In Honor of the Forefather: Koenigsegg Jesko First Look

Geneva Motor Show 2019 is arguably one of the most exciting motor shows within the past few years by featuring lots of innovative, long-awaited cars around the world. And here, Koenigsegg has revealed their latest innovation, a beast in every sense: Koenigsegg Jesko. Especially for the founder of Koenigsegg – Christian von Koenigsegg, this car does not only represent the next step of the company, it is also a heartfelt dedication to the man who did everything for his child – Christian’s father: Jesko von Koenigsegg. And so with no further ado, let’s have a Koenigsegg Jesko first look!

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Koenigsegg Jesko was first debuted at Geneva International Motor Show 2019 as the company’s brand new megacar. As Koenigsegg stated, the Jesko succeeds the Agera RS as a track-focused, road-legal car with extreme performance.

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Judging by its exterior design, Koenigsegg Jesko looks undoubtedly beautiful; it definite looks “Koenigsegg”. It is also said to feature a completely new monocoque, which is a bit longer than the Agera RS. And coming to the rear, we cannot help but to take notice of that massive active rear wing. This curious boomerang-shaped rear wing, along with the front splitter, plays a huge role in generating downforce. Particularly it is capable of generating 800kg of downforce at 155mph, 1,000kg at 171mph, and 1,400kg at top speed (which unfortunately has not been revealed yet). And that is already about 30% more than the Koenigsegg One:1.

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Since the Jesko is a track-focused car, we can also expect lots of lightweight implementations throughout this spectacular Koenigsegg. The car features lots weight-saving elements, resulting in a lightweight track monster with 1400kg of curb weight.

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Now, one thing many people surely want to know about the Jesko is its power. Frankly speaking, we haven’t had opportunity to see this car in action yet. But stat-wise, this car already sounds crazy. At the heart of the Jesko is the flat-plane crank 5.0-litre twin-turbo V-8 engine and it is fitted with the world’s “lightest production V-8 craftshaft” (or at least, that is what Koenigsegg claimed). But what’s crazier is that it can produce a whopping 1,280 horsepower on regular gas, or, an insane 1,600 hp on E85 biofuel. In addition, it is capable of 1,106 lb-ft of torque, and revs to 8,500 rpm.

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Crazy power aside, Koenigsegg also introduced a completely new inhouse-built transmission: a nine-speed 7-clutch unit which is called as a “Light Speed Transmission” (LST). Based on their description, this LST system is supposedly capable of changing between any gears almost instantly, or as its name implied, at “Light Speed.” In theory, the car can shift from seventh to second gear just in split second. And to utilize this phenomenal gearbox, the company also made changes to the paddles. Specifically the gear will change to the next single one with a light press; however, a hard press will change to the most “optimal” gear, which Koenigsegg calls as “Ultimate Power On Demand” (UPOD).

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So with all that said, how “fast” this megacar can be? Unfortunately we haven’t had a clue yet. But according to Koenigsegg, the Jesko features the most aggressive aero package ever fit on one of its cars. This package includes a huge active wing, an active underbody flaps, and a huge splitter which together can deliver an insane 1,764 lbs of downforce at 155 mph. And that is already 30% increase over the One:1 at similar speeds. Of course, information like 0-60mph acceleration or max speed has not been revealed. Still, rumor implies that Koenigsegg Jesko has potential to break the 300mph max-speed limit. And even it doesn’t, there is already a plan to create a version called Jesko 300, and its goal is to reach over 300-mph top speed.

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What about the interior then? Well, for starters, it still features the iconic sliding doors which now open higher and further away from curbs. Then going inside we can see a wide variety of fancy technologies like the 9-inch infotainment system with Bluetooth, wireless phone charging, USB inputs, and a top-view camera. More importantly, all the systems can be updated via the “Koenigsegg Cloud”. In addition, the instrument cluster is now a 5-inch digital screen which set directly to the steering wheel, plus, an analog G meter.

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Finally, we need to talk about the name: Koenigsegg Jesko. As many people would have noticed, the name “Jesko” refers to Christian von Koenigsegg’s father: Jesko von Koenigsegg who now turns 80. He was an extremely successful businessman who decided to bring out everything he got to help his son starting up the company 20 years ago. He helped his son form the company board, and offered many essential advices. And so, this Koenigsegg Jesko does not only represent the new evolution of Koenigsegg as the automobile company, it is also a heartfelt tribute to the man who supported his son this entire time.

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Jesko von Koenigsegg (Source: Internet)

At the point of this article (March 12), Koenigsegg Jesko is said to start with a $3 million price tab. Plus, only 125 Jesko units will be built and so far, 80 of them already found their owners.

And that’s it folks! What do you think about Koenigsegg Jesko? Feel free to share with us and for now, thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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