape out of this place alive. Then just when we opened the church’s door, the screen turned black.

And those were the 3 endings in Far Cry 5. If you have already looked through many discussions, you will see that tons of players and fans do not like all the endings. Why’s that?

3. Reality or Insanity?

What if the nuclear explosion is real?

There is a common theory that the nuclear explosion happened in Far Cry 5 was real. If that was true, everything we have done throughout the game became meaningless. This is why:

far cry 5 endings 10

Take notice at the background, Hope County looks messed up. (Source: Internet)

Joseph Seed usually mentioned about the doomsday which would destroy the world. Therefore, he set up this Eden’s Gate cult in order to protect the people and prevent this Armageddon event. That means: Joseph was actually a good guy? He was truly the messenger of God and he was given the task of protecting humanity by God himself? Possibly! Aside from the obvious nuclear detonation we’ve seen in Resist Ending (or Good Ending), there were several cues telling about the dire situation of the world outside. Specifically, there is a radio news in which referring to the world being plunged into chaos. Russia got nuked and surely other countries would follow the same fate. Also, after this “Good Ending”, we returned to the menu screen showing Hope County destroyed by the nuclear. Why would we not believe that?

The Intriguing Side…

far cry 5 endings 11

We are the sinner all this time? (Source: Internet)

It also put us in a reversed situation: Normally in good-and-evil stories like in Far Cry 5, we – the players expected ourselves to be the hero. We expected to blast through the evil’s lines and purge the in-game world from the greater evil. However in this case, we were not hero. In fact, we as an outsider deemed a good man as the “evil” while killing his people in the name of “justice”. It was somehow similar to Spec Ops The Line story when the heroic captain Martin Walker turned out to be a delusional maniac who thought of himself as good guy. Particularly there was a quote from Joseph which really piqued our interest:

I told you that we were living in a world on the brink. Where every slight… every injustice… where every choice reveals our sins. And where have those sins lead us? Where have those sins led you? Your friends have been taken and tortured, and it’s your fault. Countless people have been killed, and it is your fault. The world is on fire and it’s your fault. Was it worth it? Was it? When are you gonna realize that every problem cannot be solved with a bullet?

Joseph Seed, The Father

If we think about it, his words do have sense. If we do the Secret Ending, we and our friends will leave and none of the horrific events will happen. In that case, the Walk Away Ending (or Bad Ending) in which we were controlled and killed our friends was not exactly that bad (though it was still bad). And the Good Ending was… well turned out to be the worst. Probably the best ending in this case was the Secret Ending when we decided to leave right at the start.

…The Bad Side

That said; if this is case then everything we did was truly for naught. And that’s why tons of players and fans felt empty since there was literally no result coming out of the game. The best way to play the game was turned out to be… not to play at all? Of course not all players hated these kinds of ending. Like back to the beginning of Far Cry 4, the main protagonist Ajay had the choice to stay and enjoy the feast while waiting for Pagan Min. In addition, if Ajay decided to side with the Golden Path and fight against Pagan, it turned out not to be a good thing after all. Both leaders of Golden Path: Sabal and Amita proved no better than Pagan Min. Ajay’s actions throughout the game only made things worst. Does that mean Far Cry 4 was also meaningless? Well… not quite.

far cry 5 endings 12

Pagan Min is actually… a cool uncle. (Source: Internet)

Far Cry 4 actually gave us more choices than Far Cry 5. And unlike Far Cry 5’s endings; Far Cry 4 had meaningful endings (although they sounded rather bad). In Far Cry 4, it was true that Kyrat would fall into even more painful disturbance if Ajay killed Pagan. But what if he didn’t? Throughout the game we knew that Pagan Min intentionally prepare everything for Ajay to become the rightful king of Kyrat. And if he spared Pagan, Pagan still willingly gave the country to Kyrat while he left and had fun with his life. That meant as the new king, Ajay could still redeem everything and change Kyrat – his own country. Even “better”, even if he decided to stay with Pagan Min right at the beginning, Ajay could just fulfill his mom’s wishes. Ajay himself did not have any reason to involve in this country’s problem. In addition, as we knew Pagan Min readied to give the entire country to Ajay so… honestly why not do that? Okay, we agreed that Pagan Min was a criminal. But he was more honest… to certain degree. He admitted himself that he was a terrible man. All he did was due to his own motive; his bad deed was his own doing. Furthermore, without the tyrant like Pagan Min, Kyrat would fall into even crazier hell since Sabal and Amita’s ideology was terrible (not to mention they would fight each other due to differences in doctrine and belief).

far cry 5 endings 13

All we did was for nothing? (Source: Internet)

But enough about Far Cry 4 story, the core idea is that: Even though Far Cry 4 did not have exactly “good ending”, every outcome was still meaningful in certain degree. But in Far Cry 5, everything was for naught. Nothing! And unlike Ajay in Far Cry 4 who clearly had choices to kill or spare important figures like Pagan Min, Sabal, and Amita. Here we did not have a choice. We had to kill 3 Heralds: Jacob, John, and Faith Seed, no second choice! The game put us in a moral dilemma, while at the same time, forced us to commit killing! No wonder why many players were pissed off (including us)…

… But as we thought about Far Cry 5 entire story, something was off. When we continue the game after the ending, if we go to the map and point at Joseph’s compounds, there is a text saying: “you have defeated the father and have liberated all of Hope County”. Curious don’t you think? It seemed like we were missing something… like what if that entire doomsday and nuclear bombs were just hallucination?

What if the nuclear explosion was purely hallucination?

When we looked for Far Cry 5 Endings discussion on the Internet, he found a pretty interesting theory about the Good Ending. And the more we thought about it, the more logical it became. Here’s the thing:

Hope County was completely isolated, including any signal.

far cry 5 endings 1

No signal… hmm… (Source: Internet)

Previously we assumed that the nuclear explosion in the Good Ending was real. This was proven further thanks to the radio news referring to the chaotic world outside. But there was a little detail we missed: At the early game, Dutch told us that the signal to the outside world was cut down by the cult. That means the cult already controlled every signal, including the radio. They could use it to spread any sort of information they like. In such case, there is no way we can trust any sort of stories or news coming from the radio. We suspected that everything broadcasted within Hope County was the cult’s propaganda to cause fear into the locals. Those who did not trust in the cult would be forced to join; while those who were afraid would willingly join the cult to be safe under the light of God.

Was the nuclear explosion real in the first place? Or it was Bliss’s effect.

Fine, supposed that radio news were all fakes, how can you explain the nuclear explosion?

Good point! Indeed the nuclear explosion looked “real”, but can you believe what you saw? Remember when we confronted Joseph for the last time, we could already see two barrel of brainwashing Bliss opened. Judging by how the Bliss worked, we the players and our friends already sensed the Bliss, thus suffice to say we generally fell into illusion right at that time. Then when Joseph pushed down both Bliss barrels, the “earthquake” already set in, indicating that the illusion already seeped into our mind. After we defeated Joseph, just when the illusion seemed to be cleared, the nuclear event happened. It looked real at first for some reason but when looking at it again, there were some sort of… weird particles. From our perspective, these particles were more like indicating the illusion, which mean our hallucination was not over. And that means the nuclear we saw could be fake. Not only that, the nuclear happened right after Joseph finishing his quote about the wrath of the God. This was so convenient, too convenient to be true.

far cry 5 endings 14

Sorry but this explosion looks too suspicious in our opinion. (Source: Internet)

Some may say: “But Bliss’s effect was over before the nuclear explosion happened!” Sorry but no, we don’t think so. Before this fight we already saw how long this Bliss effect was. In the boss fight with Faith, it took us a pretty long time to get over it. Whereas during our fight with Joseph, we pretty sure that fight was not long enough for the Bliss’s effect to wear off. In addition, as we mentioned, before our fight with Joseph, he used two Bliss barrels to mess up with us (not to mention he already opened the two barrels, letting its toxic air out).

And talking about messing our mind, Joseph also proved to be able to “control our mind” somehow. Just like in Walk Away Ending as he walked towards us, there was a effect which indicating some sort of… magic trick applied. What happened after that? We were controlled by Joseph via the music to kill our friends.

All these cues led us to think that Bliss’s effect did not wear off even after our fight with Joseph. And thanks to it, Joseph succeeded in messing up our mind with his doomsday stuffs.

Can we trust an insane narrator?

This reason may sound stupid but please stick with us on this. In many narrated story, the narrator is supposed to be a neutral and sane entity. The narrator’s job is purely about telling the players what’s happening. Of course, the narrator can be different entities or people, including the main protagonists or the villains. In Far Cry 5, Hope County was completely isolated. Therefore, the only narrations we got were from the locals, the cult (including Seed family), and the leftover documents.

far cry 5 endings 15

Yeah he said that himself… (Source: Internet)

As we said, narrators (or narrations) are supposed to be sane, neutral entities. But in Far Cry 5, there is literally no sane person, no reliable source of information to begin with. Consider the story of doomsday; it only came from Joseph Seed who had a family tragedy. Look at his backstory, his wife died due to car accident, while he intentionally killed his own infant daughter for his so-called Eden’s Gate. This led us to believe that right at that timeline; Joseph’s mind was already broken. Seeing his wife died and especially his infant daughter as “pink bundle filled with tubes” clearly indicating something wrong already happened to him. Due to this cue, we came to think that Joseph was in fear and depression at that time. It could be that his family was everything to him. But when his family died, he lost everything. It actually made sense considering how he received “God’s message” about the doomsday of the world, mankind, everything. This so-called “God’s message” was purely a product of his mind. Fear, depression, Joseph believed in his illusion of doomsday and he wanted other people to believe him. But of course, how could a sane person believe in the nonsensical words of a tragic man? That’s when Joseph came up with the so-called Eden’s Gate to actually force people believing in him.

As you can see, Joseph was never a sane man to begin with. Just like Spec Ops the Line when players were deceived by the narrator/main protagonist Martin Walker, we the players also got deceived by a delusional villain named Joseph Seed the Father. With such “narrators”, can we put our faith in their story?

Can we believe a Hypocrite?

If Joseph is a crazy man, how did he build up his cult? For starters, Joseph could easily attract people with similar faith as him. If we looked at his Heralds, all three of them were suffered from tragic fate: One had to cannibalize his friend, one suffered from extreme abuse, and one also suffered from abuse, rape and became drug addict. All three Heralds had serious issues and naturally, had mental problems. Considering Joseph’s theme of God and absolution, it was an easy job to convince the sinners to accept their “sins” and seek redemption from God. And how about other normal people, Joseph and his gang would simply need to “convince” them that they need to admit their sins, just like what John Seed did as The Baptist.

far cry 5 endings 16

He literally said “And we will kill all who stands in our way”… and they already did. (Source: Internet)

So how do all these relate to Joseph Seed being a hypocrite? We suggest noticing his cult’s belief. According to Joseph himself, he believed he was The Father, the one who received God’s message to save mankind from the doomsday. But what did he do to carry out this God’s message? Torturing, killing, brainwashing, forcing people to join him against their own will. His people use guns and Bliss and other torturous means to force their wish on the locals. These kinds of action absolutely contradicted to Joseph’s words in the final encounter. Let’s read those words again:

I told you that we were living in a world on the brink. Where every slight… every injustice… where every choice reveals our sins. And where have those sins lead us? Where have those sins led you? Your friends have been taken and tortured, and it’s your fault. Countless people have been killed, and it is your fault. The world is on fire and it’s your fault. Was it worth it? Was it? When are you gonna realize that every problem cannot be solved with a bullet?

Take notice the parts which we emphasized. Joseph claimed that we were actually the sinner all this time. It was we who ruined everything, not him. It was we who killed people and forced his cult to defense themselves. But funny enough, let’s remind Joseph that it was he and his cult did all the terrible things in the first place. He was a hypocrite who committed killings long before us. He brainwashed people using the Bliss, he and his Heralds mercilessly shoved their ideology into their mouths. Joseph condemned us for our “sins”, but at the same time he committed even much, much more horrible deeds than us. Because of this, we can’t help but to ask: “In what right did Joseph claim himself to be The Father? How on Earth could he become God’s messenger when he did more terrible crimes than us?

far cry 5 endings 17

Is it a real message from God in the first place? (Source: Internet)

Again, let’s remember that this whole “doomsday” stuff was originated from Joseph – a broken man. And due to all of these small details, it led us to think that the doomsday, the nuclear destruction were not real. It was all happened in Rook and our friends’ mind. The entire Far Cry 5 journey was a terrifying one. Every character, including Rook as the players, were suffered from insane events caused by the cult. This detail was proven since among our friends there was a male deputy was cowered in fear. He believed in Joseph’s words and he was willingly to submit. If he suffered from such mental breakdown, who could 100% guarantee that we and our friends were sane (Not to mention the two huge Bliss barrels which were already messing up our mind)? Therefore, we start to believe that everything happened in the Good Ending was fake. There was no nuclear explosion, nothing. We and our friends tried to escape in hallucination and it took our friends’ lives. And in the end, we succeeded in ending the cult, yet the Father was still alive. If that’s the case, let’s just hope that our character – Rook finally woke up from the hallucination.

4. Final Thought

So far Ubisoft has not said anything about the ending (and we doubt that they will). Many players are still discussing about what Far Cry 5 endings really mean. What happened in the Walk Away Ending could be real, but it can also be fake. Now that thinking about it, this deceptive nature of Far Cry 5 is actually very interesting. It gives us various impressions and emotions. And when we calm ourselves and look back, there are more details to think about than we thought.

And what do you think? Do you think Far Cry 5 endings are interesting good? Or everything is just pointless. Feel free to share with us and for now, thank you and stay tune for more news in the future! 

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