McLaren Speedtail First Look: The McLaren from the Future

McLaren has been going on a roll this year with certain significant models like the McLaren Senna and the McLaren 600LT. Did not stop there, just recently McLaren has represented their latest addition to their Ultimate Series: McLaren Speedtail. For many fans, this new McLaren is so phenomenal. How phenomenal is it exactly? We cannot say for sure right now since McLaren has not revealed most of the Speedtail yet. But for now let’s take it slow, sink it in, and enjoy this McLaren Speedtail first look!

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As mentioned, McLaren Speedtail is the upcoming model of the McLaren Ultimate Series following McLaren P1 and McLaren Senna. Yet, if the Senna is about track performance and downforce, the Speedtail is actually about elegance, the phenomenal acceleration, and the nerve-wracking top speed.

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Looking at the Speedtail’s exterior design, we can see a strong focus on cutting through the air and keeping the low drag. The car is pretty long and its significant aspect is that long tail which bleeds the air through the rear edge. The entire car looks sleek and elegant while still retaining the signature McLaren design, specifically that hammerhead-style front, McLaren speed-icon style front-lights. We can also see a solid white-gold badge upfront which looks pretty cool and of course, more luxurious.

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Aside from the iconic McLaren styling, there is a great attention of details here in terms of performance design. From the front, there air-ducts located near the front lights which direct the air to the front wheels. Interesting enough, those front wheels feature carbon-fibre covers which keep the air close to the wheel. On the front bonnet, we can also see two air ducts which direct the air flowing through both sides. Not only that, the front bonnet line also has an extension which shrouds the windscreen which keeps the air flowing close on top of the cockpit to the rear. Then coming to the back, there are rear flaps made with flexible carbon-fibre which can both rise together to provide better downforce, air brake, and the car balance.

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Then there is another interesting aspect about the car which is the titanium-deposit carbon-fibre which basically means smaller fibre yet stronger and lighter and it is used throughout the car.  As for the record, the McLaren Speedtail is around 1,430kg of dry weight (or approx. 3152lbs), which is not that much heavier than the P1’s 1,395kg.

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Coming to the Speedtail’s interior, it is quite a feast for the eyes with futuristic jet-like cockpit. From above view, this tear-drop styled cockpit looks beautifully stylish especially with its glass-dome canopy.  There are even electromagnetic glasses which allows driver to change the opacity of certain areas. Back inside, we can see the three seats: 1 central driver seat and 2 side passenger seats. The leather is built into the carbon-fibre top and even more fascinating, McLaren implements the so-called “directional leather” which helps sliding in and subtly holds the passengers and the driver in place while during.

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the interior features full of digital displays including the middle digital instrument cluster, the climate and navigation infotainment screen from the left, and the media and phone infotainment screen on the right. And in case you are wondering about the lack of side mirrors, there are actually two more screens which feed from the side cameras. And while sitting inside the Speedtail, you will also soon see the lack of buttons. That is because all the necessary buttons are located on the roof, including the engine button, the active-dynamics, gearbox modes, Velocity mode, and electronic door control.

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In terms of power, McLaren Speedtail is a hybrid featuring a 1,036hp and an estimated 250mph of max speed. It is also expected to accelerate from zero to 60mph only within 12.8sec, which is quicker than the Bugatti’s 13.1sec. That being said, there are already a number comparison between this new McLaren and other heavy contenders like the McLaren F1, the Bugatti Chiron, or the Koenigsegg’s Agera RS. Still, let’s remind us all that the showcased McLaren Speedtail is still a prototype and the majority of its data have been revealed yet. But at the very least, this is a good time enjoy the incredible design of the McLaren Speedtail.

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And that’s it folks! What do you think about the McLaren Speedtail? Feel free to share with us and for now thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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