The Gaming Festival: Top 35 Most Anticipated Games from E3 2018!

Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3) is always grand event for publishers and developers around the world to show off their best arsenal (and probably some “secret weapons”). And in this year, E3 2018 is expected to do no less with tons of AAA titles already hinted like Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part 2, Fallout 76, Cyberpunk 2077, and more… The show is gonna kick off soon on June 12, 2018 so until then, let’s check out what games to expect from e3 2018!


Table of Content:
1. Sony
2. Microsoft
3. Nintendo
4. 3rd Party Developers & Publishers
4.1. Square Enix
4.2. EA
4.3. Ubisoft
4.4. Activision
4.5. Bethesda
4.6. Capcom
4.7. From Software
4.8. 4A Games
4.9. Bandai Namco
4.10. Techland
4.11. CD Projekt Red

1. Sony

Sony E3 Conference this year is rather… bizarre. Unlike their previous conferences, this year Sony did not include many completely new titles but rather, showcased the games we already knew. That said; these games have been expected to be Sony’s trump cards. So, what did these aces bring on table this E3?

The Last of Us Part II

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 1

Ellie wins! Fatality!!! (Source: Internet)

The Last of Us Part II was chosen to be first fire for Sony E3 2018 and man… it’s really awesome (and impressive at the same time)! The gameplay trailer revealed that Ellie will be the main protagonist this time. The girl has grown up and now she is seeking for vengeance. Ellie’s gameplay emphasizes heavily on stealth and survival mechanics. She will have to kill and survive alone while Joel was nowhere to be found (at least in the trailer). Naughty Dog already confirmed Joel will still make appearance… somewhere… Let’s hope that we will still get to see the guy alive and well though.

  • Recommended for: Fans of story-driven games, especially made by Naughty Dog like The Uncharted series or first The Last of Us game.
  • Not recommended for: Who can’t bear to see Joel’s death (again, this is not confirmed).

Ghost of Tsushima

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 2

Finally a samurai game with no fantasy stuffs. (Source: Internet)

Just last year, a brand new title for PS4 called Ghost of Tsushima was revealed. And while the trailer looked amazing, frankly speaking we don’t know anything else about the game aside from its historical Japan setting and incredible graphic. Luckily this E3, we got to see more of Ghost of Tsushima and let just say… it is stunning! The game is expected to be an open world with beautiful, beautiful visual. There is a great cinematic value here, even in combat. And talking about combat, Ghost of Tsushima will feature a realistic gameplay, rather than implementing fictional/fantastical elements like most previous Japan-themed games did. The sword play looked samurai-ish and smooth. The combat focuses more on the realistic, precise, and deadly fights rather than displaying fancy weapons, armors, and movements. Needless to say Ghost of Tsushima successfully captured tons of audiences’ attention and surely it is one of the most anticipated games in 2019 – 2020.

  • Recommended for: Who would like to try a real samurai experience (no magic this time).
  • Not recommended for: Who are tired of Japan-themed games with magical element.

Death Stranding

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 3

Norman Reedus the “delivery man”! (Source: Internet)

Continuing the “mind-twisting” game after the first 3 trailers, Hideo Kojima continued to “mind hack” us again with his latest E3 2018 gameplay trailer. Honestly speaking, the game looked more like a “walking simulator”; however, Sony confirmed that everything will make sense soon after 5-6 hours of gameplay. And hey, this Is Hideo Kojima we are talking about so… let’s brainstorm and try to analyze this E3 cryptic gameplay trailer for the time being.

  • Recommended for: Hideo Kojima’s fans who like Kojima’s typical twists and trickeries.
  • Not recommended for: Who hate the 4 trailers which “do not explain anything”.


top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 4

Spidey’s most dangerous foes have been released! (Source: Internet)

It has been years since The Amazing Spider Man 2 back in 2014 and let’s be real; it was not exactly a good Spider Man game. Then, 4 years have passed and just when we thought Spider Man game franchise died for real, Insomniac introduced a fleshed-out Spider-Man game with incredible graphic, Batman Arkham-inspired gameplay with its own Spider Man’s unique style. Based on the gameplay trailer, we will get to see the alliance of Spidey’s most dangerous villains like Electro, Scorpion, Rhino, Vulture, Mister Negative, Kingpin, and Shocker. This gonna be cool indeed!

  • Recommended for: Spider-Man fans who hope to see a finally good Spider-Man game.
  • Not recommended for: Who are so tired of Spider-Man.

Days Gone

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 5

Zombies are not the only thing you have to fight in this world. (Source: Internet)

Zombie game genre has been suffering a fatigue state recently. Lots of zombie games released like State of Decay or Dying Light. And while those games were not bad, they were not great enough to push the zombie game genre to the new limit. As the results, with promising gameplay and story reveal, Days Gone have been expected to be a truly great zombie game. It promised to deliver a compelling open world filled with buildings, events, stories to explore, and of course – zombies. So far Days Gone has shown their promising capabilities. Will it be as awesome as how its trailers showed? We will soon find out in February 2019.

  • Recommended for: Spider-Man fans who hope to see a finally good Spider-Man game.
  • Not recommended for: “Please no more zombie game.”

2. Microsoft

Xbox – Microsoft E3 conference this year is actually impressive with stream of games presented, both exclusives and games from 3rd party developers. But the most important concern is: What Microsoft exclusives should we expect in near future?

Halo Infinite

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 6

Master Chief is back! (Source: Internet)

Kicking off the conference, Microsoft presented a sweet trailer of the next Halo game: Halo Infinite. Unfortunately, there was no any other information shared regarding the game’s story or gameplay. Yet at the very least, we can confirm that Master Chief will return with his sexy HD power armor, along with a brand new engine called Slipspace. The new graphic looks extremely gorgeous; still, there is a long way ahead before we can finally see Master Chief in action again.

  • Recommended for: “Oh my gosh Master Chief is back!!!
  • Not recommended for: “Halo already died within me after Bungie abandoned it.”

Crackdown 3

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 8

MVP of the game: Terry Crews (Source: Internet)

Crackdown 3 is among the most important Microsoft exclusives so surely it cannot miss the fun of E3. We get to see Terry Crews back in action for this trailer and man… It is so crazy, so destructive, so… cool and fun! Unfortunately the game’s release date was moved to 2019 so we will have to wait a bit longer to enjoy this crazy new ride.

  • Recommended for: Who love crazy FPS game filled with destruction and fun!
  • Not recommended for: “Crackdown? What’s that?

Forza Horizon 4

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 9

Driving with dynamic seasons, how cool is that? (Source: Internet)

Quite a surprise this year, Forza Horizon 4 features an open-shared world where players can drive and meet each other for real. Based on their E3 presentation, the game will maintain in 60 fps with beautiful landscapes, and especially, dynamic weather change with 4 distinct seasons: Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter, each will change the driveway drastically. And if we feel lonely in this vast world? We can always co-op seamlessly with friends! To some extent it gave us a slight The Crew vibe but again, what can be cooler than racing with your comrades?

  • Recommended for: Fans of racing game in a new open world with trusty friends.
  • Not recommended for: “Racing is not my thing, thank you!

Gears of War 5

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 10

3 Gears games and this is the most hard-hitting! (Source: Internet)

Aside from Halo, Gears of War (or let’s just call Gears for short) is another Microsoft’s trump card for exclusives. And good news for Gears fans: a new sequel – Gears of War 5 (or Gears 5) has just announced and it looked so awesome! The game will pick up what’s left back in Gears of War 4 with the female protagonist Kait Diaz in her own quest through the wild world. The release date has not been announced yet so Gears of War fans will have to stay put for more news to come.

  • Recommended for: Long-time fans who are dying to see a new Gears of War game.
  • Not recommended for: “Racing is not my thing, thank you!

3. Nintendo

Nintendo has a huge conference E3 this year with tons of games featured for Nintendo Switch. On top of that, they have shown lots of gameplay of important titles like Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu / Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And with no further ado, let’s check out their most anticipated titles at the moment:

Fire Emblem Three Houses

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 11

New Fire Emblem game anyone? (Source: Internet)

After 18 months of silent, the new Fire Emblem game for Nintendo Switch has finally been announced by the name: Fire Emblem Three Houses. If you have already watched the trailers, you probably have seen what those three houses are but let’s not dwell into that. The combat in this game underwent quite interesting changes. For example, the Attack command is now an individual option, and then we have Magic, and Combat Arts which were first introduced in Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia. Each hero also commands a visible troop of army and heroes can also change their army formation. This will be definitely an important element which highly affects the battle. By far, the game looks pretty amazing but unfortunately, the official release date is still unknown.

  • Recommended for: Fans of Fire Emblem franchise or story-driven J-RPG games.
  • Not recommended for: Those who don’t like commanding an army in an RPG…

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 12

All 68 characters will be in this game. Yes! All in 68! (Source: Internet)

Super Smash Bros has always been an important title for Nintendo, featuring cool brawling gameplay with all of fans’ favorite Nintendo characters like Samus Aran, Pacman, Mario, Luigi, Link, Kirby, and more… And in E3 2018, the latest addition of Super Smash Bros title: Super Smash Bros Ultimate has just announced with a total of 68 characters, even including characters like Inkling from Splatoon or the legendary Snake from Metal Gear series. Furthermore, the best part is that the game will be released on December this year so if you already owned a Switch, be ready for this awesome Winter brawl!

  • Recommended for: Pretty much all Nintendo fans.
  • Not recommended for: Those who do not and never consider having a Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu / Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 13

A good game to kill time until the core Pokemon RPG game comes out. (Source: Internet

Despite not being the core Pokemon game (which should be revealed in 2019 more or less), the spinoff games Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee should be enough to keep us busy until the main game comes out. The games feature quite a lot of interesting ideas, including motion control to catch Pokemon, co-op play, and Pokemon GO connection (which means you can transfer your beloved Pokemon from GO version to these two games). The two games have already raised several controversial ideas; but nonetheless, it should be decent as time-killer.

  • Recommended for: People who like to have a fun time while waiting for the core Pokemon game in 2019.
  • Not recommended for: “Who ask for these two games anyway?

4. 3rd Party Developers & Publishers

4.1. Square Enix

Square Enix E3 conference this year did not last long (about half an hour to be exact); that said, the ace cards they are holding are already more than enough to blow everything out of the water. And here are those three aces:

Kingdom Hearts 3

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 14

Jack Sparrow is dat you? (Source: Internet)

The legendary Kingdom Hearts 2 was first released in 2005 during PS2 era and since then we haven’t heard any news for about its next sequel. And then finally after 14 years, Kingdom Hearts 3 finally announced. It is beautiful, colorful, and gorgeous. It brings players to the wonderful realms of Disney, featuring characters like Woody and Buzz from Toys Story, Elsa from Frozen, and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Kingdom Hearts 3 has got an extremely good presentation throughout these months, and no doubt it will storm the day one purchase record for sure.

  • Recommended for: Fans who have been dyingly waiting for 14 years for this sequel.
  • Not recommended for: Those who believe Disney is too childish and fighting with a key is dumb (pun intended).

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 15

“Assassin of the Tomb Raider” (Source: Internet)

Since its reboot Tomb Raider back in 2013, the series soon re-captured players’ heart with the new Lara Croft who just began the adventurer path following her father footstep. Then in 2015, Rise of the Tomb Raider continued its success streak with mostly positive comments from both critics and players. With such successes, naturally many people will put lots of their expectation for the new Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Based on trailers we’ve seen so far, the game will bring Lara and us players to the dangerous land of Mayan civilization and discover a dark secret. It feels darker than the 2 previous games and it emphasizes more heavily on the stealth aspect, so heavy that at some point we thought that we’re watching Assassin’s Creed Tomb Raider edition. Still, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and wait until September 14, 2018 and see.

  • Recommended for: “Lara Croft best waifu!
  • Not recommended for: “Uncharted is better!

Just Cause 4

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 16

Rico playing with the storm… oh boy this gonna be great! (Source: Internet)

Just Cause has always been known as a spy game, featuring Rico Rodriguez and his “unconventional stealthy actions”. Although Just Cause series does not have that deep stories in general, its main focus is the fun gameplay by controlling Rico to fly everywhere we want and destroy everything we hate. And for Just Cause 4, Rico will polish his “destructive spy skills” further in the distant land in South America. The game will feature cataclysmic weathers like typhoon and lightning storm, which will force Rico to pull out his best if he wants to succeed.

  • Recommended for: Who love to do covert missions with “unconventional methods.”
  • Not recommended for: “I’m seeking stealth game, not destroyer simulator.

4.2. EA

Frankly speaking, EA E3 conference 2018 is rather… mediocre. There are lots of cringey moments, but that is not to say that EA has nothing interesting to show this year. Here are the two “heroes” of the show:

Battlefield V

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 17

Return to WW2! (Source: Internet)

Battlefield 5 was in fact revealed even before E3 2018 and it quickly got people’s attention with its cool graphic, female-on-the-battlefield controversy, and especially DICE’s claim of featuring no loot box or season pass. It is a huge surprise given EA’s historical record. By far Battlefield 5 has given a pretty good impression with its demo version in E3 2018. According to DICE, the full game will include a World War 2-themed battle royale mode and single-player campaign mode called War Stories. How good this game will come out to be? We will have to wait til October 11, 2018 and see for ourselves.

  • Recommended for: Who has put hope onto DICE of creating a great Battlefield game with no loot box, season pass, or any other shady stuffs.
  • Not recommended for: People who can’t stand historical violation.


top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 18

Bioware’s last chance? (Source: Internet)

Best thing is often saved for the last.” Such is the case of Anthem which played an extremely important role in redeeming EA and especially Bioware. In terms of graphic, the game looks extremely gorgeous with fantastic open world. But in terms of gameplay, it somehow feels similar to Activision’s Destiny. Of course judging the game at this point is not fair at all. However, its gameplay trailer and the demo still did not show any unique aspects which differentiate Anthem from other games. Then again, it is still too soon to judge the game and based on Bioware’s presentation, it seems there are much more things they don’t want to spoil. Consider everything happened with EA and Bioware so far, let’s just hope that they are speaking the truth.

  • Recommended for: Bioware fans who really, really want to give the developer a chance.
  • Not recommended for: Those who believe EA is beyond redemption.

4.3. Ubisoft

In the two recent years Ubisoft has been trying to “redeem” themselves with their big hits like Assassin’s Creed Origins, Far Cry 5, or the revival of Rainbow Six Siege. With such good momentum, let’s see what Ubisoft have in store next:

Skull & Bones

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 19

Full sail lads! (Source: Internet)

If you are not a fan of pirate-themed game then Skull & Bones will not be that exciting. But for many pirate fans, this game is definitely in anticipated games list. Unlike Sea of Thieves which focuses on multiple players operating on a single ship, Skull & Bones allows each player to control his/her own pirate ship with tons of customizations. To some extent, imagine it’s like Assassin’s Creed Black Flag multiplayer mode, but it will probably have deeper customization than Black Flag. The game may not be for everyone, yet at the very least, it can satiate our thirst of becoming a true pirate.

  • Recommended for: Who jumped off Sea of Thieves ship.
  • Not recommended for: Who believe it is literally Black Flag multiplayer mode.

The Division 2

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 20

March to Washington DC! (Source: Internet)

The Division 2016 was an ambitious project from Ubisoft of making a cool RPG/FPS hybrid game with cool PvP and PvE concept. However, it quickly fell short after release due to the extreme recycled and lack of content. Though the game has got improved thanks to constant updates, the fact still remains that The Division got a disappointing start. So with its next sequel – The Division 2, what do we have this time? The story will take place in Washington DC where players will work with each other to reclaim America. Ubisoft also promised a better progression system, especially in terms of specialized weapons, armors, and skills, and Raids! The game is going to release on March 15, 2019 and we will see if it can fulfill our expectations from the get-go.

  • Recommended for: Who enjoyed The Division and want to give The Division a new hope.
  • Not recommended for: “Looks more like The Division 1.5.”

The Crew 2

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 21

Call your crew! We have a race to win! (Source: Internet)

Yet another ambitious, but disappointed title from Ubisoft. Again, The Crew had an extremely rough start during its first release. And despite the constant updates, many people have already dropped the game entirely. Even so, Ubisoft has decided not to give up with the announcement of The Crew 2 which will release on June 29, 2018. The game will feature a colossal map of the entire America including 4 huge regions: The West, The Midwest, The South, and The East Coast, along with 4 different families. The game looks incredibly cool based on the trailer. However, it will be a huge challenge The Crew since the heavy competitor Forza Horizon 4 will also about to jump into the fray.

  • Recommended for: Who are willing to give The Crew a new chance (its concept is actually interesting anyway).
  • Not recommended for: Those who prefer Forza Horizon 4 more.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 22

The legend returns! (Source: Internet)

Beyond Good and Evil can be considered as a “legendary title” back in 2003. It was highly praised by both critics and gamers alike, but for some reason, the game failed in terms of commercial success. Eventually, Ubisoft left its potential in the dark until now with the official reveal of Beyond Good and Evil 2. Based on its trailers and showcased video so far, this game indeed looks extremely beautiful and interesting. It seems Ubisoft is going extremely ambitious with this game and it is expected to have playable beta by the end of 2019. Let’s just hope that Ubisoft can fulfill our expectation with this huge title.

  • Recommended for: Who have played the original Beyond Good and Evil and dying to see a new sequel.
  • Not recommended for: Those who haven’t known Beyond Good and Evil in the first place.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 23

THIS! IS! SPARTAAAAA!!! (Source: Internet)

The Assassin’s Creed franchise (or AC for short) is walking quite an interesting path with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey takes place in the Ancient Greece 500 years prior to Assassin’s Creed Origins and focuses on the story of Alexios or Kassandra, both are descendant of the legendary Leonidas. Instead of the good ol’ Hidden Blade, the protagonists will wield the broken spear of Leonidas (which surprisingly has some crazy powers) in combat. Odyssey also goes full-blown RPG, promised with choices and RPG character progression. This is indeed a big move from Ubisoft since AC has always been known as stealth game. Will this decision be for the better? We will have to wait til 2019.

  • Recommended for: Who are interested in Ubisoft’s new direction for this old franchise.
  • Not recommended for: Those who are so tired of AC franchise by now.

4.5. Activision

Activision this year did not have much thing to show other than Call of Duty Black Ops 4. So what does this game feature this time?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 24

Play Battle Royale in CoD style! (Source: Internet)

When Call of Duty Black Ops 4 was first announced, it stirred a big controversy among fan-base due to the lack of campaign mode. The game will purely be multiplayer with promise of refined gameplay and additional Battle Royale mode in CoD style. The lack of a campaign is no doubt a big loss for many fans, but what about the game itself? Well, in E3 2018 Activision has a 12-minute demo showing the smooth and quick Black Ops gameplay many people have known and loved. There will be certain elements borrowed from other games like Overwatch. So far the game looks quite good. How well the game will turn out? Let’s let the community to decide in October 12 this year.

  • Recommended for: People who like to have a fun, entertaining time in a CoD game.
  • Not recommended for: “No thanks! Same stuff every year!

4.6. Bethesda

Bethesda E3 2018 conference is… weird… in a sense that it’s somewhat funny and cringey at the same time. But that aside, Bethesda did reveal lots of astounding stuffs which we will look at right now:

Fallout 76

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 25

Ready to nuke boiz? (Source: Internet)

Fallout 76 is the case of extreme controversy. Normally Bethesda has always been known for their incredible RPG single-player experience, specifically Fallout and The Elder Scrolls franchise. However, Fallout 76 goes in another direction: it is now an online, multiplayer game which takes place way before any other Fallout games. Players assume the role of Vault 76’s denizens and traverse the broken land. It is teased to have 4 times the size of Fallout 4. It will feature base building, multiplayer elements, and crazy enough: nuclear sources spreading throughout the world and players can decide whatever they want to do with it. Sounds promising, but unnerving at the same time. But since the game will release in November 14, we will get to see whether this game is worth it soon enough.

  • Recommended for: Who are open enough to give this game a chance especially with its revealed potentials.
  • Not recommended for: “An online multiplayer Fallout game? Blasphemy!

Rage 2

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 26

Border-Doom hybrid? (Source: Internet)

Rage 2 is a peculiar case since the original Rage was not exactly that popular. To be blunt, Rage 2’s trailer gives us a strong vibe of Borderlands 2/Doom hybrid with open world area and especially that kind of crazy, fun FPS gameplay. Nonetheless, it does look cool and smooth with 60 fps. The game is going to release soon in June 2019 and it should be enough to keep us companied til Borderlands 3 announced (“if”).

  • Recommended for: Who had a fun time with the original Rage (aside from dat “ending”)
  • Not recommended for: “Rage? Never heard of it!

Doom Eternal

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 27

When demons are stuck with you. (Source: Internet)

In many survival horror games, you are stuck in a closed area with freaky demons and monsters. But in Doom, demons and monsters are stuck with YOU. Doom reboot in 2016 was a huge commercial and critical success. And in E3 2018, Bethesda revealed the next rebooted journey of Doomguy as he will travel back to Earth and face the “Hell on Earth”. There will be a lot more monsters, more foes, and of course, more brutalities. So pick up your big guns, throw away the lousy NPCs’ favors, and enjoy some good demon-slaughtering!

  • Recommended for: Who wants to put all of their frustration into those miserable demons!
  • Not recommended for: No! No one can resist a Doom game!


top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 28

Fallout in space? That would be cool!? (Source: Internet)

Starfield is a brand new IP from Bethesda, yet unfortunately, we haven’t seen any information about the game itself aside from its reveal teaser in E3 2018. There are so, so many speculations for this game. Imagine a Fallout game in space, it would be cool right? According to Todd Howard, the game is already in playable state so be sure to stay tune.

  • Recommended for: “Hell yeah! New IP from Bethesda! Yes!!!
  • Not recommended for: Who want to stay skeptical especially in this age of microtransaction, cut-content, and loot-box games.

The Elder Scrolls VI

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 29

What will it be? (Source: Internet)

To conclude the conference, Bethesda threw a final bomb with a teaser of the next Elder Scrolls VI. No information has been revealed but hey! This is The Elder Scrolls 6! No doubt lots of us are hype for it!

  • Recommended for: Finally a next Elder Scrolls sequel! Who can miss that?
  • Not recommended for: Those who are not fan of RPG games.

4.7. Capcom

Devil May Cry 5

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 7

Arthas Menethil!… wait, wrong game. (Source: Internet)

Despite not having their own conference panel, Capcom still hit players really, really hard this E3 with the official reveal of Devil May Cry 5. Although there was no gameplay reveal, the trailer already feels so cool, so incredible! It is speculated that Devil May Cry 5 will picks up what’s left from Devil May Cry 4 and features 3 main protagonists (with Nero prominently revealed and Dante appeared last with the infamous “Arthas grin”. Lots, lots of players are probably anticipate hard for this game, but let’s try to be patient for now.

  • Recommended for: Any fan of action games, especially long-time fans of Devil May Cry series.
  • Not recommended for: Who don’t want to break their controller.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 30

“Oh sh*t! Oh sh*t! Oh sh*t!!!” (Source: Internet)

Resident Evil 2 Remake has been something fans hoping for years and finally we get to see it for real. Luckily, Capcom has revealed a full 20-min gameplay demo and so far so good. The game used Resident Evil 7’s engine with certain Resident Evil 7 elements. It uses camera angle similar to Resident Evil 4 and we have to say: the game truly feels scary in a sense that we will definitely feel nervous for our life. There will be claustrophobic corners, highly detailed zombies including damages inflicted on them (gross, but cool). The original RE 2 was a tremendous blast in 1998 and no doubt, it will hit gaming community hard again with this Remake.

  • Recommended for: People who want a good zombie game with truly scary atmosphere, especially for the old fans of the original RE 2.
  • Not recommended for: Those who are not prepared for this insane HD journey.

4.8. From Software

Sekiro Shadow Dies Twice

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 31

This is not Souls-like, this is Tenchu-like! (Source: Internet)

Sekiro Shadow Dies Twice is an entirely new title and it’s like a message from From Software implying that “we want to do something new, not something like Souls-borne franchise.” This partly explained why From Software cooperated with Activision to bring out this awesome samurai-ninja action-adventure game. And yes you heard it right: action-adventure game, which means it has no RPG element like level or stat upgrades like previous Souls-borne game. Instead, players will get to acquire new arsenal including side weapons for Sekiro’s mechanical arm. From Software also promised to deliver an open world similar to Dark Souls where every region, every area is logically connected. Being an action-adventure game can be a disappointment for certain Souls fan. But its E3 2018 trailer has shown strong potential and it should not be missed.

  • Recommended for: Fans of Tenchu and Souls-borne franchise and ready to give From Software a shot.
  • Not recommended for: Those who just wanted another Souls-borne game.

4.7. 4A Games

Metro Exodus

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 32

This is now officially “Fallout in Russia” (Source: Internet)

Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light were among the best post-apocalypse-themed games in recent years. And good news is: our main protagonist Artyom is back once again this time he and his comrades no longer need to dwell underground anymore. Instead, the surface’s air is safe to live for human again, but, that is not to say the land is 100% safe. This time, Artyom and comrades will ride on a train throughout the desolated land. Players will get to explore both land and the underground and face off even more dangerous bandits and creatures. It literally feels like Fallout of Russia with its own unique elements and story. For fans of Metro series, Metro Exodus awaits in February 22, 2019.

  • Recommended for: Fans of the all famous Metro series and its compelling storyline.
  • Not recommended for: Those who are not a fan of post-apocalyptic setting, or too busy with Fallout.

4.9. Bandai Namco

Jump Force

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 33

Now we will know who’s the strongest! (Source: Internet)

Anime characters comparison has always been something fans trying to do for years like: “who is stronger: Goku or Saitama?” These debates often hit the wall with no concrete results. But with Jump Force, fans can finally pitch their favorite characters like Naruto, Goku, or Luffy into battle and see who’s the most powerful. And even more hype, the trailer features Yagami Light and Ryuk the Grim Reaper from Death Note. Unfortunately we don’t know whether they will join the fight for real or not (seriously he can just kill everyone by just writing their names).

  • Recommended for: Anime fans who always arguing whether their favorite character is the best or not.
  • Not recommended for: Who consider this game is for weabs.

4.10. Techland

Dying Light 2

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 34

When everything you do changes the world! (Source: Internet)

As we mentioned, zombie games nowadays are having hard time to actually succeed. Everyone has been so used to zombie stuffs that these walking deads are not scary anymore. And therefore, new zombie games need something unique, something different to separate themselves from the others. Dying Light is one such fascinating case by featuring parkour element and ferocious zombies at night. Despite being quite fun in its own right, it was still not enough to finally make this game a bomb. That said, Techland hasn’t given up and in this E3, we get to see the next sequel – Dying Light 2. It will still feature the good ol’ open world, and on top of that, a new player’ choices system which will dramatically change the entire in-game world. The more player progresses, the more expansive choices will be. Such is the ambition of Techland if they can nail this, Dying Light 2 can possibly become among the best zombie games of this era.

  • Recommended for: Who’re interested in an unique zombie game with parkour and meaningful choices throughout the game.
  • Not recommended for: “Please no more zombie games!

4.11. CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077

top 35 most anticipated games from e3 2018 35

Winner of E3 2018? (Source: Internet)

Finally we come to the final game on this list: the highly awaited Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red. After the Witcher 3 storm and its outstanding expansions, tons of fans are hoping for CD Projekt Red’s this next title. Based on all information we know so far including the trailer and exclusive demo, the game bases on the classic board-game Cyberpunk 2020. Most people who are fortunate to see the demo gameplay have reported that the game is… breathtaking. It feels so ambitious, so innovative in terms vertical open-world. The game will be first-person perspective and while it may sound like a bad news, the demo gameplay has proven completely otherwise. In this immersive world, first-person view turned out to be the best choice. There is literally no word to describe the awesomeness of the demo. It is so astonishing that if CD Projekt Red can maintain such momentum, it will definitely break the world when it releases.

  • Recommended for: Fans of RPG in general and CD Projekt Red in particular with their awesome Witcher 3 title.
  • Not recommended for: Who can resist this game anyway?

And that’s it folks! Those are the top 35 most anticipated games from E3 2018! For now, thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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