The Ultimate List of Ultra Beasts, the Enigmatic Beings of the Cosmos

Pokemon Sun and Moon has released for a pretty long time by now, therefore, probably most people have finished the main storyline. However, there is one intriguing things that bother many Pokemon theorists, and that is: What is the Ultra Beasts? So far, theorists and Pokemon enthusiasts can only speculate and there is not much clear information about these enigmatic beings in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Nonetheless, it is still interesting to guess what are they, and so this time, let’s talk about the Ultra Beasts!



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Table of Contents:
1. Overview of the Ultra Beasts
1.1. Nihilego
1.2. Buzzwole
1.3. Pheromosa
1.4. Xurkitree
1.5. Kartana
1.6. Celesteela
1.7. Guzzlord
2. Ultra Beasts and the Cthulhu Mythos?
3. Ultra Beasts and the Seven Deadly Sins?

1. Overview of the Ultra Beasts

According to the Pokemon Sun and Moon lore, there is a legend in Alola which is about a mysterious group of enigmatic beings came from the Ultra Wormholes. These enigmatic beings could bring havoc to the world, therefore, the Guardian Deities and the legendary Pokemon of Alola had to fight to prevent them. These beings are later called as Ultra Beasts. Though we don’t know about their origins for sure, for now we can consider them to be Pokemon from outer worlds.

As we progress throughout Pokemon Sun and Moon storyline, we know that these so-called Ultra Beasts come from the Ultra Space. These beings truly have tremendous power which is unknown to human. During the storyline, we can see how Ultra Beasts can mess up with human and Pokemon’s life, typically in the situation of Lusamine, the president of Aether Foundation. Apparently, the Ultra Beasts cannot by captured by any Poke-balls, except for the Master Ball and the Beast Ball developed by Aether Foundation. We also know that there was a project which involved in creating Pokemon Type:Full, specialized in defeating the Ultra Beasts. However, this project failed and what came out of it is the Pokemon Type:Null, later on known as Silvally.

The players can only start to find and capture these Ultra Beasts when the Pokemon Sun and Moon main storyline is completed. After the main story, the players will be given questline involving in capturing these enigmatic beasts. Players will have to follow a sequence to catch them all, so here we will check out their bios, stats, and location.

   1.1. UB01 Symbiont – Nihilego

ultra beasts 1

Nihilego (Source: Internet)

The first one among the Ultra Beasts we have to capture is the exact beast which corrupted Lusamine with its poison: Nihilego with codename UB01 Symbiont. Nihilego is a Poison/Rock Type, and it can be found at Diglett Cave or Vela Mountain.

Nihilego seems to be the most “toxic” among the Ultra Beasts, this “Pokemon” resembles a jellyfish with all white and translucent tone.

Discovered data shows that it is impossible to determine whether Nihilego has emotions or not. Nihilego seems to be able to change shape by itself, or mimicking the shape of the others. Some even said that it looks like a young girl, though this seems to be subjective. Nihilego possesses a special poison which is not lethal, rather it drives victims insane and went on violent.

Nihilego Stats:

  • HP: 109
  • Attack: 53
  • Defense: 47
  • Special Attack: 127
  • Special Defense: 131
  • Speed: 103

* After capturing Nihilego, players can continue to find UB02 Absorption – Buzzwole (Sun version) or UB02 Beauty – Pheromosa (Moon version) next.

   1.2. UB02 Absorbtion – Buzzwole

ultra beasts 2

Buzzwole (Source: Internet)


Buzzwole has an intimidating appearance with muscles and biceps. It is a Bug/Fighting Type, and it can be found in Melemele Meadow.

This “Pokemon” possesses a muscular body with full biceps; therefore, its look is quite intimidating. According to Pokemon Sun and Moon data, it seems this guy also likes to show off his biceps and his strengths.

Buzzwole possesses unimaginable strength which seems to come from its arms and muscles. Its fists can easily wreck a huge vehicle, also it has the ability to absorb foe’s power, causing its muscles to grow in even greater rate.

Buzzwole Stats:

  • HP: 107
  • Attack: 139
  • Defense: 139
  • Special Attack: 53
  • Special Defense: 53
  • Speed: 79

   1.3. UB02 Beauty – Pheromosa     

ultra beasts 3

Pheromosa (Source: Internet)

Unlike Buzzwole which has a masculine appearance, this “Pokemon” has a slender body which seems to be charming (probably in Pokemon Sun and Moon’s standards). Pheromosa is Bug/Fighting Type, and it can be found at Verdant Cavern.

The danger of Pheromosa firstly comes from its tremendous speed, allowing it to even dodge lightning. For most of the time, it uses its legs as the main weapon, however, its true dangerous comes from its alluring ability. Any Pokemon encounters with Pheromosa will lose will to fight. This is still unclear whether due to its pheromone, or its appearance.

Pheromosa Stats:

  • HP: 71
  • Attack: 137
  • Defense: 37
  • Special Attack: 137
  • Special Defense: 37
  • Speed: 151

* After capturing Buzzwole or Pheromosa, our next target is UB03 Lightning – Xurkitree.

   1.4. UB03 Lightning – Xurkitree    

ultra beasts 4

Xurkitree (Source: Internet)


The next target is a somewhat octopus/tree like beast called as Xurkitree. It is a Lightning Type, and it can be found at Memorial Hill or Lush Jungle.

At first, this “Pokemon” looks similar to a bizarre octopus with spiky white head and many black tentacles. And somehow, this “Pokemon” tentacles are like bunch of electricity wires with gold “plug-in” claws.

Xurkitree seems to have an unending thirst for electricity, therefore, it tends to approach power plants and absorb energy from them. In case of battle in which it needs to recharge, it will root upon the ground and become like a tree, absorbing power from the earth.

Xurkitree Stats:

  • HP: 83
  • Attack: 89
  • Defense: 71
  • Special Attack: 173
  • Special Defense: 71
  • Speed: 83

* After capturing Xurkitree, we can continue to find UB04 Blade – Kartana (Sun version) or UB04 Blaster – Celesteela (Moon version).

   1.5. UB04 Blade – Kartana    

ultra beasts 5

Kartana (Source: Internet)

Kartana is an intriguing beast since its entire body is armed with incredibly blades. It is a Steel/Flying Type, and it can be found at Route 17 or Malie Garden.

Among the Ultra Beasts, this “Pokemon” has the most unusual look which is like an origami product due to its extremely thin body like paper. However, this “Pokemon” body is extremely sharp which can easily cut down everything on its path.

Kartana’s blade is dangerously sharp since it can cut down an entire tower with only one slash. Its bladed appearance makes it extremely risky to approach the beast since it can easily cut down everything.

Kartana Stats:

  • HP: 59
  • Attack: 181
  • Defense: 131
  • Special Attack: 59
  • Special Defense: 31
  • Speed: 109

   1.6. UB04 Blaster – Celesteela  

ultra beasts 6

Celesteela (Source: Internet)    


Unlike many other Ultra Beasts which is mobile by itself, this colossal “plant” seems to have stationary body with only two active arms. Celesteela is Steel/Flying Type, it can be found at Haina Desert or Malie Garden.

Though Celesteela can move at fast pace, it seems that most of the time it stay stationary, except for the two moving arms. The danger of Celesteela comes from its arms which can exude flammable gases for burning and melting things. Its gas is so dangerous that it can even burn down an entire forest, making it one of the most dangerous Ultra Beasts in the Alola Region of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Celesteela Stats:

  • HP: 97
  • Attack: 101
  • Defense: 103
  • Special Attack: 107
  • Special Defense: 101
  • Speed: 61

* After capturing Kartana or Celesteela, we can now proceed to the final one of the Ultra Beasts: UB05 Glutton – Guzzlord.

   1.7. UB05 Glutton – Guzzlord

ultra beasts 7

Guzzlord (Source: Internet)

If we have to compare, Guzzlord is like an infinite stomach which can devour everything in infinite quantity. It is a Dark/Dragon Type, and it can be found at Resolution Cave.

As an enigmatic being, Guzzlord has an imposing appearance with the great mouth which can devour everything on its way. Also, its hunger seems to be endless as it keeps devouring and devouring even ground and sea. Despite of its limitless appetite, Guzzlord seems not to leave any waste. It is speculated that it converts all of the absorbed things into its power, but still this information is unsure. Nonetheless, if Guzzlord can do whatever it wants, it can eat entire world of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Guzzlord Stats:

  • HP: 223
  • Attack: 101
  • Defense: 53
  • Special Attack: 97
  • Special Defense: 53
  • Speed: 43

2. Ultra Beasts and the Cthulhu Mythos?

Though currently this is not a popular theory among fans, it is still something intriguing to consider. According to this theory then the Ultra Beasts’ concept is actually comes from the Cthulhu Mythos, or rather, the Old Gods in H.P Lovecraft’s infamous horror stories.

The main idea throughout H.P Lovecraft’s stories is about the enigmatic beings living in the cosmic plains. These beings, often referred as the Old Gods or the Great Ones, possess unimaginable power and knowledge which surpasses human’s capability. Yet, many people still seek the knowledge of the Old Ones, and eventually suffer from insanity as they can’t comprehend the power and knowledge of the Great Ones (similar to what happened to Lusamine with Nihilego in Pokemon Sun and Moon).

Since there are so many Great Ones in Cthulhu Mythos, it is quite difficult to identify the exact reference for each member of Ultra Beasts. However, the Ultra Beasts’ base concept is quite similar to the Great Ones: both are enigmatic beings from the cosmos, and both possess power and knowledge unknown to humankind.

3. Ultra Beasts and the Deadly Deadly Sins?

In Christian stories there are Seven Deadly Sins, each sin reflects a dark side of humankind and each can potentially bring people to the end. The Seven Deadly Sins are: Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth. Eventually, this concept is pretty common in entertainment industry like games, books, comics, manga/anime, and movies. And in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the theory of Ultra Beasts and the 7 Deadly Sins are the most viable one.

Many people suggest that each member of the Ultra Beasts stands for a particular sin. There are many ideas, but this one seems to be the most accepted one:

  • UB01 Symbiont – Nihilego – Envy: According to the game’s data, Nihilego’s signature aspect is its ability to take shape of its desire target. It can also merge with other human, making Nihilego an ideal beast for the concept of Envy.
  • UB02 Absorbtion – Buzzwole – Pride: Besides of being a muscular beast with tremendous strength, Buzzwole also seems to prefer posing, showing off its power. If that’s true then it’s worthy to be the embodiment of Pride.
  • UB02 Beauty – Pheromosa – Lust: This one is quite easy to relate. Pheromosa has ability to allure all pokemons which encounters with it, leaving these pokemons unable to fight.
  • UB03 Lightning – Xurkitree – Greed: At first glance, Xurkitree may not look like a greedy guy. But remember, this guy has an unending thirst for electricity. It often approaches power plant and drains all of its energy, then continue to another one.
  • UB04 Blade – Kartana – Wrath: Kartana suits the idea of Wrath quite well, since its entire body armed with blades, cutting everything on its wage and everything encounter it.
  • UB04 Blaster – Celesteela – Sloth: This colossal guy is quite a lazy guy by itself, as it stays still for most of the time. However, is it truly necessary for it to move when its two arms can burn down everything?
  • UB05 Glutton – Guzzlord – Gluttony: Basically it eats everything on its path, just like the idea of Gluttony.

If we look at the Ultra Beasts this way, so the idea of 7 deadly sins work quite well with the characteristics of these beings. That said, it is also possible that the idea of Ultra Beasts come from both the Cthulhu Mythos (cosmic beings with unknown power) and the 7 Deadly Sins (each beast’s characteristics).

And that marks the end of this article! For the meanwhile, stay tune for more Pokemon and Pokemon Sun and Moon HD Wallpaper in the future!

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