Guide to become Spiderman: Marvel Spider Man PS4 Tips and Tricks!

Marvel Spider Man PS4 has just been released for nearly a week now and it already stands on top of sale chart. It even surpasses the PS4 bomb God of War in certain regions like Japan, which pretty much implies how hot our “Spider-Boy” is. Indeed, Spider Man PS4 is an extremely fun, yet, quite challenging Spider Man game (which is a good thing, no doubt). So if you are having troubles with fighting crimes, defeating nefarious bosses as Spiderman? Here’s the Marvel Spider Man PS4 Tips and Tricks!


1. Takes time to learn and enjoy web-slinging

marvel spider man ps4 tips and tricks 1

Learn to swing… (Source: Internet)

Web-slinging is an important part of Spider Man experience and right off the bat; Marvel Spider Man PS4 nails it immediately at the beginning of the game. Not only the control is simple to grasp, it also feels extremely smooth while Spidey’s animation looks cool and natural. Furthermore, who can refuse web-slinging around the beautiful, lively New York City? And on top of that, getting to the highest skyscraper and enjoy the view of New York City is truly a sight to behold.

marvel spider man ps4 tips and tricks 2

… and fly throughout New York! (Source: Internet)

The control is really simple, all you need to do is holding R2 button to start swinging, and then releasing R2 to detach. And while holding R2 to swing, you can press X to jump and gain more speed. That’s the basic stuffs, but here some few tips to adjust your web-slinging:

  • If you want to reach better height, release your web-slinging while you are on the highest point.
  • If you want to sling faster, release your web-slinging while you are on the lowest point.
  • Sometimes you may want to point-zip to the highest area to quickly reach high ground.
  • Wall-running is highly recommended when chasing in tight corner. In these situations, it is much easier to control than web-swinging.

Of course, there are also Skills which will help your web-slinging smoother, but we will mention them in later section.

2. Learn the basic combat, you will need it

marvel spider man ps4 tips and tricks 3

Web Strike! (Source: Internet)

In Marvel Spider Man PS4, you will fight, a lot. And so it is essential to grasp the combat mechanics as soon as possible. The basic control is rather simple:

  • Triangle button for web-based attacks
  • Square button for hand-to-hand attacks
  • Circle button for dodging
  • Holding L1 and R1 to web environmental object to swing around and throw it at enemy.
  • Holding L1 to open up Web-Gadgets wheel
  • Pressing R1 to web the enemy
  • Holding R2 to swing
marvel spider man ps4 tips and tricks 4

Opps! (Source: Internet)

At first glance, combat in Spider Man PS4 may feel like a copy-paste of Batman Arkham series. However, you will soon realize that it is just the surface. There are many types of enemy with different powers, and so you can’t just simply press Square to punch them and press Circle to dodge when necessary. These baddies will require different tactics to deal with them; therefore, always learn these enemy types’ pros and cons. Plus, always utilize the environment, for example: throwing always give advantage in clearing out surrounding enemies and knock down gun-wielding guy from a far.

The game also adds a new combat element called as Focus. The Focus bar appears below the health bar and it will refill as you perform attacks. The longer combo you can pull out, the faster it will refill, especially with air combo. Once it fills out a bar, you can use it either to instantly take down an enemy, or heal yourself. Managing Focus is also an important aspect in combat, as you will need it later on to deal with different enemy types.

3. Fix the Surveillance Towers if possible

marvel spider man ps4 tips and tricks 5

Assassin’s Creed tower – Spiderman edition? (Source: Internet)

After finishing the first 2 main missions, you will get to fix Surveillance Tower which will reveal various side activities around the district (to be honest, it really feels like Assassin’s Creed towers). And as you progress through the main storyline, you will get to unlock more towers. And so, we suggest unlocking the Surveillance Towers if you can. The reason is: the side activities revealed by the towers will provide you XP upon completion and especially, they will reward you with Tokens for various upgrades.

4. Recommended Skills to unlock

marvel spider man ps4 tips and tricks 6

Which Skill tree is your most favorite? (Source: Internet)

One important RPG element implemented in the game is the leveling and Skill trees system. There are 3 different Skill trees namely: Innovator, Defender, and Webslinger.

  • Innovator: focuses on using web power more creatively like using web to take away enemy’s weapons.
  • Defender: focuses on raw hand-to-hand combat, Focus building, and dodging.
  • Webslinger: focuses on web-slinging abilities such as increasing web-slinging maneuver.

Of course, you can pick whatever Skills you like and experiment with them. But here, we will suggest several Skills which should be unlocked early. First off, we have some recommended Skills from Webslinger tree:

  • Quick Zip: allows you to zip-line twice in a row without delay.
  • Quick Recovery: allows you to press X button after a roll to lunge forward.
  • Air Tricks (optional): allows you to perform aerial tricks to gain additional Focus and XP.

While Quick Zip and Quick Recovery are not really ideal in combat, they will help you swinging around the city more quickly. Air Tricks on the other hand, can be very helpful in building Focus for combat, plus it increases additional XP.

marvel spider man ps4 tips and tricks 7

Sign of Perfect Dodge (Source: Internet)

Next we have some suggestions from Defender tree:

  • Perfect Dodge: It will alert you the timing for perfect dodge by highlighting blue Spider Sense rather than usual white. By performing perfect dodge, Spiderman will also shoot Web Shot right on enemy’s face and give additional Focus.
  • Dodge Window (optional): If you find Perfect Dodge kind of hard to perform, this skill will increase timing window for Perfect Dodge and Web Shot

And finally some skills from Innovator tree:

  • Web Throw: allows you to grab webbed or electrified enemies and throw them like an object.
  • Hazard Zone: Spiderman will knock down grabbed enemy during the wind-up to clear out the area, suitable for crowd control.

5. Web Gadgets – never ignore these goodies

marvel spider man ps4 tips and tricks 8

Up! (Source: Internet)

Web-Gadgets are basically consumable tools which will provide different benefits during battle. Therefore understanding each of these tools’ function is necessary to pull out best result:

  • Impact Web: It shoots powerful web which will immediately launch and web enemy onto wall or the ground. This item heavily requires attention to the environment to make the best use of it.
  • Web Bomb: When being thrown, this guy will explode and web all enemies within its range, allowing you to web multiple enemies at a time.
  • Concussion Blast: This device will launch away any enemy standing before Spiderman. It is the best gadget to deal with enemy from rooftop.
  • Spider-Drone: This OP drone will shoot blue beams at enemies, it can even damage shield enemy at ease.
  • Trip Mine: Spiderman throws it onto the wall or an enemy, and if it detects nearby enemies, it will pull them slam them together.
  • Suspension Matrix: Spiderman throws a mine-like device on the ground, which will trigger a gravitation field and keep enemies within its radius up in the air.
  • Electric Web: Spiderman shoots electrified web which will shock the target and also other enemies standing near that shocked target.

Each of these gadgets has its own unique power; and knowing how and when to use these tools at precise timing is the key of success, especially in Challenges. For example: you can use Concussion Blast to push enemies off the rooftop, or you can throw Trip Mine onto the wall and watch enemies being pulled onto the wall. There are much potential to these items, waiting to be explored by players. And by the way, don’t forget that each of these gadgets can even be upgraded further with Tokens!

6. Grab your Suit Powers and Mods!

marvel spider man ps4 tips and tricks 9

Spider Arms – Iron Spider Suit (Source: Internet)

Suit Powers and Suit Mods are extremely handy upgrades for Spidey. And in certain occasion, your Suit Power and Mods set-up can create a big difference between winning and losing.

Suit Powers are active powers which are unlocked alongside with your Suits. But the best thing is: you can select your favorite Suit and your Suit Power of choice differently, which means: you can use a Suit Power unlocked from a Suit while wearing a totally different Suit. There are quite a number of Suit Powers you can unlock throughout the game so we will only list some of the best powers here:

  • Web Blossom (unlocked by Repaired Classic Suit): Spider Man spins around shooting webs which will web all surrounding enemies and launch them away. You can imagine it’s like Web Bomb but without usage limits.
  • Spider-Bro (unlocked by Homecoming Stark Suit): Spider Man summons a small robot which can launches rapid fire attacks and also stun, electrify a large enemy group. This bot is so OP that it can deal with a small group of enemies on its own while you fight somewhere else.
  • Defense Shield (unlocked by Spider Armor MK IV Suit): This power is best-fit for those who often get hit by enemies. Basically it gives Spider Man invincibility for a short period.
  • Quad Damage (unlocked by Fear Itself Suit): This power buffs up your attack damage many folds, resulting in extremely fast enemies clearing. Plus, it has short cooldown.
  • Unrelenting Fury (unlocked by Last Stand Suit): In short it makes Spiderman like a juggernaut; he can smash any sort of enemies, even including the Brute or the shield-wielding one.
marvel spider man ps4 tips and tricks 10

23 Suit Mods (Source: Internet)

Aside the Suit Power, players can also equip up to 3 Suit Mods which are passive abilities. There are many Suit Mods, each provides different benefit and when you combine these Mods with the Suit Power, your Spider Man will become a true force to be reckoned with. Here we also have several recommendations:

  • Gel Padding: Reduces melee damage
  • Ballistic Inserts: Reduces bullet damage
  • Threat Sensors: Slow time after a perfect dodge
  • Combat Analyzer: Increases your XP gains in combat. This is especially useful in early game when you want to level up quickly.

You may also want to change your Suit Mods and Suit Power occasionally based on the different situations. For example, in stealth missions, you may want to grab stealth-oriented Suit Power and Mods like Sound of Silence Suit Power (unlocked by Noir Suit) and Silent Step Suit Mod.

7. Be creative!

marvel spider man ps4 tips and tricks 11

Create your own combo! (Source: Internet)

So now that you have seen different Suit Power, Mods, Web Gadgets, and Skill trees. As you progress throughout the game, you will find lots of interesting combo and combinations. This is probably the best thing about Marvel Spider Man PS4’s combat as it encourages you to experiment and think creatively. There are so many potentials here and you can combine together like:

  • Use Spider-Bro Suit Power from Homecoming Stark Suit and Spider-Drone Web-Gadget to do the fighting, while you can just relax and enjoy the carnage.
  • Interested in Focus playstyle? Grab Webbed Striker, Kinetic Power Cells, and Battle Tech Suit Mod along with Battle Focus Suit Power from Advanced Suit and enjoy sweet boost in your Focus
  • Enemies annoy you too much? Use Electric Punch Suit Power from Electrically Insulated Suit and Electric Web Web-Gadget to disable most enemies on the map.
  • You can equip Stormbolt Discharger Suit Mod with Low Gravity Suit Power from Spider Man 2099 Black Suit and Suspension Matrix Web-Gadget to keep enemies in the air. And when you do aerial attacks, your Stormbolt Discharger will get charged up and ready for ground attacks.

Here are only some few combinations and of course there are even more things for you to try out. Keep experimenting and be creative and you will see how fun combat in Marvel Spider Man PS4 is.

8. Do side quests and activities… smartly

marvel spider man ps4 tips and tricks 12

These side activities can be a nice change of pace. (Source: Internet)

Side quests and activities are only revealed when you fix the respective Surveillance Tower. These side quests and activities include:

  • Crimes: require you to deal with crimes happening in certain area, like robbery.
  • Backpacks: these are collectibles of which bring back classic Spider-Man memories.
  • Bases: require you to take down enemy stronghold.
  • Landmarks: require you to take photo of iconic landmarks in New York.
  • Research: these are unique tasks in research stations throughout the city.
  • Challenges: these include combat and stealth challenge missions.

These side activities will get harder as the game progress. But it will reward you with sweet XP and especially the Tokens used for Spiderman’s unlocks and upgrades. The only down-side though is that these side activities will get extremely repetitive. However, it is still worth it to complete these activities.

To make your Spider Man PS4 experience as most pleasant as possible, we suggest mixing up your main missions and side activities. For example, after a long period of fighting in main missions and challenges, you may want to do some research activities for a change of pace.

And that’s it folks! Are there any Marvel Spider Man PS4 tips and tricks we missed?  Feel free to share with us and for now thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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