The God Creator of Nazarick: How Powerful is Ainz Ooal Gown Momonga?

Overlord Season 3 has finally on air and once again we get to see the “badass-ness” of bone-daddy Momonga, a.k.a Ainz Ooal Gown, and his children of Nazarick. So far this season has some really interesting stories, especially the latest episode 6 when the groups of “Workers” venturing into the Great Tomb of Nazarick… and die miserably (of course). Of course we already know by now that most denizens in the New World are not match with Ainz Ooal Gown and the Great Tomb of Nazarick. But how powerful is Ainz Ooal Gown anyway? Let’s find out!


Table of Content:
1. YGGDRASIL and New World power level
1.2. New World
2. How Powerful is Ainz Ooal Gown?
2.1. Ainz Ooal Gown in YGGDRASIL
2.2. Ainz Ooal Gown in New World

1. YGGDRASIL and New World power level

Before we discuss the power of Ainz Ooal Gown comparing to New World, we should understand the power level between YGGDRASIL and New World first since there are HUGE difference between these two worlds.


how powerful is ainz ooal gown 1

Raid of Nazarick (back in YGGDRASIL) (Source: Internet)

In Overlord universe, the DMMO-RPG YGGDRASIL (yes it is a MMORPG game, not the Yggdrasil we know in real life mythology) was released in 2126 where players could “dive” into a virtual world called as YGGDRASIL. According to Ainz himself, the reason why this game was such big hit was because of its ultimate freedom of choices. Players could be whatever they want, look however they like. The only things would prevent players to realize their own character was their own limitation in imagination. For example, players could choose to become Human, Elf, Dwarf. But of course, these were basic races in almost all MMORPG. In YGGDRASIL, players could even become outrageous races like Dragon, Undead, Slime (???), Succubus, Eldritch, etc…

Level System

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 2

Becoming a Monk Slime? Why not? (Source: Internet)

So why does these sorts of race matter? Well in this game, players can reach the max level of 100, combining between Racial and Class levels. Racial level includes Races which players chose and unlocked. For example, Momonga (his original character’s name in YGGDRASIL) has: Level 15 Skeleton Mage, Level 10 Elder Lich, Level 5 Overlord, and then 10 more Racial levels which were unknown which Racial level(s) Momonga had. Each Race also allowed players to gain access into skills and abilities unique to that Race. According to Overlord Light Novel, there are about 700 races in YGGDRASIL, including more advanced Races which players have to level up their weaker Race to unlock.

Then we have Class levels. Classes in YGGDRASIL are basically Job Classes like the basic ones such as Warrior, Rogue, and Cleric. Next, we have more advanced Classes (including bizarre ones) like Cursed Knight, Dark Knight, Holy Knight, Martial Lord, Knight of Niflheim, etc… By combining and unlocking different Races and Classes, players had tremendous amount of choice to build their own character, whether you wanted to become a draconic monk, or a succubus dark knight, or a skeletal lich king. The opportunities are endless.

Gears and Items

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 3

The Downfall of Castle and Country (Source: Internet)

Items in YGGDRASIL are classified as following: Low < Middle < High < Top < Legacy < Relic < Legendary < Divine, with of course, Divine is the most powerful. Then we have Artifact items which do not belong to the classifications above since these Artifacts have fixed data.

Monsters, dungeons, and bosses from YGGDRASIL often dropped loots in form of data crystals. Players can use these data crystals to craft items depending on the capacity of those crystals. In order to create higher classes item, players will have to hunt for rarer data crystals. In case of Divine-class item, it could take several “high-rare drops” data crystals.

And then finally we have World items which are the most powerful, most ridiculous items which can even change the fundamental rule of the game (wonder why the developers could put in such things). There are around 200 World items in game, but most guilds only possessed 3 while the guild of Ainz Ooal Gown had 11. In New World, we actually saw at least one World item in action which is Downfall of Castle and Country. This item can completely mind control anybody, regardless of their levels or gears, and even surpass immunity to mind-control. Even if the user died, the effect still persisted. It could only be broken if the victim was killed then got resurrected, like in case of Shalltear.

There are few known World items like Depiction of Nature and Society (given to Aura Bella Fiora in season 1) which completely entrap victim in a chosen world. Aside from those, there are much, much more World items haven’t discovered yet (and probably never will).

Tier Magic

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 4

Ainz performing Super-Tier Magic spell – Creation (Source: Internet)

This is the term you often hear throughout Overlord anime series. Tier Magic is the magic system used in YGGDRASIL which is divided into 4 categories: Arcane, Divine, Spiritual, and Alternative. Then the system divided furthermore into different sub-categories like defensive-types, necromancy-types, and elemental-types, and more… And to indicate the power of each spell, YGGDRASIL implemented the 10 Tiers Magic system, starting from tier 1 to 10. And above these 10 tiers, there is an ultimate tier called Super-Tier Magic. In Overlord season 1, we’ve seen Ainz Ooal Gown used Super-Tier Magic called as Fallen Down which annihilates everything within its Area of Effect (AOE).

In New World, its denizens also use Tier Magic, which we will talk about in later section.

1.2. New World

New World is actually just the term used by Momonga (or Ainz Ooal Gown when he was transferred to this world) to call this new realm. So far, the real name of this world is still big question mark. This Middle-Age fantasy world had developed far before the arrival of Momonga and the Great Tomb of Nazarick. The only similar thing it has with YGGDRASIL is the Tier Magic, but other than that, it is a completely different world with unique creatures and different people.

Power Level

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 5

Gazef Stronoff – The Strongest Warrior of the Kingdom – can only reach level 29 (Source: Internet)

If we take YGGDRASIL’s power level as comparing standard, generally the inhabitants of the New World is far weaker. For a normal human like Climb, the highest estimated level he can reach is level 19 and this already require efforts alone. Even people who have both effort and talent like Gazef Stronoff – The Strongest Warrior of the Kingdom – can only reach level 29. And, let’s remind us all that Gazef is said to be surpass even the highest rank Adventurers – Adamantite. So what about the cute hamster Hamsuke? He is only level 30! In terms of level, all of these 3 individuals are already no match for the Death Knight (Level 35) summoned by Ainz.

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 6

She’s only Level 50… but hey she’s cute! (Source: Internet)

Surpassing these individuals are people of “Hero” rank like Clementine, but their levels are only above Level 30 at best. Then we have one of the most powerful characters in New World so far – Evileye. She is a vampire whose level is estimated to be around Level 50. Interesting enough, Evileye was formerly a member of Thirteen Heroes (under the name Landfall) who defeated Evil Deities 200 years ago. But judging by her demonstrated abilities back in Overlord season 2, it is safe to assume that the Thirteen Heroes in overall are still much, much weaker than the force of Nazarick. And before someone may argue that Evileye managed to defeat Entoma, in truth, it took Evileye and her friends Gagaran and Tia to take Entoma down. However, it still took them rather long time to actually defeat Entoma.

Then finally we have Fluder Paradyne who was just introduced recently in episode 5. Fluder is the Imperial Court Wizard of the Baharuth Empire and also, his power is comparable to the Thirteen Heroes. This old wizard can cast Tier 5 spells, which seem to be the mankind’s limitation at best. While Narberal Gamma can cast Tier 8 spells at ease.

Aside from these human individuals, there are other mysterious non-human entities such as the Dragon Lords. However, nothing has been known about these entities so far and therefore, we will exclude them from the comparison.

Tier Magic

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 7

Super-Tier Magic spell – Fallen Down. Surely we don’t want to get hit by it. (Source: Internet)

In New World, people also use the Tier Magic system just like YGGDRASIL. However, there are extreme limitations to the Tier Magic they can perform:

  • 0th Tier: This Tier only exists in New World, not in YGGDRASIL. In fact, it was developed by the New World and used by people with very little magic capability. The spells of this tier are somewhat comparable to magic tricks which mostly used for daily life.
  • 1st Tier: This is the most common Tier, including mostly practical spells. Everyone can learn this Tier; however, it will take lots of time for people without talent. Those who can use these magic can already work as some sort of special worker.
  • 2nd Tier: Only people with talent can reach this Tier, around 1 among 5,000 – 10,000. Most magic casters try to achieve this Tier and succeeded people can earn a good income and reputation.
  • 3rd Tier: Only the most talented people can reach this Tier. This tier is so rare that people at this Tier are considered at least Platinum-rank Adventurer.
  • 4th Tier: The only known case of magic casters who reached this Tier was Fluder Paradyne’s two most skilled students.
  • 5th Tier: Only a few did manage to reach this Tier, including some from the Thirteen Heroes like Evileye.
  • 6th Tier: The highest Tier which is known to be limitation of mankind. Only 4 magic casters in the world reached this Tier, including Fluder.
  • 7th Tier: This Tier is said to only exist in legends. Humans are believed to be unable to use these spells. In Light Novel, the Slane Theocracy did manage to use the spells but it requires them to perform extremely risky magic rituals. There are also rumors that the Thirteen Heroes can use the 7th Tier; however, the validity of such rumors is still unknown.
  • 8th Tier: This Tier is considered to be within the Mythical Realm by the New World.
  • 9th Tier: There is no official record of this Tier’s existence in New World.
  • 10th Tier: The existence of 10th Tier magic was confirmed thanks to the Nameless Book of Spells, but only very few individuals know about it such as Evileye.
  • 11th Tier: This Tier refers to Super-Tier Magic in YGGDRASIL standard, but in New World, only the governing heads of Slane Theocracy – The Six Cardinals – know about it.

Aside from the Tier Magic, New World also has its own magic called Wild Magic. However, this ancient magic school was forgotten due to the arrival of Tier Magic. Currently, only ancient individuals like the Dragon Lords could perform such magic.

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 8

Undead Dragon? Easy! (Source: Internet)

So in general, Momonga and his Great Tomb of Nazarick are much, much more powerful than these “puny weaklings” of New World. Comparing to the known main force of Nazarick, the Battle Maids Pleiades (including Yuri Alpha, Lupusregina Beta, Narberal Gamma, CZ2128 Delta, Solution Epsilon, Entoma Vasilissa Zeta, and Aureole Omega) has the lowest level of 51 (Entoma) and obviously they can easily crush any person we’ve seen so far. Not to mention the Floor Guardians of Nazarick and Momonga – Ainz Ooal Gown who are all Level 100.

2. How Powerful is Ainz Ooal Gown?

2.1. Ainz Ooal Gown in Yggdrasil

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 20

Momonga’s Character Sheet (Source: Internet)

If we take a look at Momonga’s official data sheet, we can see that his build focuses around magic caster. The text even described Momonga as “The Strongest Magic Caster with in the appearance of a skeleton.” Putting the lengthy texts aside, it said that Momonga is the “Strongest Magic Chanter”. But in the standard of YGGDRASIL, he is not the most powerful magic caster in this game. The thing is: his character build is mostly for the sake of role-playing, not for PvP. But what makes his character is so special is his versatility.

Spells and Abilities

The maximum number of spells which can be learned by players is only 300. But in case of Momonga, he had a special ability called “Dark Wisdom” which allowed him to learn up to 718 spells (which is an insane amount of spells!). And thanks to his vast knowledge of spells, he can adapt in almost any situation. As the matter of fact, it is exactly his leadership and strategic planning that he becomes powerful, not just because his character build. Furthermore, Momonga spent lots of his “resources” in the Cash Shop. In another words, he is like a hoarder who possesses a huge amount of different items.

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 9

Summoning spell: Death Knight (Source: Intenret)

Now, let’s check out some of Momonga’s spells and abilities. The most obvious thing is that Momonga is built as a necromancer/lich wizard kind of character. Therefore, he has lots of undead summoning spells, ranging from Low-level undead like Skeleton, Bone Vulture; Middle-tier undead like Death Knight, Elder Lich; to High-tier Undead which we have never seen yet. He also has Despair Aura which can cause tons of annoying effects like Fear, Confusion, or even Instant Death.

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 10

Instant death? Isn’t that cheating? (Source: Internet)

Next, we could see Momonga unleashing tons of spells throughout his battle with Shalltear like Reality Slash, Thousand Bone Lance, Wall of Skeleton, and more… Then we saw some of his most overpowered spells like the 10th Tier spell Fallen Down or Wish Upon the Star. However, his most crazy combo must be Cry of the Banshee combining with The Goal of All Life is Death:

  • Cry of the Banshee is an insane AOE which can cause instant death.
  • The Goal of All Life is Death is a special skill only comes from his Job Class Eclipse. This class is exceptionally difficult to achieve since it requires an Overlord racial character specialized in necromancy and instant death spells. This Eclipse class, along with this special skill, truly makes Momonga as a “Ruler of Death”. By combining this skill with Cry of the Banshee, he can cause constant death to all enemies within 100 meters.

Although these two spells sound overpowered (and it’s true!), it requires Momonga to channel the spell within 12 seconds to pull it off. And as we know, standing still about 12 secs in battle can lead to your doom. But to compensate such weakness, Momonga could use another overpowered spells called as Time Stop and Silent Time Stop from Chronomancy Class. So basically, if you match Momonga in a fair fight, either you have some counter measures to instant death and time stop, or you will inevitably die.

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 11

The Dark Hero – Momon (Source: Internet)

And finally we have the Perfect Warrior ability which transfers all of Momonga’s magic caster levels to warrior levels. Basically, Momonga becomes a temporary level 100 warrior without any sort of warrior skill or ability. Another huge weakness of this ability is that Momonga will not be able to use any other magic skill he has. But while this skill may sound impractical in YGGDRASIL, funny enough it works perfectly for Momonga in New World as disguise.

Gears and Items

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 12

The Guild’s Symbol – Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown (Source: Internet)

First off, all of the gears Momonga is wearing are Divine-class, from his clothes, his hood, and that awesome shoulder plates, to every single ring on each of his finger. Sadly, the detail of each item is not explained clearly. Here are some of his main gears revealed so far:

  • Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown (Divine-class Artifact): This Ring does not have any special property, except allowing members of Ainz Ooal Gown guild to freely teleport to different parts of Nazarick.
  • Shooting Star (Divine-class Artifact): We have also seen this ring clearly in the anime (the one with 3 shooting stars forged on its surface). This ring is extremely powerful due to its special property which allows Momonga to activate the Super-Tier Magic spell – Wish Upon a Star – 3 times a day without needing to sacrifice his own EXP.
  • Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown (Guild Weapon): Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown is the result of years of hard work from all members of Ainz Ooal Gown. The staff was designed like 7 snakes intertwined each other to form the staff. Each snake head also has a Divine-class Artifack gem in it. It is the symbol of the guild and interesting enough, it was specifically built for Momonga. When Momonga uses the staff, it boosts all of his stats, including his MP to surpass the limit. Each gem also possesses unique ability and summoning ability of level 85 monsters or above once a day. Despite it was specifically designed for Momonga, he never used it in YGGDRASIL and kept it mostly as the symbol of the guild’s power… until he arrived at New World.

In addition to these main gears he usually equipping, there is a peculiar red orb within Momonga’s stomach. Many people are extremely curious about this red orb. In fact, this red orb was hinted to be a World item.

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 13

Normal Player vs Pay-to-Play Player in a nutshell (Source: Internet)

Aside from Momonga’s main gear, he possesses a wide variety of items within his arsenal, including Cash Shop items. The true extent of his arsenal is still a mystery, but surely he has lots of stuffs in store to deal with all kinds of situation.

Overall, regarding the character build alone, we can’t say Momonga is the strongest magic caster in YGGDRASIL. However, his strategic mind, his skill in using magic, and his versatility are what make his character dangerous in every PvP fight. But that was all in the past. Since Momonga is now in New World under the name of Ainz Ooal Gown, how powerful is Ainz Ooal Gown compared to New World?

2.2. Ainz Ooal Gown in New World

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 14

Yeah these guys are just “useless weaklings” (Source: Internet)

In short version, yes Ainz Ooal Gown is totally god-like in New World. As we shared, the maximum level of human in New World is only Level 50 (in case of Thirteen Heroes). On the other hand, the denizens of Great Tomb of Nazarick are at least Level 51. According to the Light Novel and author’s blog chat, the “worthiness” of New World denizens can be described as following:

  • Level 1-40 (useless weaklings): 99% of people belong to this group.
  • Level 41-70 (worthy of attention): including characters from major events.
  • Level 70+ (worthy of remembrance): so far this is only mentioned in the Web Novel or author’s blog chat.
how powerful is ainz ooal gown 15

How to deal with angel. (Source: Internet)

So as we can see, most of denizens in New World are like “pests” to Ainz in terms of power. Considering his spells alone, including 10th Tier spells and even Super-Tier Magic (which Slane Theocracy considers as the spells of the gods), Ainz can easily annihilate an entire country with one spell, not to mention his huge arsenal of items and Cash Shop items. Remember back in Season 1 when Ainz first encountered the Sunlight Scripture of Slane Theocracy? Their leader Nigun Grid Luin summoned Dominion Authority, the supposedly highest-ranked angel in Slane Theocracy, and it could use 7th Tier spell Holy Smite. Turned out that spell only damage Ainz slightly, while Ainz used Black Hole which turned the angel into nothingness.

how powerful is ainz ooal gown 16

Platinum Dragon Lord (Source: Internet)

That being said, there are other mysterious entities in New World, including the Dragon Lords. These ancient beings’ true power is still unknown. And not to mention, these beings can use the ancient magic native only to New World: Wild Magic. This sort of magic has only been heard in name so far and its power extent is a big question mark.

Nonetheless, considering the power of Ainz Ooal Gown, he is indeed the God of Death, or Ruler of Death as some people already called him. Will there be an entity who can match Ainz Ooal Gown in battle? Hard to say, but until that day, let’s enjoy the conquest of Ainz Ooal Gown and the Great Tomb of Nazarick!

And that’s it folks! Which Overlord character(s) is your most favorite? Feel free to share with us and for now, thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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