Dogs vs Cats: Which One Makes a Better Pet in Our Home?

Both cats and dogs are the most popular pet on this planet, no doubt. Yet, there are always hot debates whether dogs are superior to cats or not, and vice-versa. Frankly speaking, this type of debate won’t ever stop since it’s mostly about subjective opinions. Each owner has different taste and preference; therefore, saying “dog or cat is better than the other” isn’t really legit. But perhaps the better question we should ask ourselves is: “dogs vs cats: which one is more suitable for me?”


If you are looking for a pet and also wondering the same question, let’s find out!

Table of Content:
Are you a Dog person or Cat person?
Dogs vs Cats: Living space
Dogs vs Cats: Living expense
Dogs vs Cats: Social interaction
Dogs vs Cats: Intelligence
Dogs vs Cats: Training
Dogs vs Cats: Healthcare
Dogs vs Cats: Other characteristics
Final Thought

Are you a Dog person or Cat person?

Probably you have heard these two terms by now. These two terms are widely used nowadays and no doubt, many people will try to ask you whether you are Dog person or Cat person. For those who haven’t heard of these terms, Dog person often refers to people who prefer dogs and puppies. While Cat person refers to people who prefer cats and kittens.

So how to determine whether you are Dog person or Cat person? To some extent, there is no such clear factor which can tell a pet owner is a Dog person or not. It’s mostly about personal preference and how you feel when you raise a cat or dog. Therefore, there is no need to think too hard about being a cat person or dog person. Instead, we should focus on the basic requirements of cat and dog since they have totally different characteristics.

Why choose dog?

dogs vs cats 1

Are you a dog person?… (Source: Internet)

Of course, different types of cat and dog breed will have a certain different level. But in general, dogs require more physical activity and attention from owners than cats. For dog owners, it is essential to interact with dogs regularly, including playing with them and having outdoor activities. As the results, we cannot just simply leave them at home alone, especially when they can be extremely destructive for your house. Of course, if you or your family has time to tend to the dog constantly, dogs and puppies will be a good choice to keep your family companied. However, if you and your family are often at work then raising dogs would not be a good idea.

Why choose cat?

dogs vs cats 2

… Or a cat person? (Source: Internet)


On the contrary to dogs, cats are more laid back and they require much less activities and attention than dogs. Unlike dogs which are sort of pack animals, cats are fine with being alone as long as they have all the basic equipment like litter box, food, cat toys, and scratching post. With enough toys and proper space, cats can entertain themselves at home without messing up your house. In fact, many cats prefer to stay at home and sleep or watch things from the windows. Of course, it doesn’t mean that cats are lazy in nature; it only means that cats are more independent. Therefore, cats are best suit if you and your family can’t pay attention to your pet regularly.

So even if you don’t know which pet is your favorite, you should at least consider your house and your family condition. Understanding this will help you choose dogs or cats better. And with this information explained, let’s continue to dogs vs cats comparison!

Dogs vs Cats: Living space

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A cat sleeping party! (Source: Internet)

As you may guess, dogs tend to require more living space than cats. If we consider size alone, dogs tend to be much larger than cats. Naturally, dogs will require larger space than cats. On the other hand, cats are small and they don’t require much. With enough supplies and toys, they can live in a small apartment room with no issue.

Besides size, dog’s active nature also tends to require larger space, especially big dogs. If you have a considerably big house with garden, dogs will have a better time at your house since they have much space to play and stay active. On the other hand, cats generally don’t require large living space. Their flexible nature allows them stay almost everywhere in your house. If you live them alone at home, they probably just sleep or enjoy the outdoor sceneries.

Dogs vs Cats: Living expense

dogs vs cats 4

Dinner time boys! (Source: Internet)


In terms of cost, cats generally cost less than dogs according to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Here are the cost details:

  • Cats can cost total of $500 in average per year, including $165 for food, $160 for medical expenses, and $175 for insurance.
  • Dogs can cost total of $715 in average per year, including $225 for food for large dogs, $210 – $265 for medical expenses, and $225 for insurance. However, this cost amount will be varied depending on dog’s size.
  • Both cat and dog toys can cost around $25 – $75 per year.

Of course, this is not a concrete number since the cost also depends on the dog or cat breeds. For example, a small dog can even cost less than a cat.

Dogs vs Cats: Social interaction

dogs vs cats 5

For dogs, social interaction is necessary. (Source: Internet)

As we mentioned before, dogs require more attention than cats. Because of dogs’ pack nature, they need more outdoor activities for healthier body. They also require owners’ attention, which is necessary for dogs and puppies development. As the results, you cannot just leave your dogs and puppies at home alone. Especially without supervision or training, dogs and puppies are more likely to ruin your house, badly.

Then again, we have cats which don’t require as much attention as dogs. You can leave your cat alone at home without worrying, provided that you have already prepared proper food and enough toys for them.

That said, it doesn’t mean cats don’t have good affection like dogs. It’s just that their natures are different. Cats are also capable of expressing love and affection like dogs. The thing is: the way cats behave is not similar to dogs. As long as you understand cats’ nature, showing love and affection isn’t as difficult as some people may tell you.

Dogs vs Cats: Intelligence

dogs vs cats 6

Who says cats are not smart? (Source: Internet)


Intelligence is always one of the aspect people bring out to compare these two pets. There is a common belief that dogs are more intelligent than cats. However, not all scientists agree on this.

Many dog people believe that dogs are more intelligent than cats since they are easier to train and they have better capability of showing love and affection. It is found out that dogs can learn more commands and they can be trained to do more things than cats. Lots of dogs can learn 100 words, some may learn even double of that amount. While cats don’t seem to care much about human’s tongue.

However, if we compare them this way, it is not really fair for cats since again, their natures are different. In fact, some scientists believe that cat’s intelligence comes from their solitude nature. In their opinions, cat’s high intelligence is shown right in their curious, yet cautious nature.

But nonetheless, we can agree on one thing that: we pet owners raise a pet mostly for love and affection. Intelligence is one important aspect, yet we normally don’t just choose a dog or a cat purely for their intelligence, do we?

Dogs vs Cats: Training

dogs vs cats 7

Sitting training class! (Source: Internet)

When it comes to training, dogs tend to need more training than cats. Again, this mostly relates to their distinct natures. As a more social animal, dog requires attention and especially training. Dogs often look up to their owner’s reaction and they often try to please their masters. As the results, even though dogs need training, they are much easier to train than cats. However, this also means that dogs will become extremely destructive without proper training.

On cat side, cats don’t need as much training as dogs. In fact, they may not even need any sort of training. By giving them enough toys, scratching post, and a bit of litter training, they can get along pretty well at home. That said, it doesn’t mean cats cannot be trained at all. They just require different type of training than dogs.

Dogs vs Cats: Healthcare

dogs vs cats 8

Don’t worry! These furballs can clean themselves! (Source: Internet)


When it comes to healthcare, both puppies and kittens require lots of caring when they are still few months of age. Both have chance to catch various diseases and worms, therefore, we can’t really compare them in terms of health. That said, there is an advantage in raising cats: they are generally clean and don’t require bathing. Cats tend to do quite a great job in cleaning themselves. And so the only thing cat owners need to care about is grooming them.

On the other hand, dogs can smell extremely bad without bathing. Bathing is necessary for dogs and depending on different dog breeds, grooming is also required.

Dogs vs Cats: Other characteristics


dogs vs cats 9

No thief will want to mess with this duo. (Source: Internet)

We have to give credit to dogs for this one. Generally dogs are better guardians than cats. This is already a part of their nature, both small and large dogs alike. Therefore if you are looking for a guard pet, you will probably want to raise a dog.


Again, dogs win in this category. While both dogs and cats have better sense of smell than human, dogs are still superior to cats. This also partly explains why you often see dogs are trained for various jobs from hunting, rescuing, to even police dogs. What about cat? It’s literally impossible to see a police cat isn’t it?


In this case, cats definitely win the day. Generally, cats have much more sensitive vision than dogs, especially in the dark. Cat’s vision allows them to quickly catch every movement, even the slightest one. As the results, mouse can hardly run away from cat, even in the dark. So if you are looking for mouse exterminator, consider hiring a cat. It is the mouse’s nightmare.

Speed and Endurance

Generally cats have a better burst speed than dogs. A cat can quickly move faster than dog within extremely short moment. On the other hand, dogs have a much better speed maintenance as they can maintain a fairly high speed for a considerable amount of time.


dogs vs cats 10

Cats… Are they liquid? (Source: Internet)


To some extent, cats are “magical creature” due to their extreme flexibility. Cats don’t like to waste their energy. For most of the time we may see cats lying around and sleeping. Yet when it comes to action, cats can easily unleash its energy in an extremely short moment. Its body and energy are so flexible that it can move to almost everywhere in your house. And of course, cats are magically like “liquid”. They can fit in almost everything in your house and it is always funny to see a cat in a pot.

On the other hand, dogs are more about raw power. They are energetic and they are full of power to play around and exercise. Therefore, if you have lots of free time, owning a dog can be extremely fun.

Final Thought

If you look for dogs vs cats on the Internet, you will see tons of discussion and arguments between dog and cat owners. They always try to prove that their favorite pet is much better than the other. However, these kinds of comparison are not always legit.

As we have seen so far, both cats and dogs make great companion. Each pet is different in nature and therefore, comparing which one is better isn’t a good way to go. After all, choosing dog or cat depends on our living condition and our personal preference. In the end, we choose to raise a pet mostly because of our love for it, not just because it’s intelligent or better than other pet. No matter how hard we debate about dogs vs cats, both of them are definitely cute and fun to raise.

And that’s it folk! Thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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